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Reparations One Frozen Pizza At A Time

Footage of a San Francisco Walgreens shows the glass doors of the frozen food section chained shut after workers complained that the store gets robbed nearly 20 times a day.

The video, posted online by political commentator Richie Greenberg, shows all the doors to frozen microwavable meals held shut by thick chains secured with several large metal locks.

Another portion of the clip shows entire aisles locked behind plexiglass fixtures and floor-to-ceiling glass cabinets. Customers must go to a store employee to unlock the display to buy many products, such as hair dye, makeup, shaving cream and over-the-counter medicine.

Workers told the local media that shoplifters clean out all the pizza and ice cream from their inventory every night. They also say thieves hit the store and fill their bags with stolen goods 20 times a day.

20 times every day. I checked and that particular Walgreens is open from 9 AM to 7 PM, or ten hours per day, so they are getting robbed on average twice per hour.

Gee Wally, why are black neighborhoods “food deserts” when rural White areas have a Dollar General every 500 feet with everything unlocked? Our nearest DG barely has any staff, I could walk out of that place with anything I wanted any time of the day. Of course I don’t because I am not a piece of crap.

It isn’t as though they are stealing these frozen pizzas because they are hungry, poor people in America get more than ample amounts of food stamp money so I am sure they could grab a Tombstone thin crust pepperoni pizza from one of their baby mamas. So why are they stealing?

Because they can

Because they love it

The second is more important in my opinion. Many crimes are “crimes of opportunity”, you find yourself with access to something and you steal it. You didn’t necessarily set out to do that but when the opportunity presented itself, you grabbed it. But these people? They are making an effort to steal because it brings them pleasure. I can’t imagine there is a lucrative black market (pun intended) for frozen pizzas but they just love to steal and grab whatever they can get their hands on.

Parts of America are already at or close to a functional Without Rule of Law (WROL) state and those WROL zones are expanding. It is one of the most egregious examples of how the media is covering up the actual state of America in order to protect the Biden* crime syndicate.

*Yes, I understand Biden isn’t in charge of his own bowel movements, much less “his” administration.


  1. Tactless Wookie

    LOLz. I’m picturing a dude on a corner in a trenchcoat whispering, I gots the thin crust supreme, fi-dollah!

    • Mike_C

      Whispering? Trench coat? Stop applying your hu-wite concepts of rule-of-law, shame, and future time orientation to da brotherz, man!

      James LaFond (with years of retail grocery experience in Baltimore) tells of guys going into the store with a sack, filling it with Dove soap (why Dove I have no idea) walking out with it, and setting up a little table across the street to openly sell the stolen goods. Also tales of fat mamas eating directly from the self-serve cooked food section. We’re not talking sneaking a grape from produce, we’re talking eating a half chicken, and tossing the bones on the floor. And this was 10+ years ago.

      To be fair, I see white (and white-looking) people eating from the salad bar at Whole Foods too. Then again, WF is an asshole magnet. (Yes yes, I’m aware I left myself wide open for a joke there.)

  2. Moe Gibbs

    I am genuinely stumped about one aspect of this. How does locking up products prevent shoplifting? Are customers required to pay in advance before having an employee retrieve an item from a locked shelf? If the employee is only there to open the case and pull out the desired item before it is purchased, what prevents the dindu from then pocketing it and walking out without paying?

    What if they are there to buy multiple items from a number of different aisles? One-on-one service like that works at Men’s Wearhouse, but I can’t imagine Walgreens having enough sales personnel to handle demand if there are half a dozen customers all waiting to buy multiple things.

    I’ve been in a few liquor stores in sketchy areas where there are literally no bottles within reach of the customer, and all stock is on the back wall behind the counter. This is nothing at all new (saw it back in the 90s). I can’t imagine the same concept working at a Walgreens where there are literally thousands of different products for sale.

    How can you comparison shop if you can’t hold the items before paying for them? I don’t always know precisely which brand and strength of sunscreen I am going to buy until I read a few labels and compare the offerings. Are San Fran’s dindus so highly focussed that they know precisely what product they want before walking into the store?

    • Mike_C

      The part about comparison shopping SUNSCREEN was a joke, right? I missed it the first time. That was VERY well done. Bwahahaha!!

      But more seriously, how dare you assume literacy? How dare you? (Speaking of, that autistic Swedish child seems to have disappeared.)

      I’m supposed to go to San Francisco in October. I’ll report back on how retail shopping is done ….

      • Moe Gibbs

        Unintentionally hilarious. Sunscreen was just the first thing I could think of that I would compare between brands and strengths in a Walgreens. But yeah, probably not a big seller in da hood.

        Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

    • realwesterner

      Such measures are to deter the amateurs-the “impulse shoplifters” if you will. Professional thieves are pretty tough to stop. What will very likely happen is the “theft deterrents” will also deter sales. Sales-and profits-will slide rapidly downward and eventually the store will be forced to close. Why they don’t just cut to the chase is beyond me. It may be a function of the leases in place on such buildings. That said, the demographic that constitutes the majority of people in the lines you see outside the county welfare building may well portend that some of those folks have no compunction about waiting around for the clerk to get the key, unlock the cases, retrieve the wanted items, lock the cases back up, walk back up front the the registers and then ring out the groceries.

  3. realwesterner

    I worked in a major grocery retailer in the 80’s and 90’s that specialized in food stamp/low income/ethnic customers. All these things-the theft, the fights, the “evacuating one’s self” in the aisles and back rooms, graffiti, vandalism, and man, the theft…and did I say theft?…out in the open, push-a-full-buggy-right-out-the-front-door brazen theft was rampant back then. Of course the worst locations were closed eventually. Naturally, this problem got no play in the leftwing media, and of course the good reverend jackson and his roving band of race grifters were hailed and rallied if ever an employee DARED to stop a thug-because, well, you know. It got much worse when the CIA’s fifth column-the bloods and the crips-took root. It has been a long, slow tumble down to our current state. I’m sure further decay will come with ever accelerating rapidity.

  4. realwesterner

    And yes, reparations certainly are due. However there is zero likelihood that they could ever repay the damage they have done to our country.

  5. Gryphong

    I think not enough attention is paid to the concept of “Food Deserts” by suburban/exurban folks… as in, once enough of the Grocery (and all other Stores) are Driven Out of the ‘diverse’ areas, the Looters (Shoplifting is concealing small items on ones’ person, filling a Cart and pushing it out of the Store is Looting) will move out to places where the Stores are. How this plays out in the (mostly) White, ‘liberal’ Suburbs will be fun to Watch.

  6. Big Ruckus D

    I hope those freezer cases have shatter proof glass (or Lexan) fitted, otherwise the gars will just bust out the glass panel to steal what they want, quickly rendering the rest of the stock within the case unsaleable as it thaws out. Result is total loss of product and the added cost to repair the fixture, to boot.

    I think the next stage, short of just outright shutting down these problem locations, will be something like a high security version of an automat; pay first and then get your item dispensed through a chute. I’d not invest in such a concept as an entrepreneur/ business owner, and would just say fuck ’em, they get nothing. But there is probably someone who will try to make a go of it. Of course, looting will overcome any security measures (short of just shooting the shitheads) one may care to employ.

    Closing these places down ultimately forces the damned animals into better adjacent neighborhoods (a feature, not a bug) to steal at stores that are still open, as they fan out to find greener pastures beyond their own self-imposed food deserts. So, get used to seeing this BS routinely in the suburbs too.

    We simply cannot be allowed to have nice things. At least not until after there are literal piles of corpses littering the landscape. As much as I don’t want to deal with the implications of that eventuality, it has to happen.

    All of the various and sundry parasites of the over and under classes will have to be purged. The productive part of society that enables fucntional civilization – that being predominately the middle class – always gets squeezed from both above and below when the balances are so far out, as they are presently. This is now an existential battle for survival for those who actually make things work, and those who fail to fight to win will not even be historical footnotes. Our enemies seek to destroy us entirely, including any evidence of our existence. If we fail at that, this place becomes a squalid hybrid of the perpetual shitholes of South America and Africa in perpetuity.

  7. Bobsuruncle

    Arthur, you wrote why do blacks do it, “because they love it”. Absolutely. Not trying to hijack this, just linking this story below as an example, as most stories dealing with “13%er” crime, murder and violence like the recent targeting of four whites in Georgia by that pavement ape, we continue to accept from “officials”, “motive unknown”. No, its their nature. The 12y/o black yoot acid attack in Michigan. Again, motive unknown. Same age black girls did the same thing to white girls in school 40 years ago with soap, they did it to my sister. They dont need a motive, their nature is their motive. I call it “chimp theory”. Its all acceptable in the chimp clans, and so therefore they do it. My daughter lives on a military installation, married, one kid, both military, with a three y/o and loves it, its safe, lots of kids, a level of trust we used to have in our communities 40 years ago. You and I are roughly the same age. She calls me the other day and asks what to do, her son (3) has a black kid (5) that hangs out and his behavior is horrendous, even when he is visiting at her house, disrespectful, bossy, rude, insulting, cusses, etc…black kids mom (military also) just lets him free-range, no bedtime, guidance, restrictions, eating habits, etc…, he is 5. Its in their nature, its their communities, motive is unimportant, just staying away from them, and then your response when that fails is what matters. I appreciate your posts.

    • pyrrhus

      Or a major highway off-ramp…That’s how they destroyed a suburban shopping center in the area where I grew up…They are “taking it to the man”, and it only takes a year or two of that to make a mall insolvent…
      Not that I want to be “rayciss” about this…Maybe they’re all Rhodes Scholars…

  8. Got Meanness

    One day the world will be a better place and shit ridden San Fran will be under a mushroom cloud.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of stupid commie punks.

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