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Pedo Joe Can’t Stop Creeping On Kids

Posting for posterity, I am sure everyone saw this but I can’t get over how creepy Joe Biden is around kids. I am sure his handlers try to keep him away from them and he still is pawing, sniffing and now mouthing small children.

I made it into a gif to reply to lefty “Yeah but Trump” comments….

Of course there was also this one…

That girl was around 13 or 14, and her dad stood that with that stupid fucking plastic smile on his face while Joe Biden assaulted his poor daughter. The girl is trying to get away but he has her arm locked up.


The above girl as noted is 13 years old and he has his hand on her side with his thumb a couple of inches below her breast. If you watch from around the one minute mark of this video until around the 3:05 mark you can see that Biden is immediately aroused by her.

When she first meets him and shakes his hand, you can see her trying to pull away and Biden pulling her closer. Her feet are hopping on the ground from being dragged in. Then when it came time for the actual swearing in, he grabs her and pulls her over next to him.

Later at around 2:30 we see him focus in on her again and maneuvers her over close to him so he can put his hands on her side.

In the same video a few minutes later Biden manages to get his hands on Senator Steve Daines’ daughter who looks to be late teens, again with his hand wrapped around her waist and then around the 4:18 mark, sliding his hands down the chest of an 8 year old girl named Maria Placesi, who later claimed he pinched her, and she pulls away but watching him you see a man who can’t keep his hands off little girls. Someone in the pinned comment bookmarked all of the moments he was touching these girls. He plays with their hair, sniffs them and runs his hands over their bodies. You get the impression that he is doing all he can to restrain himself from raping them right on the spot. That is not hyperbole.

That video is from 2015 when Biden was still Vice-President and not as deep in the depths of dementia as he is now. They knew he couldn’t keep his hands off little girls and They still installed him as “President”. I am around little kids and young women all the time and I never put my hands anywhere near them, much less wrap my arms under their arms and on their sides in an embrace that ought to be reserved for intimate partners. It makes me shudder to think of what he has gotten away with over the years. Biden visited Ukraine six times in eight years as VP and Ukraine is infamous as a hotbed of child porn and trafficking, sort of the Thailand of Eastern Europe where anything goes. I wonder what he was doing for entertainment on those trips and what info the Ukrainians might have on Joe to keep the arms and money flowing into a hopeless war?

The thing is, all of these people ruling over us are perverts and freaks. Remember “Bishop” Charles H. Ellis III doing a Biden to Ariana Grande?

Plus making fun of her name in a racially sketchy way. The move was pure Biden, grabbed her so she couldn’t get away without making a scene and then while pretending to give her a friendly hug put his hand on the side of her breast and dug his fingers into her. “Bishop” Ellis was the presiding bishop of the 2 million member Pentecostal Assemblies of the World and here he is groping a young woman on stage. At least she was an adult, unlike Biden’s favorite prey.

Don’t forget that we still have no more information about who was frequenting Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island resort which tells me the list includes a lot of powerful people. Scapegoat nobodies like Prince Andrew were thrown to the wolves to avoid a closer look at the rest of the list.

Politicians pawing little girls. Bishops covering up for pedophile priests. School districts shuffling pedophile teachers from district to district one step ahead of the law. Of course Hollywood, paragons of virtue and arbiters of morality who endlessly lecture us about racism, slavery, misogyny and the Holocaust who nonetheless still not only tolerate but celebrate people like Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, a creep in his own right who molested children and married the daughter of a former girlfriend, and Roman Polanksi, a man who raped a 13 year old girl, fled to France and continues to make movies, winning six Academy Awards since raping a teen (and that is only the one we know about). Polanski is widely supported in Hollywood because he is allegedly a great director and because he is a “Holocaust survivor”, so raping a 13 year old White girl is small potatoes to these people.

Charges of being ruled by pedophiles are mocked as conspiracy theories but as we know, “conspiracy theory” is just a word for “truth that makes Them uncomfortable”.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Far as I know, nobody anywhere, ever, has offered an innocent explanation, or any other explanation, for all the pedo jargon in the Podesta emails.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    He literally CANNOT help himself. This is a sick compulsion that he has no control over. All of the instances that you cite were public appearances where he (and his handlers) KNEW that the cameras would be rolling. So can you imagine what he has done, to his own daughter and others, out of the glare of public scrutiny?

    But here’s something significant. Not a single one of his handsy, gropey, sniffy episodes ever involved a BLACK girl. Says it all, no?

  3. LGC

    They all took the ticket to get their perversions covered. (or used as leverage). And the parents of these children are either willing to basically sell their children so they can take the ticket or they are just groomers.

    It’s a cult and they are basically willing to sell their children for whatever little gifts they get.

  4. Olguy

    The Sex Cult has Freerein.
    As displayed not just by Biden… but disgustingly by a large portion of the populace.
    (From our a whole..I say this.)

    It’s Madness..i don’t get it.

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