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Paging Sirhan Sirhan

RFK Jr has got to be making Them nervous. Despite the tremor in his voice he makes way more sense than Biden did in his prime and he talks about stuff that They desperately don’t want people to notice, like the fact that the CIA controls our media.

It is kinda weird that Lyndon Johnson became President after one Kennedy was assassinated and then when a second Kennedy was threatening him in the 1968 primary, that Kennedy was also assassinated. What a gynormous coinkydink!

Mark Dice is one of the few people that talk about this stuff with any significant platform, he kind of comes off like a goofball in a lot of his videos but in some videos and his books he is a lot more serious and sober. Hopefully he encourages people to look into these issues for themselves.

RFK Jr. is not /ourguy/. Dice points this out at the end of the video, RFK Jr is all about gun control, anti-White discrimination, the climate cult etc. but he is bringing up topics that once were reserved for the Alex Jones corners of the internet where They could more easily control the narrative, labelling Jones a kook and conspiracy theorist.

Operation Mockingbird is just one of the many examples of how corrupt our government has always been. From the dream that was America you can follow the mile markers on the road to destruction, from the Civil War where it was decreed that states that joined the Union of their own volition could not leave that Union, the “New Deal” that drastically expanded the Federal government and created the new paradigm where the Feds would be the righter of wrongs, stealing from some to bribe others. The wars we were manipulated into, from “Remember the Maine” to the sinking of the Lusitania thrusting us into World War I and then Pearl Harbor doing the same in World War II. The “Civil Rights” movement, codifying anti-White discrimination into law in order to secure the votes of minorities in perpetuity, accompanied by the Hart-Celler act of 1965 that threw open the floodgates of non-White immigration. The various alphabet agencies that we were told were protecting the American way of life but from their inception have been used as a secret police force, all the way up to perhaps being complicit in the assassinations of prominent Americans to 9/11 to orchestrating mass shootings, even openly manipulating an election to ensure that the puppet Joe Biden “won” in 2020. The FBI and CIA, far from being heroes, are Their shock troops, as unaccountable as the KGB and Stasi in the worst days of the Cold War.

RJK Jr has to know he is in very real danger so I give him credit for that. It might not be an assassination, perhaps some sort of significant character smear or a sudden stroke, who knows, but he is rocking Their boat and They don’t permit that.


  1. Bobsuruncle

    Flunk him, another elite, controlled opposition narcissist. Voting. Ugh. Real Freedom is the duopoly they give us, right? Yawn. The debate defies critical thinking.

    • Dr. Hollowpoint

      Think of the issues rather than the man. RFK is raising uncomfortable issues. Sure, I’d rather expel the Ashkenazim, deport everyone whose ancestors were elsewhere before 1965, or 1865, or 1791, and repeal the 19th, but ya gotta start somewhere, and exposing the 3-letter agencies is totes valid.

      • saoirse

        Declaring to support controversial “issues” is a Sirens Song.
        All the radical tough talk means nothing if he’s using it only for votes and 180’s once elected – the ‘MO’ for every political whore for the last century.
        Willfully having the “Ashkenazim” in his corner is irrefutable proof that they’re, as always, calling the shots.
        The alphabet gangs aren’t going anywhere because they are beyond the reach of the law. Nothing short of violence can resolve that Gordian knot and Jr. ain’t no Alexander.
        Look at the guy’s complete background and not just what gives you a hopium fix!
        We cannot vote our way out of this, nor can we even get to first base!!

  2. Meanest Boy

    LBJ was a big Ol’ RAT POS.
    RFK Jr. will get the Tulsi/Bernie treatment and even fellow traveler comrade Bill Maher is commenting on it.
    Good, good.
    Drooling COV-LARP true believers call RFK II a conspiracy theorist and get back to cellphone colostomy bag world where they belong.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    RFKJ used to be a smack addict so they’ve most assuredly got a big file of dirt on him. Womanizer too (if that matters anymore). They’ll start with that.

    I am of the opinion that they have gotten better at the assassination game than they were back in his father’s day. Nowadays they are more able to make it look like an accident, or “natural causes.”

    Their narrative control is not as effective as it used to be. It is still effective enough to wield power, but not effective enough to make people think they are legitimate. You can only contradict reality so much without people noticing. I don’t think people are getting smarter, I think the regime just gets more and more brazen, thus more people can’t help but notice.

  4. pyrrhus

    Actually, LBJ had dropped out of the race two months earlier, leaving Humphrey and RFK to fight it out, with Humphrey being the favorite…

  5. Anonymous White Male

    I don’t think he’s in anymore danger than Trump is. They are both part of the dialectic to make it look that there are two different sides to everything. Trump may be under legal harassment but it only matters if he actually does time. The “left” has been, “The walls are closing in on Trump!” for 7 years. He still makes millions with his rallies and campaign contributions. I think JFK, RFK, and John Jr. let the Kennedy’s know not to get out of line. Teddy figured that out after Chappaquiddick and became a loyal lap dog. Unless, RFK Jr. is suicidal, he’s already figured that out, too.

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