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Our Nation’s Capitol: More Dangerous Than The Streets Of Kabul

Out of the goat humper frying pan and into the lizard people fire…

I am on the record as stating we never should have brought these Afghans over here. They were poorly vetted, if they were vetted at all. Most of them are dumb as a bag of hammers and come from a primitive and savage culture. They add nothing to America and take plenty. Still….

A father of four who had served as an interpreter alongside US special forces in Afghanistan and escaped after the Taliban takeover was gunned down while working as a Lyft driver in Washington, DC, early Monday.

Nasrat Ahmad Yar, 31, decided to work a few extra hours for the rideshare service, despite his wife’s protests that night, telling her they needed money for the rent, a friend told WUSA9….

….Ahmad Yar had been working 12-hour shifts for Lyft as the sole provider for his wife and four children, who range in age from 15 months to 13 years, after fleeing Afghanistan in August 2021, when the United States military evacuated and the Taliban seized power. He also sent money back to his family remaining overseas.

Now what happens to his wife, who likely has minimal education and no job skills, and their four kids? You can probably guess. Straight to the welfare rolls and probably a GoFundMe funded by donations from guilty Whites who refuse to see what the real problem is.

The four yoofs that shot him are on film and of course they all appear to be blacks. It seems that black youths don’t have much respect for the work of Nasrat Ahmad Yar in the service of our nation.

There are no winners in this fiasco. An Afghan woman and her four kids becoming permanent wards of the state. A dead Afghan who to his credit worked his ass off. Four black yutes that will likely be caught, if not now then later for something else, and end up in jail on the taxpayer’s dime for decades.

Our near term future, like France and the rest of Western Europe, is seeing our diversity turning on each other and likely getting lots of Whites shot in the cross-fire. Ain’t diversity grand!


  1. Big YT the Cracka

    Chiefette Bow Wowser is on the case?
    Snoop says she gotta big ol’ azz on her.
    Dumbazz whites are the major problem and the reality of anarcho-tyranny might wake some of them up.
    The telescreen sailfoams (cellphones) will be kept on until the end by any means necessary.

  2. Xzebek

    Sub human chimps take another life more valuable than their own.
    I also believe that it was a mistake to take on as may foreigners as we have in response to our poor performance in wars of choice. But being murdered by boons shouldn’t be the result.
    It was also a mistake not to return the slaves in America to Africa immediately after the Civil War. The benefits that would have been derived over the decades would be incalculable.

    • rto-jerry

      “It was also a mistake not to return the slaves in America to Africa immediately after the Civil War. The benefits that would have been derived over the decades would be incalculable.” Pure gold sir!!

      • Gryphon

        That didn’t happen because the (((banksters))) who Fomented the War between the States wanted the ‘groids to suppress wages of Whites, and in the immediate postwar era, (((carpetbaggers))) profited immensely by Scamming the newly-freed Slaves working as ‘sharecroppers’, with ‘Loans’ against Next Years’ Production, not telling them about the ‘usury’ on those loans.

        Of course, plenty of Whites fall for that Scam, too. It’s called a “Mortgage” and you pay 3 times the Loan Amount, BEFORE you pay the actual ‘loan’. In more enlightened Nations, like Iran (Persia) the Usurers get the Death Penalty…

  3. TechieDude

    I grew up in the DC area, and spent decades working down there as a field tech.

    My sister used to live on Capitol hill.

    So, My sister-in-law was in training in Maryland (from texas), and her friend was working or just found a place around the Capitol. I told her that was a bad idea. That all these white yuppie women go to work for the house or senate and get a place there, but in reality, it wasn’t a great neighborhood. I wouldn’t live there and I’m a dude.

    She said I was full of it, it was a fine area. Bitch never lived in any major metro until a few years earlier. I’d been all over that area, day and night both working and partying.

    Right on cue, a cut, petite, blonde hair blue eyed congresscritter aid got beaten so bad they couldn’t recognize her. Had to use dental records. Was on her way home from the bars that night.

  4. Bobsuruncle

    Go to any car dealership in Arlington, Fairfax, VA and youll run into these cats, most that i ran into were sof terps also. It Freaked me out the first time, cause buying a car they get a lot of personal and financial info, if one went rogue, and had a beef well youre set up like a bowling pin.I worked with them over there, in my experience they were stand up dudes, I get the issues. First we should have never been there and needed them. Now, we did use them and we cant leave them there to be killed. Most were solid dudes, and for the army CI, CID did vet them before we used them, as for DoS vetting coming to the states, who knows they’re mostly fags anyway at DoS.

  5. Chris

    Make it out of the stoneage only to be slaughtered by a caveman.
    And now his wofe and kid are most likely condemed to poverty and more of the same.


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