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Lügen durch Unterlassung

We all know the Lügenpresse is lying to us, all day, every day, but I was reminded again just how much They lie to the normies by simply ignoring some stories and highlighting others.

An obvious example is one I mentioned earlier in the week. Andre Longmore, a black man, murdered four White people in their 60s while they were out in their yards seemingly for no reason other than their race (The Mystery Of The Missing Motivation). There are plenty of stories about him dying in a shootout with police but the race of his victims or his motivations for perhaps targeting four White people? Those seem to be few and far between, like missing completely.

But here is one very few people seem to have heard about:

Ambush of Fargo police could have been start of community mass shooting, attorney general says

Why the scant coverage? Just read on….

Authorities believe a Fargo man who killed a police officer in a “murderous, unprovoked” ambush planned to initiate a mass shooting, possibly at a crowded street fair in downtown.

Fargo Police Officer Zach Robinson was justified in shooting and killing Mohamad Barakat, 37, who opened fire on officers responding to a routine crash on Friday, July 14, at 25th Street and Ninth Avenue South in Fargo, North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley said Wednesday during a news conference at City Hall.

“Mohamad Barakat engaged in a savage attack,” Wrigley said. “He unleashed what can only be described fairly as a murderous barrage of fire.”

Mohamad Barakat you say? In Fargo? That doesn’t sound like a Scandinavian name. Barakat killed one Fargo cop named Jake Wallin and wounded two others, Tyler Hawes and Andrew Dotas, plus shooting a random White woman named Karlee Koswick.

Barakat was clearly looking for people to kill….

There are around 44 30-round mags in the picture and ten of what looks like those Schmeisser 40 round mags, plus a couple mags that are strapped together. I don’t think Mohamad was heading to the range. The obvious question: why is someone named Mohamad Barakat living in Fargo, North Dakota or anywhere else in the U.S.?

The news coverage of this foiled mass shooting is pretty thin, but you know that if the FBI had entrapped some autistic White kid into doing the same thing it would be the subject of Congressional hearings.

They know that most people on consume the news they are spoon fed, so if They don’t mention it, it didn’t happen. Likewise, a small or meaningless story that should be just local can become national headlines if They cover it often enough, like the death of George Floyd while resisting arrest or the death of Ahmaud Arbery who was shot while trying to wrestle a gun away from a man after being run off of a house he was trespassing in and presumably casing for stuff to steal.

Lying by omission or deception via emphasis, just two more tools in Their arsenal to deceive the normies.


  1. Gryphon

    That’s a shitload of $hekel$ worth of Gunz-n-Ammo. I wonder where Moe Ham-Head got the ‘financing’ for them? That’s another part of the ‘Lies by Omission’ equation, it wouldn’t be hard to find out where the Guns came from, at least, to the ‘Gunwalker’ Dealer they came from. Lack of a Financial ‘trail’ for the Money would be a ‘tell’ in of itself; What was this Goat-Fkk’r involved in that would produce that kind of Cash?
    What about, Why, is this Dune-Coon in Fargo, anyway? One of those “Afghan Refugees” perhaps?

  2. Big Country Expat

    Looking at the weapons, 2x AR Pistol Variants. The one in the middle with the brown pistol grip, Tricked out AK pistol (the square metal on the trigger guard and no mag well gives it away) Also, the bottom ‘pistol’ is actually a (probably illegal) SBR as it’s got a 10 1/4in barrel, but a regular collapsible stock as opposed to a Brace.

    The Larger mags in the middle next to the US Flag mags on the right, those are the AR mags, however, looks like the ‘curve’ of them makes them a 5.56mm mag as opposed to the 7.62.39 which have the big ass banana curve. 10 of those plus what look like 3 of them strapped together with two Magpul mag-couplers. Also if you magnify the pic, you can see the magazine lock/stem that an AK mag has to lock it in place (whatever it’s called) sticking out on the left side halfway down each mag.

    The pistols look like a Beretta, a small(ish) Glock and possibly a Sig.

    Not sure if the ammo in the bags were pulled from the mag, or if those were reloads.
    One thing for sure, this ain’t “Range Day” carry
    That’s “Going to War” Carry
    They might have prevented another case of “Motive Unknown” aka “Sudden Jihadi Syndrome”

  3. realwesterner

    “Gee, Wally, do you think its another op?”
    “I sure do, Beaver. Whenever a highly unlikely character shows up to do a mass shooting outfitted like that, there is usually alphabet agencies and MK Ultra, not to mention someone with lotsa cash bankrolling the shooter.”
    “Wally, didn’t Pa say that they rolled up Mk Ultra a long time ago, but then rolled it back out under another name?” the Beaver queried.
    “That’s what he said alright, Beaver. And I believe it,” returned Wally
    “I think they’re trying to kill whites and promote a gun confiscation agenda, Wally.”
    “I think you’re right Beav. Let’s go see if Pa’s got that new scope mounted yet.” Wally looks down and grins as he tousles Beaver’s hair.
    *close of scene, roll theme music and cut to commercial.

  4. George

    Quote: “What, no pic of the trigga-nigga? Has one been released?”

    Check the link in my post above.

    The dude looks pretty “caucasiany”. Still no reason for islamists to be in Western nations. They have their own countries.

  5. Exterminate All Vermin

    The Bolshevik enemedia?
    Only drooling dullards still watch or listen without being in a mock scorn ridicule mode.
    No room for subhuman vermin.

  6. Jon

    Partially related
    My questions.relate to the charges. The “crime” is firearm related, but they now always add possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony…..what’s up with stacking these charges.
    Second; you can legally carry a firearm on Georgia University campuses….
    So how are they charged with having a weapon on school grounds? Because they opened fire (maybe self defense) they are in violation of a statute, so are no longer lawful firearm owners so not protected by campus carry…..
    And why is the press not asking these questions?
    These guys may be entirely guilty, and probably are, and are known to Athens PD, and have lengthy rap sheets, but I’m noticing the charge stacking more and more.

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