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Kleveland Kaos

Here is a delightful little microcosm of American urban life in the 2020s courtesy of The Mistake By The Lake, aka Cleveland, Ohio.

First, a mass shooting last Sunday in downtown Cleveland. The body count was 9 wounded, none dead. That tells you the story right up front but the police and local media didn’t leave any question:

Police are now searching for the suspect, who is described as a Black [sic] male who possibly has a gold grill in his mouth.

What a shocker! The same night, as some “victims” were taken to Cleveland MetroHealth we saw this scene unfold, apparently unrelated (except for the general racial relation all of these incidents have)…

Most people at a hospital that are not patients are there out of concern for a friend or loved one who is a patient but even in this setting, they find ways to exhibit grossly anti-social violent behavior. Kudos to the mall cops hospital cops who were right there moments after the incident started.

It didn’t take long to find the shooter, one Jaylon Jennings, no relation to Waylon I assume.

Right after the shooting, Cleveland’s dusky hued mayor Justin Bibb, who is a dead ringer for Steve Urkel….

Did I do that?

….came out with the usual deflection to avoid talking about the low impulse control, low IQ elephant in the room and blamed Ohio’s recent law granting “Constitutional carry” (Senate Bill 215), emphasis mine:

This is yet another tragic incident of senseless gun violence in our city. We continue to see an uptick in shootings across our city ever since Republican lawmakers passed Senate Bill 215 last year allowing permitless carry. It’s important we recognize this and hold these lawmakers accountable for passing dangerous gun laws in our state. As a result, mayors cannot pass one piece of legislation aimed at gun reform. Unfortunately, we likely will continue to see incidents like this occur unless change is made at the Statehouse.

My administration has been doing everything we possibly can to address crime in the city through a holistic all-of-government approach that includes investing in technology, our police officers, and through numerous violence prevention and intervention efforts to address the root causes of crime.

When he says “doing everything possible”, what he means is literal “midnight basketball” leagues, called “Hoops After Dark”. I guess 25 year old Jaylon Jennings was not lured off the mean streets of Cleveland by the basketball league. Apparently one stone left unturned by Justin Bibb?

Locking up criminals.

Ohio’s pemit-less carry law means that normal law abiding Buckeyes can carry without having to go through the hoops of getting a permit. It doesn’t mean that criminals will suddenly be able to start carrying guns, you see they were already doing that without getting a permit even though it was breaking the law. That is why we have a name for people like that: “criminal”. Is Ohio Senate Bill 215 to blame? Let’s look at this chart…

Remember that Constitutional carry became the law in 2022 but it looks to me like murder was trending sharply upward for the last decade in Cleveland, from 40 by August 9th 2011 to 101 as of August 9th, 2023. I believe that is an increase of more than 250% over that ten year period. The trend has continued…

Three straight years of more than 200 homicides in Cuyahoga County, home of Cleveland. Most of those are of course in Cleveland proper with some in the suburbs. According to the article, there might a clue as to the problem:

Cleveland has struggled responding to violent crime, partly because it is down 331 officers; it should have 1,640. The city has increased its recruiting efforts, but new hires have failed to keep up the pace of retirements and resignations.

Fewer cops mean fewer resources to put on the street, leaving the mean streets of Cleveland in the hands of thugs like Jaylon Jennings.

The trend is continuing this year as it is all across the country…

According to data provided to 3News by the Cleveland Division of Police, the number of homicides in the city as of July 8 is up by 30% compared to last year. There have been 96 overall homicides in Cleveland, with 85 of them involving a firearm. At this point in 2022, there were 74 total homicides with 65 of them involving a firearm.

The number of felonious assaults with a firearm is up 12% this year. There have been 708 incidents as of July 8, compared to 630 last year.

Taken in isolation, those numbers could support Mayor Urkel’s claim that blames permitless carry for the increase in homicides but when you look at the trends in Cleveland and across the nation, it is far more plausible that what we are seeing is simply the continuation of the national trend of violent criminal behavior following the death of St. George Floyd, the patron saint of fentanyl. With defund the police movements sweeping the country, cops have little interest in being the next sacrificial lamb and the number of police has plummeted.

What Mayor Bibb didn’t know or didn’t mention? Even without Senate Bill 215, Jaylon Jennings shouldn’t have been carrying a gun and in fact shouldn’t be wandering the streets.

What does a “lengthy criminal background” mean?

19 Investigates learned Jennings’ criminal record dates back to at least 2018.

In fact, he was arrested twice before this just this year.

Court records show lots of criminal convictions in Lorain County and Cuyahoga County including several instances of drug trafficking and drug possession.

Jennings is currently facing charges in Lorain for possession of a controlled substance, driving with a suspended license, domestic violence, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and unlawful restraint.

Court documents show those cases are still pending.

Court records also show Jennings doesn’t have the best track record for showing up to court.

He failed to show up in the courtroom at least a dozen times over the years.

Neighbors told 19 News they also saw a probation officer show up at the house a couple of times last week.

I wonder if Mayor Bibb’s administration is really doing everything they possibly can to address crime in Cleveland? I am not an expert and don’t have a B.A. in “Urban Studies” like Justin Bibb but it seems to me that the most obvious measure you could take to reduce crime is to arrest and then prosecute and jail people who commit those crimes? Criminals in jail don’t generally commit more crimes on the street.

Jails in most large cities basically feature a revolving door in 2023. In the name of “equity”, They have decreed that we must release criminals, mostly black, to revictimize citizens, also mostly black. If you get arrested, you will be released and even if you don’t show up for your court date and get arrested again? They release you again. Jaylon Jennings skipped his court date at least a dozen times and is currently awaiting trial that he wasn’t going to show up for in two other criminal cases leading to his arrest already in 2023 prior to shooting 9 people. How many crimes did he commit and not get arrested for?

When you let criminals commit crimes, get arrested and then walk free with no repercussions, it is inevitable that most will continue to commit crimes and those crimes will escalate in severity until the criminal is killed by a different criminal or he commits a really serious crime like shooting 9 people.

How many Jaylon Jennings are in the cities of America, life-long criminals who should have been locked up a long time ago but are out on the streets looking for the chance to commit a mass shooting? I don’t know but I suspect the number is a large one and that not one of them will be diverted from a life of crime by midnight basketball leagues.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    For the love of Pete, HOW do you squeeze off enough rounds to clip 9 people and kill NONE of them? Are they even trying, or is this the ghetto equivalent of a ‘love tap’?

    C’mon, homies! Help a brutha out here! Every one of those wounded-not-killed casualties costs we, the [White] taxpayer a freaking arm and a leg. Even with the special inner-city volume discount and Section 8 “doctor” from some unpronounceable turd world shithole.

    And what a simian-looking brute this cretin Jennings is. He deserves an extra 5 years tacked onto his to-be-commuted sentence just for that contemptuous sneer in the second set of mugshots.

    Finally, those weren’t “people” bursting through the doors of the MetroHealth center, they were negros. Just another scene that the cops privately dismiss as NHI – No Humans Involved.

    • Arthur Sido

      It is really uncanny that you could wing 9 people and none fatally. Sadly our White created health care system is too efficient at keep minor shooting victims alive.

      • Moe Gibbs

        How come the po-leeze can’t have that sort of Imperial Stormtrooper level inept aim when it comes to neutralizing black perps? I sure do wish they would merely wing the homies rather than deliver the kill shots that cause so damned much grief in this land. Wasn’t it Brandon who suggested that police “shoot them in the leg” or something as the bruthas sprint toward or away from them, guns drawn?

        More time on the range for Da’Quan to up his kill ratio among his fellow hoodrats, and less of that deadly accurate center mass sighting for Officer Whitebread.

  2. Dr. Hollowpoint

    Blacks should use spears to settle disputes. Maybe sharp rocks or tree branches. They’d enjoy it more as it would feel more natural, the violence would last longer so more for them to savor, they’d be less likely to hit a bystander, they’d be more lethal, if desired, and their constant jabbering wouldn’t be drowned out by gunfire.

  3. saoirse

    Sheeeeit! We bees doin dem niggas uh fayvo by cappin dey ass cos dey caint gets helf care any udda way cos da sistem be rayciss and ssheeit and da wyte mans be keeping us down and dey ain’t enuff lights on da basketbaw kout and ………….

  4. Yankee Terrier

    Your articles always lift me up Arthur! Thank you! Also a question, what is the city of Lorain like? Saw a clip of a cop being a dog shooter, that was in Lorain, and the people on the block looked white. Wondered if Lorain is like Fort Apache, and cops are always ” primed” or that this guy is just an asshole.

    • Arthur Sido

      Lorain is a county just to the west of Cleveland, it is less black, used to be more working class White but I am sure it gets plenty of spill over from Clev

    • KDOG

      Are you referring to the video with the cop shooting one of the world’s friendliest breeds, a Golden retriever? If so, that cop has no business being a cop, or carrying a gun.

      I was glad the neighbors got in his face and yelled at him for basically being a pussy. Some dog owners, in comments on news articles about the incident, wrote that they would have done way more to that cop, had it been their dog who got intentionally shot, than just yell at the trigger happy cop.

  5. Scot Irish

    Thank you for putting this together Arthur. I’m sure it took some time and research.

    A couple of minor quibbles though.
    There’s no reference to
    “shots ringing out”. I’ve never heard a shot ring.
    There’s also nothing said of these poor “keeds” being taken by the streets. Or “skreets”. As if the asphalt rises up and swallows the Hell seed of the North American Pavement Ape.
    Don’t get me wrong, it sounds great but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. Jay L

    While I didn’t necessarily agree with the “3 strikes” laws and mandatory minimum sentences, it was at least a step in the right direction. A flawed step, but at least an effort was being made. But when you’ve got a parasite with a half dozen or more convictions and an obvious contempt for the law, I think these fellas should be taken out back behind the courthouse for a quick double-tap and tossed into a mass grave.
    Some people are just no damn good and aren’t worth the “investment” of the community.

    • Arthur Sido

      I am a big advocate for public hanging, instead of three strikes and you go to jail for life, it is three strikes and you are deemed irredeemable and get strung up in public.

      • pyrrhus

        Hanging definitely reduces recidivism, and a Harvard study way back showed that each execution deterred 7 murders…

  7. Xzebek

    As long as there are groups of chimps, there will be violence. The chimp lack of impulse control increases by orders of magnitude as their groups increase in size.

  8. Leo

    “Niggers”…. everytime I see this kind of shit I think it, I say it, and it comes out about the same as “hemorrhoids”, “diphtheria”, “cancer”, “locusts”, “democrats”, or some other plague of Biblical proportions.

  9. Bobsuruncle

    In the 90’s post gulf war 1, i was a miss guided young man and cleveland PD was one of many departments that i applied and tested at, i sought most big departments that were within 4-5 hours or my home base, having a new wife and young kids. I wanted a career. I literally tested the top of the class academically and physically, everytime. After the physical test, i saw instructors talking to this short, fat negress, who didnt pass the physical part or the academic part, hearing them tell her, “dont worry, we’ll get you back later this week, we’ll get you through”. That is when my pursuit of being a police officer ended. I saw the same thing in federal law enforcement, border patrol, and state of PA with civil service as well. Any job would be 100 white guys show up, all college degrees, former military, most spoke two languages, and maybe one gets hired, usually because they had “representation”, the rest were females and niggers just because affirmative action. You people made your bed, now sleep in it. Hopefully, more white men remove their participation and sword and let these mf’ers swim in their own shiite now. Have fun living in what youve created.

  10. Anon

    Those same cops crack down on Whites, especially if one of them has the idea of removing filth himself.
    They babysit, protect those poor dindu nuffins and the politicians while shooting us dead and getting off for it.
    Fuck them.

  11. Mean Josey

    They miss Jebron Lames?
    Cleveland is so bad, the lake once caught on fire!
    What a steaming third world turd is the Kwanstain.
    Forward, si se puede! Forward to the Great CPUSA Society plantation.
    Will the Latrinos keep the gibs coming when they are the majority? (LOL!)

  12. Gryphon

    The low-I.Q. proto-humans acting like savages is easy to Understand. But ones like this ‘chief of po-Lice’ and others who constantly carp on “Not enough Gun Control” obviously aren’t (well, maybe a little less) Stupid. They are part and parcel of the judeo-communist Agenda to Disarm Whites and let the feral Brown things prey on them.

    Fortunately, the half- to three quarters of a Billion Guns out here cannot, no matter how hard (((they))) try, be ‘Confiscated’. I really have to Wonder, do they actually Know and Understand this simple Fact, or are they Dumber than a Pavement Ape, and believe that “Gun Control” can actually save them from what is coming…

    • SIze 23 Clown Shoes

      Gryphon, they will groom the thousands of invaders (oops, I mean ‘immigrants’) pouring over our border, to kill white, heritage Americans.

      I read a post recently on one of my blogs (can’t remember if Arthur’s or another blog, or maybe Gab) that a major city (D.C.? somewhere in Cali?) is willing to hire non-citizens to be cops.

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