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How Dreadfully Predictable

For a brief time yesterday, the news was running with a story out of a Memphis suburb, Collierville, Tennessee. The report was the murder of an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Benjamin Mauck in the Campbell clinic where he practiced. This is the doctor….

The suspect was arrested just five minutes after murdering Dr. Mauck but it wasn’t until today that he was identified as one Larry Pickens and be prepared to be shocked.

According to the New York Post, this Pickens guy had been stalking someone at the clinic for a week.

Although the suspect’s motive is currently unclear, Tennessee Senate Minority Leader Raumesh Akbari (D-Memphis) said Tuesday a witness accused the shooter of threatening a clinic staffer over the course of a week.

Police previously shared that Mauck’s attacker likely lay in wait for him for “several hours” before firing a handgun and running out of the clinic, where he was apprehended without incident five minutes later.

Akbari used Mauck’s death as an opportunity to push for gun reform, alleging that Pickens would not have had access to a firearm under stricter regulations.

Why the hell was he allowed to threaten a staff member but still be walking around free? I can probably guess.

Of course his motive is unclear and of course Raumesh Akbari is ignoring that this is yet another of the untold number of black on White murders and instead demands more gun control. I will climb way out on a limb and assume Larry Pickens has been encountered by law enforcement many times before yesterday and wasn’t legally able to own a firearm in the first place. By the way, the land whale in the middle of this photo is Raumesh Akbari….

That poor single button on her jacket is holding on like a trooper as her jacket is several sizes too small to contain her enormous torso. Sadly her Facebook account has the comments turned off for people that don’t follow her, I might look her up on Twitter.

Dr. Benjamin Mauck is just the latest name in the endless list of Whites murdered and victimized by blacks in America, and worse I am sure there are other Whites who have been killed by blacks in the time since he was murdered in cold blood by Larry Pickens. A successful White man is dead, leaving behind a devastated wife and two children, while piece of shit Larry Pickens at 29 years of age will now spend the remainder of his miserable life in jail soaking up taxpayer funds to keep him alive.

That is what “equity” looks like in America, trading a White surgeon for yet another useless parasite of a black man now incarcerated for the next half century.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Doesn’t it give you the happies to know that someone named Raumesh Akbari holds elected office in Tennessee and is pushing for gun control

    As big as Ramesh is, I bet if you piled up all the shit Oprah has had lipo’d out of her over the years, it would still dwarf her

  2. Bobsuruncle

    I miss the old shirt from the Army/Navy store when I was a kid that read, “killem all and let God sort them out”. I am in noooo way promoting any violence for the cheap seats sake, its just a shirt with a skull and dagger and wings that goes back to Christian memorials that I find interesting. It has historical appeal.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    Dead eyes. Dead soul. I can actually smell that animal through his mugshot with the contemptuous stare.

    Some argue that all lives matter, and all people have value. No. No, they do not. Hero to the left, Margaret Sanger famously likened blacks to human weeds and reckless breeders, whom she wished to “apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation” for their “objectionable traits”. To think that you and I and every other decent, hard-working contributor in this land is going to pay to keep this cretin fed and housed, amused and alive for decades to come just slays me.

    And these savages want us to pay them reparations?!?

  4. Locust Post

    Withholding the identity of the killer to let the story burn out a bit while getting its counter story and storyteller (Akbari) into place. Where’s the town mayor? And why is a two-bit state minority leader (who has zero power) the official being quoted in the story? A completely coordinated PR media effort. These people, whoever they are, are evil.

  5. saoirse

    Dindu will get life and be paroled within 20 probably sooner when the Republicunts give niggers, jews and shitlibs complete control of the state.
    Won’t hold my breath waiting for the radicalization of any white within or outside of the good doc’s family.

  6. Gryphon

    The (((who))) Controls the ‘media’. No Effort is spared to Hide the Facts and present a ‘Narrative’ such as ‘gun control’. Incidents like this show that ‘black’ Africans are at best, a Proto-Human subspecies of Man.

  7. George True

    As has been noted here before, America does not have a gun violence problem. America has a BLACK violence problem.

    Using the FBI’s own records and statistics, if you were to back the annual gun murders committed by blacks out of the total, America would have a gun murder rate and an overall murder rate that would place us somewhere around 170 or so out of a total of roughly 190 countries in the entire world.

    So in other words, without blacks in the equation, America is less violent and less murderous and has less gun violence than ninety percent of all the countries in the world.

    The FBI knows this. Yet they are aggressively spreading the narrative that the biggest law enforcement problem America faces is “White Nationalism”. Every agency of our government and every news media outlet knows the truth, yet continue to enthusiastically spread the “White Nationalism” false narrative.

    And at the same time, all of them willfully and with malice aforethought never go near the cold hard truth that it is overwhelmingly blacks who commit most of the murders and ‘gun violence’ in our nation. Year after year after year.

    There must be a special place in Hell reserved for government officials and media moguls who would tell such monstrous lies about these kinds of life and death issues.

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