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Hangin’ My Hoosier Head In Shame

Is someone daring Mike Pence to be the biggest douchebag in the world, cuz he is doing a swell job of it.

Tucker: “Where is the concern for the United States in that?”
Mike Pence: “It’s not my concern”

What an embarrassment for the state of Indiana that this guy used to be our governor. He was pretty useless as the governor but he has gone off the deep end. He knew he done fucked up and tried to claim he was taken out of context. In fairness, he did say more after the video but it is pretty obvious he was just kicking out come pre-memorized talking points.

The “applause” he got was so tepid that dead silence might have been less embarrassing. Getting torched by Charlie Kirk of all people is even worse.

When he had an open mic, he chose to talk about Ukraine and only brought up the U.S. after saying we aren’t his concern. His main talking point when making his case was that we needed to speed up our pace of pissing away money and equipment in Ukraine to enrich the diminutive little Jewish fag who plays soldier dress-up while stashing away shekels in Swiss accounts. THAT is what he wanted to talk about.

His message of Ukraine first, Israel second and America not really his concern isn’t playing well…

According to that article Trump is way ahead on fundraising with over $35 million, DeSantis is a respectable second with $20 million. Even Nimrata “Nikki” Haley has pulled in $7.3 million in total versus Pence with $3.8 when you add in his (((PAC))) money. Mike, if you are getting almost lapped by Nikki Freaking Haley in fundraising, it is clear people aren’t buying what you are selling. The GOP base is not impressed by Pence doubling down on being all in on Ukraine and Moustache Man Bad.

Time for the ash heap of history Mike. Oh, and stay the fuck out of Indiana you piece of shit.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Who, or what, is a ‘Mike Pence’? He even looks like some unbendable Ken doll that a little girl will dress up in a neat little suit to escort Barbie out to dinner. If he isn’t THE most boring ofay whitebread dork on the campaign trail, I’d say that he sure doesn’t have much competition. He and Chris Christie could team up to be the Laurel and Hardy of the RNC in 2024.

    Why is he even bothering to run? He’ll get blown out of the water in the primaries faster than Kamala Harris was ditched by the DNC. If there was demonstrably little enthusiasm for Brandon’s campaign stops back in 2020, those tiny gatherings are going to look like mob scenes compared to what this stiff pulls. The only possible reason I can think of for a ‘Mike Pence for President’ charade is that he is supposed to run interference on DJT somehow. But the Donald will just flick him off his lapel like a mote of errant dust.

    Jeez, man, get a clue.

    • Arthur Sido

      I assume someone is paying him to be on the campaign trail shilling for Ukraine. No serious person would think he has a shot, even before January 6th, of him replacing Trump. His whole purpose was to be a mannequin to run alongside Trump.

      • Tactless Wookie

        This is what I think as well. Pence is like the rodeo clown. A distraction. But the sad joke is Pence is even more of a clown.

      • Steve

        Even more, I think Pence was the price Trump had to pay to be on the ballot, just as HW Bush was the price Reagan had to pay.

        I’m a Hoosier, I’m pretty sure my sister in California heard me scream “NNNNOOOOO!” when Trump announced that first of many colossal screwups like letting Pence railroad Flynn. Should have had Pence fed to the hogs at that point. If Trump had the sense God gave a turnip, he’d be most of the way through his second term now.

  2. Locustpost

    Chesterton’s “Men without chests” is a pretty good description on Pence and most candidates. These guys are so groomed and fake they have no ability to think on their feet which makes an easy mark for a guy like Carlson. I recall seeing George HR Bush in person once and was shocked at the amount of makeup he was wearing and the way he controlled his gestures. He was a trained like a circus monkey. All Fake.

    • Arthur Sido

      I had a chance to speak with Dan Quayle once and the guy was so dumb I was amazed he remembered to keep breathing, and I assume most of them are just as stupid and fake.

      • Plague Monk

        OTOH, the late, great s/f and science writer Jerry Pournelle had a high opinion of Mr. Quayle, who was a big supporter of the Strategic Defense Initiative. I never met Quayle, but I’ve watched a few videos he made, and he came across as an intelligent man. YMMV…

    • saoirse

      Also scares the Republicunts. But who gives a shit. Whomever wins in any political office will be a Zionist shill that will continue the holy Hymie hell!

    • Steve

      And signed then unsigned the measure that protected businesses from harassment by the LBGT* “marriage” activist scumbags.

  3. Gryphon

    As a “Shabbos Goy”, Pence is Only concerned about what his Kosher Masters instruct him to be ‘concerned about’. Do some research into “Greater Khazaria” and its connection to THE ukraine… Hint – (((they))) Hate the Rus because they were ‘deplatformed’ from there…

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