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Guns Galore

More on the gun glut gripping the nation.

US Gun Demand Drops To Four-Year Low

US gun purchases soared during the virus pandemic after the government forcibly locked down the economy. Demand for firearms surged again following the outbreak of civil unrest nationwide. However, the demand for firearms has sunk to a four-year low, indicating the possible end of this boom. Yet, it’s only a matter of time before gun-buying surges again, given the potential unrest in American cities, as law-abiding citizens carefully watch the turmoil in France.

According to data from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), unadjusted criminal background checks fell 11% to 2.26 million in June, the lowest since September 2019. Background checks decreased by 12% from 2.57 million compared to a year earlier. NICS checks were down 51% from 4.69 million (a record high) in March 2021.

The article goes on to show how this has hammered the stock of Smith & Wesson, who is now offering a rebate for three free magazines on the purchase of a wide line-up of their Shield and M&P pistols. Also this chart for 9mm ammo prices….

While 5.56/.223 is stubbornly too high, 9mm is available and down to around $.14/round.

Even with gun sales plummeting, Americans still buy a TON of guns.

Data from the FBI shows that 1.1 million background checks were conducted in June for likely gun purchases and transfers, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

It was the 47th consecutive month that gun sales have surpassed 1 million, the Washington Examiner reported.

The FBI data shows that 2.1 million background checks were performed by the FBI in June, with 1.1 million likely being for gun purchases and transfers. The remainder was for carry and other security permits.

For four years running, Americans have purchased at least one million guns per month, it was higher during the Summer of Love George Floyd riots era so that means close to or more than 50 million firearms into private hands in a four year period.

It is hard to imagine how historically unprecedented this is and why gun control is so important to Them. North of one hundred million Americans have at least one firearm in the home and tens of millions of us have lots more than one and have some level of training with them, from amateurs like me to the millions of vets and retired cops who have professional training in the use of a firearm. Americans have always had a lot of guns but not guns like these, with tens of millions of Americans possessing rifles capable of accurately shooting out to 500+ yards and AR platform rifles with reliable 30 round magazines you can get for under $10.

Keep it up boys, stack the guns, upgrade the ones ya got, train with them all and keep plenty of ammo on hand. It makes Them mad when you are armed and that is the best reason I can think to keep buying.


  1. Gryphon

    I have a suspicion that 5.56 prices are staying High due to ‘government’ purchases (both .mil and various nazi ‘agencies’) and some going to the War on the Ukraine. The fact that the whole “Mass Shooting” meme is again being pushed on kosher media, along with the Puppet Biden being used to promote an “Assault Weapon Ban” makes me think that Gun and Magazine prices will start to rise the closer we get to the next (s)Election.

    The “Mass Shooting” meme has devolved into calling every Incident where LeRoy shoots DaVarius in a Drug Deal gone Bad, and wounds 8 other monkeys due to holding the Glock sideways, as another reason that Ebil Whypepo should Not be allowed to own Guns…

  2. realwesterner

    Firearms HAVE to be one of the biggest boom-bust markets in the FUSA. When I was in the business, we were forever either LONG and trying to generate sales through promotions OR supply was SHORT and we were scrambling for acceptable product to put on the shelves. It was especially bad during the reign of King Khommunist Kweer Kenyan.

    • Arthur Sido

      That has been our experience, either sales are amazing but we can’t get anything to sell, or we can get anything we want but no one is buying. The big online sellers kind of screw it up for small shops but I don’t run our business to pay the mortgage so it isn’t a huge deal.

  3. Don Curton

    Recent trip to local sporting goods store, ammo shelf had 9 mm stretching the entire aisle, multiple brands and different price levels. Since I already have (cough cough) rounds at home I wasn’t that interested in buying more. Had about half and aisle’s worth of .45 acp. Everything else? Maybe 2 or 3 boxes of .40, 1 box of 38, no 357’s, no 44 mags, etc. and so forth.

    I believe it was Divemedic who raised up the question again of switching from 9mm back to a .40 cause of the prevalence of body armor in some recent shootings (not to penetrate armor, but more energy to shatter the pelvis). But the current (so-called) ammo glut only really extends to the most popular ammo. Unless you roll your own (which I do to some extent), any and all future firearm purchases should be somewhat based on what ammo you can most commonly find.

    The 1 box of 38 (all I was interested in) was 50 rnds of lead round nose for $40. 80 cents a round for training ammo. Absolutely no self-defense ammo in that caliber, nothing for my favorite little J frame. Guess I’ll keep going with my hot handloads until something better comes along.

  4. Dunno

    Might be worthwhile keeping a very close eye out for any serious ammunition malfunctions for the foreseeable future.

    If I were an extremely powerful malevolent actor who wished to remove all those firearms from the community, how hard would it be to infiltrate a few agents into the production lines and adulterate our factory ammunition supply? We’d tend to blame a novice shooter instead of the ammunition.

    I roll my own because I want the best accuracy for my rifles. But we handloaders might be the canaries in the coal mine. If experienced hand loaders suddenly start having rifle blow ups because the powder was actually mislabelled pistol powder in a rifle powder bottle or someone snuck a 7mm projectile into a box of 270’s . . . it would be real easy to say the old guy got complacent.

    But if the adulteration occurred irregularly across all the major brands simultaneously, trust in factory ammo would plummet. Food for thought.

    • Gryphon

      That’s a Stretch to think that companies that have (Must Have) Extraordinarily Tight Quality Controls, and near-Infinite Liability Exposure would in any way go along with something like that, (or even Could, if even one no-compromised Employee noticed). Much more Likely, IMO, would be the ZOG simply ‘Banning the Civilian Sale’ of Ammo, starting with common .Mil Calibers.

      p.s. if you are a handloader, and can’t see, smell and taste the difference between rifle and pistol powder, you should find a new hobby.

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