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France Fell A Long Time Ago

I have been mostly quiet about the riots in France following the death of a yoof named “Nahel” who is apparently of “Algerian and Moroccan descent”, according to Fox “nEwS”:

Nahel, who was of Algerian and Moroccan descent, had no criminal record, according to a lawyer for his family. He played for a local rugby club and was part of a program aimed at helping people from deprived areas obtain apprenticeships. Nahel planned to become an electrician.

That is a pretty standard “He wuz a good boy and wuz turning his life around, he dindu nuffin” narrative. It of course is preceded by this:

Nahel drove a yellow Mercedes. Had two passengers in the car and no license on him at the time. He reportedly had been placed in detention for refusing to comply with a previous traffic stop and was scheduled to appear in juvenile court in September.

No criminal record but had been arrested and detained and was to appear in court in a few months. Sounds like a model citizen.

I won’t rehash all of the videos and pictures of stuff burning in France but they even spraypainted a Holocaust memorial! The horror! You can find those pics and videos relatively easily, they are as horrible as you would expect and in a city once known as “The City of Lights”. The lights illuminating Paris today are buildings and cars on fire.

A common theme in normie media is that France is falling, along with the liberal order that Western Europe has been so proud of post-World War II, a post-war order that often forms the basis for their sneering at the peasantry of Slavic Eastern Europe. That theme is misguided or at least extremely late. In much the same manner as the UK, the seeds of the destruction of France were planted long ago and go back to the end of the second World War and even before.

As is the case in the U.S., the people we see on video throwing bricks and looting stores are just pawns. Especially violent and dumb but pawns nonetheless. I am not the only observer to notice that the bLM horders and Antifa fags that were rampaging during 2020 have suddenly disappeared. These people took over parts of cities for their little Communist experiments and now have gone missing? They are still out there but like good pawns they only move when their Masters decide to move them.

This goes back at least to the Paris Commune in the 1870s where the early proto-commies learned their trade and how to organize…

It is interesting that They encouraged followers to destroy cultural icons and tear down statues, a pattern that seems oddly familiar today. While the Paris Commune wasn’t successful and was bloody as hell, as the video discusses the communists learned a lot from that and in their eyes seeing a mass slaughter of their followers was a small price to pay to learn those lessons. You can always make more communists via envy and utopian promises.

Later, in the first half of the 20th century, the Frankfurt School began to take shape as a subversive communist proto-think tank. The Frankfurt School had the express goal of remaking the Western social order, something that would require weakening and eventually destroying the people who make up the West. John Wilder has a good post on the topic today: France, Hot Mimes, And The Fate Of The West and here is another video, it is pretty deep so it requires a couple of viewings to get the point….

The Frankfurt School is one of those topics we aren’t supposed to talk about and one of the reasons is spelled out right on the Wikipedia page (archived by me this morning).

All of the listed members of the Frankfurt School, theorists and associates, are also of Jewish heritage with one exception. Some were “assimilated” but the ethnic uniformity of this group that has done so much to undermine White Western society cannot be ignored.

It didn’t take long for the Frankfurt School types to figure out that it was just taking too long to accomplish their goals with the people already living in Europe (and the U.S.) so the strategy on both sides of the Atlantic was the same: fill up White nations with more pliable non-Whites, mestizos in the U.S. and Africans and Middle Easterners in Western Europe. Simultaneously Their plan included suppressing White birthrates through birth control, abortion and the endless pushing of miscegenation. Today we see all of this plus the rapid rise of the LGBTQI2S+ militant advocacy that has seen an explosion in the number of young Whites claiming to be homosexual or “transgender”. When coupled with the nihilistic depression many in the West feel, a society wide suicidal attitude, through what John Wilder described in his post as collective guilt….

Collective Guilt really did a number on the Germans. Over time and with repeated pressure, people who had done nothing wrong were made to feel guilt for things that they hadn’t done. Over time, this made children who were born in Germany be ashamed of just being born German. How bad is it? Angela Merkel saw an aide holding a German flag after an election victory. She took the flag from the aide and tossed it off camera. Sure, Angie was raised in East Germany, but she certainly was aware that her voters wouldn’t have a problem with her hating Germany, since they hated it, too.

….and you have people that will stand meekly aside and let themselves be overrun by foreigners, at least those paying some attention as most are too consumed with buying new products, watching sportsball and staring at social media to even notice the invasion.

This hasn’t happened overnight. Jean Raspail’s prophetic The Camp Of The Saints was first published in 1973 and the invasion was well under way by that point. Like the UK, the French allowed people from their colonies to relocate to France, not realizing that holding French or UK citizenship does not make one French or English. This was followed by the mass influx of “refugees”, accelerated by the Western orchestrated “Arab Spring” that destabilized much of the Middle East and North Africa.

When the colonial powers took over, they most improved the place, again quoting from John Wilder….

The same thing has happened to Great Britain. They sent their ships around the world, and landed at desolate backwaters whose idea of high technology was a mud hut. When the British left, they left roads, hospitals, and (at the time) functioning governments, and access to improvements that invariably increased the quality of life for billions. For this, their Collective Guilt has been being called colonizers, and they’ve been made to feel shame if they don’t allow hordes of people who have no connection to Britain to come into their country and pull their statues down.

…but when the colonized move to the land of the colonizer? They bring spicy foods and destruction. I pointed out in my post Ungrateful Phuckers that Western medical advancements (as well as improvements in sanitation, food safety, etc), have dramatically increased life expectancy in shitholes around the world. In India, a former British colony, life expectancy in 1820 was a whopping 21 years of age. Today it is around 70. In Africa it was around 23 in 1820 and now is closer to 63. If you wait around for them to show their gratitude, you will die of old age long before that happens.

The impact on the demographics of Europe is startling, just as it is in the U.S.. For a long time it has been understood that visiting the beautiful attractions of Paris meant dealing with hordes of Africans and Middle Easterners aggressively trying to sell you overpriced trinkets, while also fending off the hordes of pick-pockets. The demographics of Paris are a ticking timebomb (emphasis mine)….

The Paris metropolitan region or “aire urbaine” is estimated to be home to some 1.7 million Muslims, making up between 10–15 per cent of the area’s population. However, without official data, the margin of error of these estimates is extremely high as it is based on one’s country of birth (someone born in a Muslim country or born to a parent from a Muslim country is considered as a “potential Muslim”).[19] According to the North American Jewish Data Bank, an estimated 310,000 Jews also live in Paris and the surrounding Île-de-France region, an area with a population of 11.7 million inhabitants. Paris has historically been a magnet for immigrants, hosting one of the largest concentrations of immigrants in Europe today.[20]

Anch National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, responsible for the production and analysis of official statistics in France, 20 per cent of people living in the city of Paris are immigrants and 41.3 per cent of people under 20 have at least one immigrant parent.[21] Among the young people under 18, 12.1 per cent are of Maghrebi origin, 9.9 per cent of Subsaharan African origin and 4.0 per cent of South European origin.[22] In 2020-2021, about five million people, or 41 per cent of the population of Île-de-France, are either immigrants (21 per cent) or have at least one immigrant parent (20 per cent), these figures do not include French people born in Overseas France and their direct descendants.[23]

That is a lot of text to tell you what you probably already know. The largest city in France and one of the greatest cities in the world can hardly be considered French in 2023. If anything these numbers are likely low, just as in America where the number of illegal aliens is intentionally underreported by a huge factor (the real number being at least double the “official” count), so too are the number of foreigners living in Paris likely much higher than we are told. Also as in America, the hordes of aliens are much younger than the French population. In the U.S. the older age cohorts are still overwhelmingly White while the younger groups, especially under 20, are already likely majority non-White and in places like Texas the gap is large and growing.

In short, the riots in Paris now and the riots in American cities in 2020, not to mention the future much worse riots to come, are the result of a intentional and coordinated effort that has been in the works for more than a century. Even when the U.S. and Western Europe were overwhelmingly White, there were those who were already hard at work to undermine the accepted order. As the demographic shift hits critical mass, the collapse becomes inevitable. How can the builders of mud huts be expected to assimilate and adapt to a culture created by the people who built Versailles?

The people who now are approaching majority status in Paris, London and the American Southwest are destroyers, not builders. They don’t see great works of art as something to appreciate but as something to scorn and destroy, as they are doing in France…

As Big Country Expat said in the title of his excellent post: Even The Nazis Didn’t Burn Paris… In fact while life under the occupation was not all peachy, Paris itself looked pretty normal. Even the photos from Wikipedia bear this out.

Contrast those photos with African yoofs looting Apple stores and burning libraries. The Germans might have been the “bad guys” in World War II but they were not the sort of cultural vandals occupying Paris today. Ask yourself, would you feel safer strolling through Paris with Nazis drinking coffee in cafés or with North African yoofs rampaging through the streets? Would your wife or daughter be safer chatting with a young member of the Wehrmacht or some dim-witted African?

Hundreds of thousands of White men on both sides lost their lives in the struggle to “liberate” Europe but is this what they were fighting for? Defeating the Reich so France could surrender to a swarthy, bestial invader?

Little did most of the exuberant Europeans realize as they celebrated the end of World War II that the seeds of their eventual destruction were already planted and what we are seeing on social media today is the revolting fruit of the Frankfurt School ready to be harvested.


  1. TBC

    We are watching our own collapse in real time. In fact, I’d say that it is already a done deal. Showdown in the Taiwan Strait will be another woke Disney flop as our hollowed-out, rainbow-hued, high-heeled, drag queened former military gets its vajazzled ass handed to it by the Chinese.

    As an engineer who has worked all of my adult life deep in the bowels of high tech weaponry I can easily see all of my effort gone for nought, as today’s soldier, sailor or air(wo)man is too inept to flip the breakers on our sooper dooper whiz-bang gear, let alone understand how to deploy it effectively. Xi is just licking his chopsticks waiting for knucklehead biden to draw a line in the sand so that he can dance across it while flipping us the bird. Meanwhile, knucklehead is hosting stunning, brave LGBTQWERTYS on the White House lawn, as the ghost of Reagan weeps.

    • Anon

      Reagan signed for amnesty.
      He was never for us.
      It would be great to see the us military degrade so they can’t use it to bomb whites in the uz (at least not as well), same with every weapon of war destroyed overseas. Of course, plenty of nonwhites are already heavily armed, but the govt. is also a gang of nonwhites and kissasses worshiping the small hats that got us to this point.
      There is still a solution but most whites are not hard enough for it and too many are disorganized, so it will make it much more painful.
      Still, should be attempted before they finish killing us off.
      Be sure to take care of family how you can; who knows when the pawns will be set in motion again.

      • saoirse

        Agreed. Reagan was a piece of shit! Anyone that waxes nostalgically for that puppet or his era is part of the problem – a true cuck!!

  2. Wink Wink

    Frankfurters are 100% small hat just like Bolshevik communism.
    Trantifa and Burn Loot Murder will be unleashed again when WWIII gets going and the (s)election is suspended and they will be under orders of the CPUSA (D) branch of the Uniparty.

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