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Fire Up The Memory Hole!

Mass shooting overnight in Phillie and the shooter allegedly had an AR and a “tactical vest”. Police captured the gunman but were very reluctant to release any details. Now you can see why.

Dis be Kimbrady Carriker..




That is a scary looking trannie.

A black transvestite mass shooter. I don’t think we will hear much more about this one, it is going into the same warehouse as the Ark of the Covenant and the shooter manifest from Nashville.


  1. Jim Laffrey

    It, so we’re told, killed the following people:
    Daujan Brown, 15
    Lashyd Merritt, 20
    Dymir Stanton, 29
    Joseph Wamah Jr., 31
    Ralph Moralis, 59

    If true, I say, “Well done, scum freak nigger!”

  2. Columbozo

    Dayam! Make sideshow freaks circus again.
    Kids will start using trans as in insult and there are some (c)rap songs that mock them vigorously.

    O/T-Berserk fireworks barrage continues with a dozen mortars set up in church parking lot.
    Animals are looking disoriented.

  3. Mike_C

    I have zero religiousity*, but that photo could get me to believe in literal demonic possession.

    * not bragging – having no religious impulse may be like being colorblind. Who knows.

  4. Gryphon

    If these are MK-ULTRA or FBI ‘ops’, it doesn’t make much sense for them to use creatures like this (or negroids in general) UNLESS they are trying to shift the narrative away from “Ebil Whypepo wif Gunz”. Considering that almost all of the recent attempts using That Narrative no longer have much Influence, and Beating It makes most people ignore it harder.

    What If, the Propaganda Angle is being created that the trannyfags are not only Annoying and Repulsive, but Dangerous to normal people- this could have the effect of Increasing the Opposition to the whole Groomer/LGBTQWTF agenda, and give the (((promoters))) of said agenda a way to drive their ‘pets’ to believe that the Woodchippers come next… An Ideal way to give both ‘sides’ the Idea that “Violence is the Answer”.

    FWIW, I am noticing an increasing number of MSM stories about “Mass Shootings”, but they almost all seem to be just the regular ghetto thuggery, always with a 1/10 K-W ratio, and Never any Mention of ‘names’, never mind the Race of the Perps and Victims. The ‘tell’ is always the Location, and Time of Day (usually midnight to 0300).

    • anon

      Way overthinking it.
      It’s an animal being the violent animal it is, but also on a mess of hormones. Not every single ghetto shooting is masterminded by FBI handlers.
      Of course they are stirred up against Whites and to be violent in general but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a subhuman is a subhuman.

      • Mike_C

        “Way overthinking it.”
        Yeah, probably. But the flip side is (generally, not just this freak show we’re discussing), the people who hate us are NOT themselves united (other than in hating us; maybe).

        The “deep state” itself isn’t monolithic. It’s doubtless multiple factions, some of which are mutually antagonistic. Then add on antifa, BLM, etc. They have separate goals and each wants to aggregate power unto itself. Allies of convenience only.

        In the same vein, it’d be wrong to think “nonwhites are all working against whites”. Well, maybe in a sense yes. But also Hell No. Blacks and Hispanics dislike each other more than they like each other. East and South Asians really dislike each other. Indians hate Pakistanis, who hate them right back, only harder. (And they both despise the fucking Bangladeshis.) Everyone dislikes or despises Blacks, except maybe some Jews (and of course the worse than useless goodwhites). But Blacks generally hate Jews. And reform Jews often don’t care for the Orthodox (and I personally know Orthodox Jews who are appalled by Hasidics, even though most goys can’t tell them apart). I also know quite a few reform Jews who hate Israelis. They’ll never say it in public, but that’s how they feel. And there are plenty of Israelis who despise liberal American Jews as a bunch of bleeding heart pussies.

        You get the picture. My point is that as the white majority diminishes, whites need to play off these factions (full of mutual hatred) against each other. Not in every situation, but it’s a useful tool.

        • Gryphon

          “Way overthinking it.” ? Perhaps, but this is such an ‘outlier’ to the usual ‘Mass Shooter’ narrative, as well as ‘ape has killed ape’ Violence, that I’m just throwing out the possibility that the ‘weaponization’ of the trannyfag/freakizoid element is a step up of the whole LGBTQWTF ‘agenda’. The commies have discovered that the “Woke” stuff has revealed a Visceral Hatred, by normal people, to that part of their Program. I see it as entirely possible that ‘Doubling Down’ on “Woke” may be in play here.
          Plus, the trannyfags are severely mentally Ill to start with, so much easier to “Program”.

  5. Bobsuruncle

    4 breeders down= 24 less burdens on the system, hopefully. Cant account for the 59 y/o or the clown show shooter, Im sure they racked up a few feral pups. Dont worry, California is voting to get rid of child support for blacks, stupid white women, coal burners need to move there with the rest of the black males.

  6. Big Ruckus D

    Ok, where is the manifesto? I was told there would be a manifesto. Anyway, what a repulsive transfaggot we have here. But it is Philly, so the usual lower boundary on “acceptable standards” is suspended herewith. Yet again, fake and ghey clown world really delivers.

  7. Michael Hendrix

    Inexplicably, I’m reminded of a bit of classic dialogue from Mark Twain’s Huck Finn:

    “Why are you so late getting here, Huck?”

    “The steamboat blew out a cylinder head.”

    “Oh my goodness gracious! Anybody hurt?”

    “No’m. Killed a nigger, that’s all.”

    • Lord of the Fleas

      I’ve never read Huckleberry Finn (though a lot of those old classics are on my one-of-these-days list), but now I can see why the pearl-clutchers get upset about it.

      • Don W Curton

        What the pearl-clutchers don’t understand is that Twain deliberately put dialog like that in his books to be provocative, to get people to think about it, to expose the racism and hypocrisy as he saw it. The majority of Huck Finn’s racist language and imagery was there to make people more sympathetic to Nigger Jim and see him as human. For all the self-importance that liberals have, their constant carrying-on about being smarter than us stupid MAGA types, they themselves simply cannot see past the racist language and understand the intent of the author.

        At least that’s what we were taught when we read Huck Finn aloud in middle school, in the deep South back in the 1970’s.

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