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Every. Single. Time.

While I still won’t pay to see Sound Of Freedom, I do applaud it for making all the right people mad and for how it exposes the pro-pedophilia bias of Hollywood and the mass media.

That brings us to this piece of shit, one Noah Berlatsky.

Bloomberg ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Hit Piece Written By Pro-Pedo Contributor

Meet Noah Berlatsky: he’s just your average liberal mainstream media news contributor. Ironically, Berlatsky’s latest criticism of the drama focusing on the grave yet glossed over issue of child trafficking lambasted the movie with vitriolic scorn for perpetuating dangerous tropes, whilst he himself turned to the truly tired trope of accusing the movie of packaging together various QAnon conspiracy theories and being a movie made for alt-right boomers. There’s just one problem…Berlatsky has a sordid history of advocating for the normalization of pedophilia.

In 2021, Berlatsky was named the communications director at Prostasia, a non-profit organization which has dedicates itself to a self-avowed mission of protecting children from sexual abuse. While that on its face sounds antithetical to advocating for the normalization of pedophilia, a deeper look into Prostasia’s published content shows it merely masquerades under the guise of acting in the interest of protecting children from sexual abuse in order to promote a much more perverse ulterior motive.

The entire article is a sordid journey through the world of pedophilia apologists. You can probably guess from the name where this is going, but I will provide a couple of photos for fun.

He couldn’t look creepier in that second photo if he was trying, and I assume he was trying to look as much like a pedo as possible. Here are some of the charming stories written by Noah Berlatsky

My wife is bisexual and nonbinary, and my daughter is transgender. My queer family helped me better understand myself and my masculinity.

It is as grotesque as you would imagine but I will go on a limb and say that Berlatsky’s understanding of “masculinity” is as accurate as Rod Dreher’s understanding.

Yom Kippur 2019: The best thing about Judaism, according to a Jewish atheist

Judge rules that Judaism is not a race but Jewish people can be targeted for racism. Here’s why that matters.

Stephen King’s ‘It’ Shows Hollywood Still Has A Jewish Problem

Child Sex Workers’ Biggest Threat: The Police

Yes, children who prostitute themselves are at the greatest threat from…the police. Not the people sexually abusing them for money, nope the real problem are the cops trying to arrest pedophiles. The closing paragraph:

“We want so badly to believe the issue of underage sex work is as simple as bad guys hurting good girls,” Heineman told me. But the Eden vision is mostly fiction in America. Boys and girls, both trans and cis, who sell sex for survival don’t usually need police intervention. They need housing, food, and other services. “Young people’s involvement in trading sex needs to be decriminalized,” Lutnick told me. “No one under the age of 18 should be arrested for this. This social issue will not be solved by arresting and prosecuting youth.”

Now if you think that the people pushing to decriminalize “underage sex work”, known in more sane times as child prostitution, are doing so to “help the kids” instead of because they want to legally pay for sex with children, you are dumber than dirt.

The group that Noah Berlatsky works for, “The Protasia Foundation”, includes things like a “MAP Support Club Partnership“, MAP being a fancy term for pedophiles that stands for “Minor-Attracted Person”. Allegedly they claim that destigmatizing being a “MAP” helps prevent child abuse but on their forum in the “Sex Positivity” topic many of the topics are about lifelike child sex dolls.

The world “doll” appears 24 times on this forum page, including this not-creepy-at-all topic: Not child sex-dolls: hypopituitaristic “proportionately dwarf” dolls. As the Critical Drinker might say….

If someone is fucking a doll that is lifelike and looks like a child, how long before that no longer satisfies them and they go after the real thing? “Normalizing” pedophilia via fantasies, dolls and pornography doesn’t do anything but whet their appetite for having sex with children. If anything I assume these forums are a way for pedophiles to make contact with other pedophiles for various degenerate purposes.

Noah Berlatsky and others who are slandering Sound of Freedom as “QAnon” right-wing conspiracy theory material don’t really believe that but they do believe that any exposure of child sex trafficking is inconvenient to those who participate in those acts. I am not saying Noah Berlatsky is himself involved in child sexual abuse, nor am I saying he is not, but he definitely is sympathetic toward those that are and this guy has mainstream media credentials.


  1. Bobsuruncle

    I know whats not Q conspiracy. This filth emanates from the Talmud (six genders) and their belief in the hermaphroditic god, Ein Sofe, the only one group, thats why its every fucking time…

      • Brother John

        Sure. Just as most things ending in “–ist,” etc, are translated as “things Democrats don’t like or understand,” the phrase “conspiracy theory” now correlates precisely with either “things Democrats don’t want you to consider” or just “spoiler alert.”

  2. pyrrhus

    As I understand it, the Talmud says that sex with children is all right if they are older than 3 years and 1 day…

  3. pyrrhus

    The jews have controlled the white slave trade for 2000 years…There was a long thread on theburningplatform documenting this….

  4. Not Mr Conductor

    Check his hard drive and what does he think about the Cuties film?
    That was too much even for a Netflix loving box wine auntie and she flagged and complained.

  5. Gryphon

    Second pic of that (((creep))) looks a lot like the ‘Child Catcher’ from that Movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, something that NEVER would be produced today….

    Oh, and take Note – the (((ADL))) has determined that “Every. Single. Time.” is Naziracistantisemitic Hatespeech….

      • Gryphon

        Modern Wood Chippers have a pair of Feed Rollers, driven by Hydraulic Motors, and pressed together by large Springs. This limits the Feed to the Chipping Knives to prevent overloading it. The Feed Motors will Slow Down in proportion to the Load on the Chipping Drum. The addition of a manual Control Valve to the Infeed Roller Motors will prevent a smaller item, like a pedophile, from being Chipped at a fast rate…

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    His “my wife is nonbinary and daughter transexual” story, one day, a while back, just popped up in my homepage news feed. Of all the things to randomly appear

  7. realwesterner

    While millstones all around for those worthless scumbag offenders seems like the suitable prescription, Christ says that it would be BETTER for them to tie a millstone to their necks and take a long walk off of a short dock. Hence, one might assume that the judgement that waits for pedos is far worse than the mere panic and physical agonies of slowly drowning to death. Let us hope that their collective fates provides some peace and rest for their innumerable victims. God’s healing and mercies to those that have suffered at the hands of these wicked destroyers.

  8. realwesterner

    Give a khazar a microphone, a typewriter or a membership to the bar and you get the sociological, intellectual and behavioral equivalents of one of those Forest Service outhouses in the desert southwest in late august that is a couple weeks overdue for service. They truly are disgusting.

      • Gryphon

        Inbreeding. Some articles that I have seen about the Khazar ‘tribe’ in regards to their Genetics (the first being they are NOT ‘Semites’, North Africans) indicate that after they were ‘Deplatformed’ from the Ukraine, by the Russians, that their total gene pool was reduced to as few as 550 Breeding Females. From there, given their cultural propensity to ‘stick together’, it has become Impossible for that ‘race’ to recover from Inbreeding.

  9. h

    We need more accurate labels for these inhuman deviant classes. There is no ‘-phile’ about a child molester. There is no ‘-phobe’ about disgust for buggery, or males pretending to be women.

  10. rto-jerry

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44 KJV

  11. Plague Monk

    The fuss over the (alleged) pedophilia epidemic reminds me of the day care center child abuse hysteria of the 1980s and 1990s. I personally think that this too is overrated, and that a few isolated cases are being blown out of proportion in order to squeeze more money from taxpayers for their programs.
    That was certainly the case during the day care crazy times; I still lived in upstate NY, and a few acquaintances worked in Human Services; they were bringing home the bucks as the politicians threw money at the “problem”, with the MSM warning that every day care center was run by Satanists.
    I admit that I don’t like children; I hated “family day” at my clients and after a few too many instances of 7 year olds pestering me as I worked on complex 3D CAD models, I simply started taking the days off or going in at 1 am and finishing my day before the rugrats arrived.
    I believe that the current hysteria will pass; the sooner the better, and maybe we can move onto more important issues…I can hope.

    • Arthur Sido

      The “Satanist” thing is definitely overblown but they child trafficking? For every Jeffrey Epstein we know about, how many more are out there? It also isn’t a coincidence in my opinion that the Biden’s were so deeply involved in Ukraine, the capital of child porn in Europe. Is the whole thing about pedophiles? No, but like Them it certainly seems to be a prominent feature.

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