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Drips And Drabs

Some stuff I thought was interesting but not worth their own post.

The poster child for fetal alcohol syndrome, Greta Thunberg, is still out there being an insufferable and ignorant twat….

Except the “record breaking temperatures” are like everything else: fake and gay.

How dare you!

This kind shit is going to get RFK Jr the RFK Sr treatment.

True or not it got all the right people upset.

The much vaunted “counter-offensive” has been a dreadful failure, despite the cheerleading from our media and some bloggers. Make no mistake, by throwing ourselves into this conflict the inevitable defeat of Ukraine is now our defeat and the world is realizing that the Emperor has no clothes.

If you could choose one picture to make the case for expelling all non-Whites and repealing the 19th Amendment, this would be a solid contender.

Black adults show the highest support for stricter gun laws, at 77%, followed by Asians, at 74%, Latinos, at 68%, and whites, at 51%….

……For Black communities, which experience disproportionate levels of gun violence in the U.S., support for gun safety measures is often personal. 

“In the Black community, a lot of that comes from lived experience — the real risk of being a victim of gun violence,” Ramakrishnan said. 

Pretty much what I have always said. In the case of blacks, they are the most likely to use a gun in the commission of a crime but they also don’t want to see blacks locked up so they support gun control. Despite this we have boomer gun orgs like the NRA and even the GOA endlessly trying to appeal to non-Whites.

All “money” is fake and gay now but having interest payments exceeding even our bloated Pentagon budget is yet another sign of how fake the economy is.

Some rare good news, at least for me.

The waves of migration that brought Black Americans to many northern cities are reversing.

Departing residents are heading everywhere from nearby suburbs to high-growth areas in the southern U.S., such as metro Atlanta, according to demographers, real-estate agents and public officials.

The latest U.S. Census Bureau estimates, released Thursday, indicate Black residents are continuing to leave many urban centers in the North and elsewhere, adding to decades of decline. These losses have hit many major cities with historically large Black populations, including Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Oakland, Calif.

Having moved from the South to Northern cities that they promptly wrecked, blacks are now leaving the rubble and spent shell casings behind and going back to the South. I fully support this, if enough of them leave we can maybe rebuild places like Detroit.

Check out this Milli Vanilli looking mofo….

Sent by a reader, this is yet another story out of North Dakota. What the hell happened to those Scandinavian Lutherans? This criminal mastermind, Deshaun M. Holmes, is 21 but looks like a 12 year old black boy or an ugly black chick. Why would you rob a mail carrier of all people? Apparently he didn’t know that is a Federal crime and he is going to a Federal pen where his girlish looks are going to lead to a bunch of new best friends taking turns on him.

And “what are the crimes that are punished?” he asked. “Thought crimes. Thinking the wrong things. Having the wrong beliefs. Saying unapproved words.

And when words are deemed “wrong,” he’s realized, “those words are always true.”

He warned against “the people who censor your words and thoughts.”

Emphasis in the original. If you aren’t allowed to say something, it is always true. The implications of that are pretty interesting.

Most people around here have at least one portable generator because if the power goes off, we don’t want to lose all of the frozen food in our freezers. Now people that fly around the world in private jets and drive to meetings in motorcades want to tell us we can’t use a generator. One more thing to make sure you have stocked up and backed up.

I have talked about my own experiences in banking and this sort of crap is quite common. The banking business is driven by fees and opening new accounts, and bankers are rewarded for doing shady shit in order to pad the numbers.

If it is a day ending in Y, Haiti is in the midst of chaos.

Haiti teaches us two important lessons:

  • One, some people are incapable of handling autonomy.
  • Two, some problems do not have a solution.

That is enough for today and it cleared out a bunch of open tabs on my browser, so win-win!


  1. Hiding Out

    So Tucker, can we talk about a certain mid-20th century German? Or how about FBI crime statistics? Heck, how about just a discussion on what the REAL historical and biblical definition of a nation is? (hint: ethno-nationalism is a fake word; and civic nationalism is for traitorous cucks)

  2. Moe Gibbs

    There is one treacly, sympathetic story after another in the news about Haiti all the time, NONE of which ever come close to the punchline, the bottom line, the inescapable reason that Haiti is the prototypical shithole country, despite having the advantages of temperate climate and abundant natural resources: HAITIANS.

    You can hand savages a developed, first-world country, ready-made for modern living like Rhodesia and South Africa once were, and within a generation they will tear it apart leaving no remnants of the decades of development that gave it hospitals and roads and left it set up with a viable political system. Blacks are simply helpless on their own, and I sure wish someone, anyone, with an ounce of authority would just fucking admit it.

    We don’t have to reduce ourselves to throwing mud and racist name-calling, but we do have to come to some accommodation regarding the vast, immutable differences between the various demographics inhabiting the world. Blacks in America can be trained to be useful, contributing members of society, but they will never be the equal of Whites and East Asians. Bending over backwards trying to pretend that they can be is just counter-productive and divisive. This is how we get Affirmative Action disasters in construction and medicine and government that hurt all of us. Let each realize his own full potential, of course. But for the love of God, stop trying to create silk purses out of sows’ ears. It’s literally killing us.

  3. realwesterner

    Its a pity about Thunberg’s life. Her parents-both rabid, leftist slaves to globalism-have traded away her youth for a satanic and fallacious agenda. She works for the devil, but she likely thinks she’s being a good kid in her parents’ eyes. Pretty sure things are headed for a climax purty quick. We hear alot of “darn, the doj…” or “dang, the fbi…” or “oh, no, joe biden…” Rarely do these prognosticators stitch any of this together to show their listeners/followers/readers how close we are to real trouble. They are quick to pull the “chicken little” TM routine and then refer us to the web pages of their sponsors, however. A little bit of communist history sat next to our current situation and events could lead one to surmise the number of, the size of, the nature of and the proximity to the troubles that await us.

  4. pyrrhus

    Those low IQ women who want more gun control don’t understand that the gangbangers, who generally couldn’t possibly pass a background check, aren’t using legal guns, so more gun laws won’t accomplish anything in the ‘hood…In Chicago, they virtually never do firearms prosecutions anyway, the DA can’t be bothered…that might reduce the gang political contributions….

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    After he predicted what a smashing success the “counteroffensive” would be, will they keep on trotting out David Petraeus to opine on the war? My guess is yes

  6. Gryphon

    The “Ban Gas-Powered Generators” is a Laugh – I can see it now, all of those Construction Guys who need one on the Jobsite will have to get a DC/AC Inverter, and then let their Diesel Truck idle all Day to Power it…

    And I’m Surprised they aren’t talking about Banning those Residential Back-Up Generators, that most of the new, fugly McMansions all seem to have. Most run on either Natural Gas or Propane, whichever is used to Heat the place. I’ve seen units that go from 10 Kilowatts, enough to run a (gas) Furnace, Refrigerator/Freezer, and some Lights, to “Whole House rigs of 60 KW with a Transfer Switch to the entire Panelboard.

    • MN Steel

      Yeah. Too bad natural gas lines are pressurized by electric pumps, and at -30°F even LP doesn’t put out enough pressure to run anything more than a pilot light.

      Anybody ever check out new subdivisions to see how many have chimneys for burning wood? And not wood-pellet stoves that also depend on electricity?

  7. saoirse

    Greta is as you described her!

    RFK jr. is already backpedaling plaintively to the kikes. He’s going to get some kind of punishment, bet money on it.

    Muds want legal gun control so they can have the advantage with illegal guns.

    Big Money is all flim flam.

    Niggers are two-legged locusts. The ‘southron’ boys won’t do shit. They couldn’t even stop the desecration of their own statues!

    Dreadlock boy should be fastened upside down on an excavator and used to sweep the streets.

    Does anyone think that Cucker is referring specifically to the jews? I don’t.

    You should already have several generators or at least alternative power sources.

    Haiti? Get ready – again – Miami. Rabbi DeSantis will need lots of boxcars (oy veh!) to ship them to the northeast! If they’re allowed to stay in Floduh they’ll all become instant democraps.

  8. Big Country Expat

    Word is ‘slipping’ out of the Krain about real casualty numbers
    310,000 KIA
    600,000 WIA
    Almost a Million Dead and Wounded. Reason it’s coming out now is people are realizing they’re running out of graves. Some ‘prominent Krainians’ who had family plots needed ’em as “Grandpa Ivan from Great Patriotic War’ Died Recently, and was denied burial as the family plot was used. To plant 3 recent KIA dudes… one on top of another… and these aren’t ‘new’ gravesites, but ones that’ve been in the Family(s) for generations… Lots of uncomfortable non-Hebrews starting to ask just WHY the Jews are in charge, never seem to be on the front lines and how only Slavic Orthodox Christians are being turned into hamburger?
    Pogrom in 3…2…1…?

  9. Tactless Wookie

    Don’t worry. As the niggers leave these northern cities they will quickly be replaced with muslim slime.

    Dearbornistan anyone?

  10. The Sword

    Greta? Is it really a Hansel?
    RFK getting the Tulsi/Bernie treatment (or worse) is delicious irony.
    Barry, Valjarr and Billy Ayers are loving the debacle in the Kraine.
    Burn it all down by any means necessary.
    It was 1922 when the CPUSA (D) stated that racial tensions would be used to tear apart the fabric of American society.
    Bolshevik enemedia reported on Brandon at some Emmett Till shrine in Chimpcongo as Confederate statues are torn down.

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