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Deal Alert!

If Independence Day is coming up, so are lots of deals on guns! As I said in my post The Gun Glut, manufacturers are making more guns than they are selling so the discounts are deep. Saw this from Palmetto State Armory in my email (again, I have no affiliation with PSA, this is just FYI)…

By my math skeelz, that comes out to $359.99 plus tax and the free shipping is the real kicker. Not my choice for a primary rifle but as a back-up or one to stash in the safe for a rainy/spicy day or for your retarded nephew that didn’t heed your repeated warnings? Sure thing. Note it does not include the bolt carrier group or the charging handle, but if you are like me and have extras that isn’t an issue or you can get a BCG for around $70 from PSA. You are still well under $500 all in.

A pretty good deal!


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