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Baltimore blacks Block Party Equals Big Boom Boom

Two people were killed and 28 others injured in a mass shooting at a block party in South Baltimore, Baltimore Police said.

An 18-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man were killed. The shooting occurred around 12:35 a.m. at the 800 block of Gretna Court in the Brooklyn Homes neighborhood.

Paramedics took nine injured people to hospitals, and 20 people walked into hospitals seeking treatment. Three people are in critical condition. The ages and conditions of the victims range, police said.

As of now 28 wounded to 2 dead is a 14 to 1 wounded-killed ratio and that screams home boys lighting off some low level fireworks at each other.

Brooklyn Homes appears to be some sort of housing project, it is listed under the Housing Authority of Baltimore City and the pictures on Google maps at street level for Gretna Court and the general region all indicate “da projectz”.

I expect we will get the usual platitudes about gun control even though these were certainly illegally possessed and purchased firearms in heavily gun controlled Maryland and it is already illegal to murder people. Then the story will fade into the background, just more black violence static in the new American narrative.


    • Filthie

      And yet… whitey does just fine in high population density cities, E. The Japanese absolutely thrive in it. This stuff isn’t a function of population density, it’s a function of human diversity. Look at Africa – the nigs are spread right out but they still murder and slay each other with gay abandon!

      Doesn’t bother me one iota when blacks shoot other blacks. That is the nature of the beast, and unless you are willing to beat that beast, train it, and punish it when it needs it… this is what you’re going to get.

      Make no mistake either – this is our fault. Back in the eeeeeeeeeevil 50’s, niggers that behaved like this got shot, lynched or beaten not only as punishment – but as a warning to all the others that they would get the same if they stepped out of line. Free of any consequences… niggers turn into killer apes. Whites and the other races will too but at far lower rates. A healthy majority of these peopled are not smart enough to hold a mundane job at McDonald’s. They don’t have the smarts to cope in a high trust modern society.

    • Arthur Sido

      There have been a couple of big shootings in rural black communities over the last year but the higher the concentration of blacks in a given location, the higher the odds of a shooting.

  1. Get Meaner

    They are living the dream on the CPUSA plantation with their guy Brandon at the USS Minnow helm that Barry told them to vote for or those republicans will have you back in chains, man.
    Enjoy the utopia.
    Swipe yo EBT, it’s free is an actual rap song.

  2. Scot Irish

    Why such poor marksmanship?


    Normies don’t know about France. Camp of Saints in real time. They are focased on Ukraine and the fight for democracy.

    In Ukraine!


  3. Gryphon

    There is a Vid of some Africans handing a loaded AK-47 (full auto) and then Running when their fellow Simian opens Fire. Didn’t look like many got Hit.

    FWIW, Try shooting your Glock while holding it Sideways, one-Handed. Hard to Hit anything even only 10 Meters away.

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