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Bad News = Good Workout

The influx of bad news can wear you down if you don’t have an outlet. For me, the primary release valve is blogging about what is going on in Clown World. Another? Working out. While I workout in part for aesthetic reasons and so I can eat a bunch, I also workout because I want to be fit and strong for the spicy times that are coming. This morning the bad news that got me fired up was from France and while I am working on a post about it, we took time out late this morning to go workout and it was a good one. I was sweating like a pig and I am pretty tired now but I also feel great as I always do after a good session.

However you do it , find an outlet for the anger. It can consume and depress you if you let it. Working out is a great option, it lets off steam and it makes you stronger for what is coming. All that anger will eat you up, turn it into something valuable. Your physical condition might make the difference when the shit inevitably hits the fan. Whether lifting or reading or shooting, train like your life depends on it.


  1. Wales Josey Wales

    Exercise is a construct of the white male patriarchy. (honk!)
    Fat drooling purple haired blobs staring at their cellphone colostomy bags won’t last five minutes when the spork flies.
    They could stand in the way as bullet catches in order to make themselves useful.

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