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An Amazing Coinkidink

On a lighter note….

Just as it is true that the good guys have won every war, it is just as true that every young black man suspected of shooting another young black man in fact dindu nuffin and is indeed a good boy. Somehow the police have gotten it wrong in every single investigation, like this one.

An Atlanta rapper signed to Young Thug’s YSL Records was arrested and charged with murder for his alleged role in a fatal shooting at a Mechanicsville apartment complex last month.

On June 29, police arrested and charged FN DaDealer, whose real name is Jakobe Moody, 20, in the shooting death of Tremaine Glasper, 28.

Good news for FN DaDealer, him mama sez he dindu nuffin. Case of misstaken identimaby.

On Saturday afternoon, Channel 2′s Michael Seiden reached out to Moody’s mother who fought back tears as she explained to him that this was a case of mistaken identity.

“He ain’t no gang banger, ” Latonya Moody said. “My son doesn’t have a record. He has a little girl and he’s focusing on his music.”

Moody also told Seiden that her son and Glasper were friends and they were hanging out together days before the shooting when someone opened fire on them in what she described as a drive-by shooting.

Well shit, that certainly casts doubt on the case. Police better keep looking, I mean he is a rapper and knocked up some chick so that clearly means he didn’t do it.

Will the real killer of Tremaine Glasper ever be found?


  1. Burn It All Down Better

    (C)rap song lyrics that detail an actual crime being used in court is a precedent and the usual suspects are trying to change it.
    They don’t care about finding the real killer as no lives matter to the globalists and blacks are the biggest pawns of all, no race votes in a bloc at 80% of every election for the CPUSA (D) like they do.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Mama want to know if dat check still gonna clear from da record label. Fo’ da baby girl she gon’ be raisin’, yo.

    FN DaDealer. Focusing on his music. I suppose that Mozart had a righteous ‘hood nickname, too, in his rebellious early years. Mozee Amah’Deeus, or suchlike.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    I’m just focusing on the names here. We’ve got a rapper who voluntarily chose for himself the name Young Thug, so such a name is seen by someone, him at least, to have status. Then he starts a record label called Young Stoner Life. Another evidently high status group/quality. Which employs this fella who calls himself FN DaDealer. Another name voluntarily chosen for its high status.

  4. Xzebek

    This scenario is played out so many times in chimpville but this still made me laugh. I wonder if FN DaDealer has any SCARs laying around he’d like to get rid of. Or is his DaDealing of the pharmaceutical variety?
    I’m laughing either way.

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