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Affirmative Action Whack-A-Mole

The recent Supreme Court decision (sort of) banning affirmative action in college admission has been hailed as a victory, and it really is a nice little win, but what comes next is going to be a fiasco.

Despite virtually every college in America having been founded by White men, along with every other cultural institution worth a crap, the college and university system is run exclusively by people that openly hate Whites and quietly hate Asians. They aren’t going to say “aw shucks”, kick a pebble and give up on packing their schools with low IQ non-Whites/Asians (except for their own children who will of course still be admitted). No, they are going to find new and exciting ways to try to pass over qualified White and Asian students in admissions in favor of dumb but colorful students.

The result of this is going to be an endless series of lawsuits. A conservative legal outfit, The Liberty Justice Center, has already sent letters to medical schools warning them of lawsuits if they don’t change their ways….

Legal group puts medical schools on notice over SCOTUS affirmative action ruling

Alegal nonprofit has pledged to sue any medical school that does not comply with the U.S. Supreme Court’s latest ruling blocking raced-based admissions policies, possibly ushering in a wave of enforcement actions to set new admissions policies around the nation.

The Liberty Justice Center is the group in question, which sent a letter to medical school deans around the nation with a simple message: if you delay in compliance with the SCOTUS ruling, you’ll face a lawsuit.

The group also pushed for an end to other diversity and equity policies at schools, though it is unclear which if any of those policies are affected by the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“In accordance with the Supreme Court decision in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc., your medical school must immediately cease any and all policies, practices, programs, or procedures that include a racial component,” the letter said. “This includes any Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (“DEI”) policies. Consequently, to the extent your medical school fails to immediately comply with the Supreme Court’s recent decision, Liberty Justice Center will actively engage in strategic litigation to vindicate the fundamental constitutional rights of those individuals whose rights have been violated.”

That won’t stop Them, there has already been all sorts of hand-wringing over “black bodies” being killed willy-nilly because less qualified blacks won’t be admitted to medical schools and mostly this is blamed on “over-represented” White people but as I showed in my post, But Muh Med School Die-versity!, Whites are already barely at or slightly under-represented on a per capita basis in medical schools. It is only Asians that are “over-represented”. Medical schools are already trying to find ways to “work around” this decision, aka “breaking the law”…

As is often the case, California leads the way as they have already been breaking state law to try to find ways to give extra advantages to black and mestizo students….

“Strategic investments” means special coaching for black and mestizo students in order to get them prepped for the tests and interviews. White and Asian kids will be on their own for this of course. Also from the story:

The court was very specific that colleges couldn’t just reword essay questions in a way that skirts the intent of the ruling. Yet, she said: “It is possible to adjust to this new law and continue to serve the absolutely critical goal of a diverse workforce.”…

….But medical schools could still consider criteria such as the economic status and education level of applicants’ parents, whether or not they were raised by a single parent or attended public schools in certain major cities.

“There are other ways you might say are proxies for race and ethnicity you can use to the maximum,” said Joseph Flaherty, president of Western Atlantic University School of Medicine.

What this means is pretty easy to interpret. Medical schools will use “proxies for race and ethnicity”, in other words “dog whistles”, to pick out black and mestizo kids. Names are easy, Da’quan or Juanita will get special scrutiny while kids with last names like Chang or Patel will get sent to the bottom of the pile. Students coming from intact two parent families will be penalized while applicants from single parent families will be preferred. Apparently you hurt your child’s chances of getting into medical school by not getting knocked up as a single parent. That seems like a good message to send. The same will be true for high schools. If you attended a public high school in Detroit or Baltimore or East St Louis, you get moved to the front of the line.

The more you do to try to improve your child’s education, the more They will penalize your child when applying for medical school.

A “success story” touted in articles is UC-Davis in California that brags that nearly half of their class of 2026 is black, mestizo or Indian. They accomplished this by gaming the system to use those proxies to select for black and mestizo students without coming right out and saying that was what they were doing. Something I found amusing was the UC-Davis “Racial Justice Report Card” where we see this interesting little ding on their performance….

“Significant racial disparities in grades and/or honors”. At least today, you can get black and brown kids into medical school but that doesn’t make them smarter, it just means they get shitty grades. That is changing rapidly as med schools move toward “pass/fail” models so you can’t see the exceptional students as easily, as well as a move I am sure is coming soon to modify grading based on race or even perhaps ending grading entirely to ensure black and mestizo students “graduate” from medical school no matter how poorly they perform.

Already you can see that medical schools, and presumably law schools, MBA programs and of course undergraduate colleges and universities, are going to try to keep finding ways to discriminate against White and Asian applicants in the name of “diversity”. In turn, conservative legal groups are going to sue them. This is the same thing we see happening with gun control laws post-Bruen. Despite the Bruen ruling, some leftist dominated states are still passing new gun control laws that will almost certainly not pass muster at the SCOTUS, similarly to anti-abortion laws before the overturning of Roe v Wade.

It won’t end there, lawsuits will be filed to challenge diversity quotas for private sector business and government entities. Already the likely new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Charles Q. Brown, is getting heat for selecting non-Whites for hiring and promotions: Watchdog files complaint over concerns on top Air Force Gen. Brown’s diversity hire priorities.

The result of all of this will be an endless river of lawsuits as colleges and other groups try to continue discriminating against Whites and Asians, unless perhaps the SCOTUS hands down a much clearer and unequivocal ruling.

One bright spot in all of this, Asians seem to be slowly waking up and realizing that hating on Whites isn’t in their best interest as when it comes to the Left, Asians barely qualify as a minority and even when they do, they are sucking hind tit: Will Asian Americans Retreat from Democrats?.

Democrats lost significant ground among minority populations over the last decade. Between the 2012 and 2020 presidential elections, black voters moved six points towards Republicans and Latinos shifted eight. The exception to this trend was Asian American voters, who inched one point towards Democrats over those eight years.

In 2022, this silver lining dulled appreciably. New data from the analytic firm Catalist shows that Democrats struggled with Asian American voters in the midterms. The demographic lurched seven percent towards Republicans in just two years—more than any other major ethnic category. And while Asian Americans, who make up around four percent of the voting electorate, do still favor Democrats by about a 20-point margin, the shift in 2022 reveals that Democrats have a problem on their hands….

…What makes the 2022 midterms so noteworthy, then, is that they represent a break from the decades-long trend toward Democrats. And when you drill down into the numbers, it becomes clear that two issues in particular are responsible for the Asian American backslide toward Republicans: public safety and education.

Asians tend to live in cities and that brings them into constant contact with blacks and not in a happy way. During the “Stop Asian Hate” wave a couple of years ago it became pretty obvious, despite Their best efforts to hide it, that most of the attacks on Asians were carried out by blacks (the same is true for Jews). Asians are smaller and tend to be non-confrontational so blacks love to pick on them and blacks are violently resentful of Asians being industrious and entrepreneurial in black neighborhoods. Of course Asian parents are also increasingly pissed to see that despite their children working hard academically, they are being passed over for less qualified black and mestizo students and Asians see educational attainment as the key to success in America. Meanwhile black commentators like Jemele Hill excoriated the Asian community for being happy that their children weren’t being punished for being bright and working hard:

“Fought diligently for Asian American rights in America”? The simple fact is that black people care about exactly one group: black people and often not even each other if dey be dissed and sheeit. Asians in America have succeeded because they work hard and take care of their own and this is despite blacks being a constant, violent thorn in their side.

Maybe Asians are finally waking up and realizing that Whites aren’t their enemy?

Look for a ton of lawsuits to come and colleges and universities finding new and creative ways to discriminate against Whites and Asians. It is going to be a good time to be a conservative lawyer in America for the next few years.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    East Asians aren’t stupid, and far from it. Naive, sure. And way too eager to go along to get along without confrontation. But they know damned well that da blaqq man isn’t their ally, and they wouldn’t want him tainting their cause, anyway.

    Blaqqs can suck up all they want to Chinese or middle easterners or Mestizos or Inuit but the simple fact remains: NO ONE wants blaqqs. Blaqqs don’t want blaqqs. I try to imagine what it must be like to be that universally loathed the whole world over, but all that my White mind can come up with is the question they never, ever ask themselves, to wit, What are we doing wrong? I doubt that any blaqq in the long, dark history of blaqqness ever questioned himself or his “people” thus.

    • Mike_C

      “they never, ever ask themselves, to wit, What are we doing wrong?”

      Funny how that applies to both the stupid and the smart demographics.

      But clearly the maladaptive, hatred-generating behavior of the smart ones seems to be working for them. Frankly, they need the animosity. If it didn’t exist, they’d assimilate and essentially disappear in a few generations.

  2. Mike_C

    Screw it. Let’s have EXACT proportional representation by ethnicity in all entering classes. That means 13% Blacks, 6% Asians, and so forth. Someone is going to be admitted at under 3%. Guess who?

    Suddenly some people will be eager to identify as white. For no reason at all.

    Of course this will never happen, but I’d dearly love to see the chaos (and hypocrisy of course) that my Modest Proposal would create.

    • Bobsuruncle

      And just like that, numbers for orcs are no longer 13% and are more so in the mid-30’s…white people would likely show as a minority. At least white people with half a clue and half a brain.

  3. Filthie

    Wow. That was fast. I predicted the lawsuits to come in September. There is blood and money in the water now, and the legal sharks are already circling.

    I will disagree with you Arthur (with the provision that I could well be full of beans). The Overton Window is shifting. I invite you to check my thinking. I posit that this may seem like just another minor “win” for dissident conservatism… but there are other minor pebbles skipping down the slippery slope in front of the major avalanche. Consider:

    Bud Lite has economically devastated Anheuser Busch by falling on the affirmative action sword. One single young jewess has been singled out for blame but her failure goes right on up to the executive board room. She did not do that on her own; every exec that should have shut her down failed. The company is on the ropes because Whitey is now “tribing up”. Antisemitism is now a mainstream hobby. Normie, Griller and Chiller are noticing things. They are now asking the wrong questions, and in time will start coming to have the wrong opinions. Soon they will be crime-thinking and wrongspeaking – many already are. The standard cancellation tactics are starting to fail. They’re drinking Yeungling now, and not celebrating diversity anymore. This is huge. Ben and Jerry ice cream is next on their shit-list. The ADL is shitting bricks in fright, and they’re square. Likewise, blacks are no longer getting a free ride. The jewish media complex can no longer hide their low IQ antics – the riots, the crime, corruption and incompetence. Whitey is starting to notice that too. Normie can’t even watch sportzball without having his nose rubbed in faggotry and nigolatry. His boss at work is now a menstrual emotional 20-something girl boss. Normie not only has to cover for black/diverse incompetence in the workplace, he has to answer for it as well. Fire him and your talent is gone…Whitey has already largely checked out of the military. They can no longer recruit and their most experienced soldiers are getting out. You can now get an app for your phone that will flag diverse companies and corporations so that you can boycott them. Torba over at Blab is making a fortune off free speech and his “parallel economy”. Blumpf is poised to retake the Whitehouse and make life a living hell for Globohomo despite endless lawfare attacks. The Supreme Court shit-canned Roe vs Wade – sacred cow of the lunatic left. Vibrant and diverse attacks on small Christian conservative companies are getting tossed left and right.

    Also: diversity and affirmative action are hate based movements. France is on fire, Britain is run by pajeets and pakies, and Germany is de-industrializing and facing an imminent depression. Self destruction is baked in to hate based ideology and we are already seeing the sacred cows of the left turning on each other. Right now the Asians and latinos are turning on the blacks. Soon they will turn on each other. All they can do is destroy; if blacks were capable of creating a first world civilization…they would have done it by now. Many liberal families are now dysfunctional – the Biden royal family is a train wreck. That which can’t go on, won’t. All Lefty can do is keep doubling down, and each time he does his position becomes ever more precarious. All this only ends one way.

    The first shitlib/progressive govts will start to fall possibly as early as this year. Fwance and Germany teeter on the precipice of “far-right” extremism at this exact moment. That in turn will start the fall of organizations like the EU and NATO.

    Our victory is assured even at this premature point. The question we need to focus on (and nobody is so far), is this: what will our victory look like? Nazi Germany? Or 1950’s America?

    All this – and Whitey hasn’t even fired a shot… yet. Going forward, we are going to need great courage and wisdom.

    • saoirse

      Easy there, you’re way too optimistic. The white hopium molehills you point out are actually only anthills.
      National Socialism (modified) is the best system hands down, but trying to achieve even a rudimentary version would be very difficult.
      Going back to the 50’s with the same cast of shitbirds just provides a cleaner nest for them to fill up again.

    • Whip

      Guess you missed the part where Modelo is the #1 beer in the country now. That is still a AB product. So how is that winning?

    • NA

      Filthie: I enjoy your writing but fear you’re too optimistic.

      Normie, Griller and Chiller and the Bud Lite boycott have not economically devastated Anheuser Busch. Bud Light’s trannification was in March Madness when stock was around $60/share. It’s now at $57/share. Michel Doukeris is some Brazilian guy who’s the CEO of parent company AB InBev. Let us know when he gets fired or even has his bonus reduced a tiny bit. A $3 drop in share price ain’t gonna do it.

      There’s no evidence that Normie, Griller and Chiller are noticing things, or will notice things in time. For instance, most Americans say the First Amendment should be repealed, and my guess is we’re getting close to halfway there for the Second Amendment thanks to Bloomberg agitprop and California’s governor talking up repeal.

      The propaganda apparatus is working overtime to conceal what’s really going on in Ukraine, France, UK, Germany, etc. Normie, Griller and Chiller won’t care until the lights go out.

      The big thing, though is that Normie, Griller and Chiller have been replaced–they just don’t know it yet. Their children are increasingly small (and increasingly abused and discriminated against, most likely) minorities. Look at the demographics in the two largest school systems, NYC and LA:

      – NYC is 14.7% White
      – LA is 10% White

      That ain’t looking anything like Normie, Griller and Chiller can say “victory is assured.” More like the other way around–unless something changes.

  4. JerseyJeffersonian


    Boy, would I like to see your qualified optimism be borne out by future developments. Unfortunately, a new dynamic has been injected into our affairs; i.e., rampant, hell for leather tribalism, and in the case of white people, rather late to the game, when a bit more of this may have made a difference to today and the future earlier on, but some folks , like in the old joke involving a mule, need a two by four to the head to get them to focus.

    Our best bet is to become, in as many ways as possible, ungovernable by the Bolsheviks and the black supremacist scum. If this means a formal dissolution of the country, well then so it must be. Practicalities such as port and riverine access, and overflight must be enforced on the blue tick zones if such comes to be. If we must play Peter the Great to secure these things, it may just have to come to that. No squishes in the Red zone, no Dolchstoßen from internal blue islands within. Courage and wisdom are, as you stated, mandatory.

  5. pyrrhus

    You can coach dumb people all you want, but it will create only slight, if any, improvement to their MCAT or LSAT scores (unless you give them a copy of the test)…These tests are timed, and they can’t think fast enough to score well…In Asia, there is quite a bit of cheating, and I expect that here…But there will be lots of lawsuits, and that’s what it is going to take to stop this race to the bottom…

  6. Peanut Butter Recipe

    Why is always about one group every day all day?
    Maybe one day all the other groups of the vibrant melting chamber pot of diversity will grow tired of this.
    BRA Black Run America as Paul Kersey says.

  7. Tree Mike

    I like Filthie’s take on this. To far away to be a tard squadie with him, but that’s where my heart and head is.
    Hope THEY don’t get so scared/desperate that pull the plug or burn it all down.

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