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Accessories To Lying

The Lügenpresse works full time to keep the normies ill-informed and misinformed, distracted by flashing lights and shiny baubles while carefully emphasizing some news while ignoring other news. It is a big job and more than the dimwits who work in media and journalism can handle on their own in a world where information can be shared around the world instantly. Often they enlist other parties to aid and abet their lying. You know the big ones, like the ADL, the SPLC and the ACLU. Another one that has gained prominence in recent years is one I am very familiar with and reference periodically: the Gun Violence Archive (GVA).

GVA is widely cited among the media and even used as a source for Supreme Court justices, particularly when talking about “mass shootings”. The media loves to trumpet the latest milestone of gunfire, marking the 100th, 200th, 300th and recently the 400th mass shooting in America. Because of the selective coverage of the media, most Americans, in fact probably all but a handful, believe that all mass shootings are the kind that get the most attention: Columbine, Sandy Hook, Uvalde, Parkland, Las Vegas. Those mass casualty events are relatively rare but change the focus and declare 4 or more people shot to be a mass shooting and suddenly those numbers skyrocket.

A lot of 2A guys get upset at the GVA’s definition of mass shootings as “4 or more people shot, not counting the shooter” and try to argue that the definition is wrong (ex Lee Williams, who writes on Substack and does good work so you should follow him, published this a couple of years ago: Special Report: The Gun Violence Archive and its scaring of America). I have often asserted this is the wrong way to go about it. When you argue with the media about using the GVA’s definition you are on the backfoot and wasting your time, because the media doesn’t care about “fighting fair”. My tactic is to turn that around and ask about demographics of those shootings and why we hear so little about the specifics. More on that in a moment.

GVA boasts of a “dedicated, professional staff” but what I didn’t find on their website is any mention of who is funding the GVA. Since founder Michael Klein is a big proponent of transparency at the government level, it makes me wonder why that information isn’t provided. I did find it with a little searching, in an article from 2017 at the Toronto Star of all places: Website counts the bodies as they fall to gunfire across America. The article is focused on Mark Bryant who is the public face of GVA and is always pictured as a smiling Wilford Brimley looking fella, like this photo from CNN:

Bryant is intended to appear disarming (pun intended). He is just an old retired guy on his computer in Kentucky, a gun owner no less who allegedly sold some handguns to pay for the start-up costs of the GVA. It is a clever tactic, and Mark Bryant is the perfect public face. He might do the work but Michael (Mike) Klein is the man paying the bills. From the linked Toronto Star article:

GVA’s budget of about $500,000 (U.S.) a year comes from Michael Klein of Washington, who made a fortune in commercial real estate and corporate law before backing a number of non-profits that interest him.

Klein is an 80+ year old guy with lots of money to burn and an aversion to the spotlight. While the GVA claims that they don’t take positions and just provide data, Michael Kline’s profile paints a picture of a left-wing activist, funding not just GVA but also the Global Warming Mitigation Project that hands out money to scientists who support the idea of “global warming” and he was a member of the Board of Directors of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. I’ll go on a limb and assume he voted for Hillary. That tells me that while they claim to be just providing information, their intent is the same as the rest of the gun control Left: disarming the general population and in particular Whites.

In turn that brings us to the quiet shift in the media to adopt the GVA’s definition of mass shootings. It might not be stated overtly but it is pretty obvious that the GVA exists to provide fodder for the gun grabbing Left. By adopting a definition of mass shootings that goes far beyond Las Vegas, Aurora or Columbine, the intent is clear: scaring the normies in the political middle, and especially suburban White women, into supporting more gun control. If there really have been 400 mass shootings this year, then that means that anyone anywhere is in danger of being caught up in one. Many normies are absolutely convinced that unstable White incels are gunning people down on a daily basis.

The problem?

That isn’t true. Not at all.

This is well trod ground here at Dissident Thoughts so I won’t rehash all of it. Suffice it to say that the prototypical White, young male incel, probably on psychotropic meds, likely with a Hitler fetish or general racist ideology, is a very rare beast indeed. Instead, what I have found by watching the mass shooting news reports for years and reinforced even by leftist media when they let it slip, is that the mass shooting phenomena as defined by the GVA is almost entirely confined to the black community with the mestizo population starting to join in.

That has the potential of putting the GVA in something of a jam, if you call them out on it. For an organization devoted to studying gun violence, being data focused and getting lots of attention on the mass shooting topic, they avoid looking at the actual shooters like Joe Biden avoids girls that are past pre-adolescent age. They only count incidents and pretend the guns just went off by themselves. If they did report on the race of the shooters it would become apparent that we don’t have a “gun violence” problem as such, but we have a “subset of one racial group violence” problem.

The other day I poked at them on Facebook a little, I already posted one screenshot from GVA in a prior post but here it is again.

They responded back to me and asserted that 50% of mass shootings were committed by White people with all other races making up the other 50%. I of course expressed an interest in seeing where they were getting that figure, as that would imply that over 200 mass shootings were committed by Whites just in 2023. If that were true, you can be sure you would have heard about it. I suspect they realized that they were on perilous ground….

Sadly before they could fall for my plot and also before I screenshot their initial reply, I got this reply….

I am guessing they meant “implication” but even that is insulting as I was not implying anything, I was coming right out and saying that blacks commit most mass shootings. Anyhoo, this is the pinned post referred to in their reply after deleting my comments and the back and forth with some pedo looking dude who was walking into the same trap.

That is what we call carefully controlling the narrative. Most of their posts get very little interaction at all, a couple of sad or angry reacts but almost no comments. They don’t want comments because people might ask inconvenient questions like mine, questions that are completely pertinent to the gun violence debate and questions that have answers if you bother to look.

The reason I was salivating like a lion watching a limping wildebeest is that I knew exactly where the person replying to me with the “Whites commit 50% of mass shootings” came up with that. I have gotten it a bunch of times from people on social media and it invariably comes from a Google search like this “Do White people commit most mass shootings” and the answer usually sends them to the same Newsweek story:

There you have it, it says right there in black and white: White men have committed more mass shootings than any other group. Case closed! Or is it? As Lee Corso is so fond of saying…

I dealt with this in some detail in a prior post: How Do We Reduce Black Crime Statistics? Stop Counting Black Crimes!, you should read the whole thing, but I will give you the CliffsNotes version.

Newsweek claims that 54% of mass shootings since 1982 have been committed by Whites, mostly men. Most people stop reading there but if you take a couple of extra clicks, you will find that Newsweek is relying entirely a different story from far Left Mother Jones. The rest of the Newsweek story delves into explaining that White men commit mass shootings because of a “sense of entitlement”, whatever the hell that means, while relying on their link to Mother Jones. However if you read the Mother Jones story, you find something very interesting.

First thing, they use the “four or more killed” criteria which as I mentioned tends to under-report black shooters, although they modified this for shootings after 2013 to include three or more killed. Then they exclude gang shootings. Well hell, that is sure to give you the result you are looking for! Just take out conventional criminal shootings to focus only on specific types of mass shootings that oh by the way also happens to wildly over-represent white shooters. Since a lot of black mass shooters have a prior criminal record and/or gang affiliations, you simply don’t count those and the percentages go way down but even doing that you still find that blacks are over-represented and whites are under-represented based on their per capita population.

Pretty sneaky! To get the result you want, you simply don’t count the shootings you don’t want to count.

This leaves GVA in a quandary. They want to tell you that there have been over 400 mass shootings in 2023 because that gets them quoted in the news but if pressed on the racial demographics they would be forced to admit that blacks commit most mass shootings, or on the other hand if they use the 54% of mass shooters are White as asserted by Mother Jones, then the sample size goes from over 400 this year to only 145 mass shootings over the course of 40 years! Just over three and half mass shootings on average per year isn’t going to get you quoted by the New York Times….

You can see now why the Gun Violence Archive tightly polices comments on their Facebook page, otherwise they have to admit that either…

A) They are wildly exaggerating the number of mass shootings.


B) They must admit that most mass shootings are committed by blacks.

This is lying by omission but that is what makes them a useful accomplice for the Lügenpresse. The media relies on lies, omissions and deflections to keep people uninformed or misinformed. When you see someone on social media quoting the Gun Violence Archive, now you know that the information they are providing is technically accurate but intentionally incomplete, and that is no different than outright lying



  1. Moe Gibbs

    scaring the normies in the political middle, and especially suburban White women, into supporting more gun control

    Same ones who keep The View in syndication and have made poor, oppressed Orca Winfrey the wealthiest woman of any color in the whole, long history of accumulating wealth.

    Coincidentally they are also the ones who will screech the loudest and demand that we deplorable basket-men Do something! when there are off-color lions at the gate just itching to get their claws into some luscious, White she-flesh.

    Without their big, bleeding hearts there would be no Lia Thomas, no Jussie Smollett, no KJP, and for that matter, no Clintons or Bidens stinkin’ up the joint. Love ’em dearly, but suburban White women are truly the scourge of modern times.


    Ha! GVA, what a tool. Mass shootings? Texas is already fighting CWII and WWWIII simultaneously.

    The normiecons just don’t want to admit it. Houston has claimed the national crown for homicides, even surpassing Chicongo. Giving H-Town a “hole” new meaning.

    Look up the city mayor, he’s a vine-swinger and Harris County is run by an AOC knockoff minor leaguer.

    The state is run by a cripple RINO rolling around Austin who talks a big game. He let Austin, and parts of other Texas cities burn during the chimp riots.

    Meanwhile, closer to my local shooting gallery, Blackmont (Beaumont) and Port Darker (Port Arthur) have more shootings than link sales and car washes for Little League.

    The headlines are always the same……local teenaper charged in shooting………human robbed and shot at local gas station……..after-prom party ends in chimpout and gunfire.

    Oh yeah……and you’ll love our Texas House Rep Speaker of the House from lil old Blackmont ……a drunken buffoon who gets schnockered on the floor of the house (look up drunk Dade Phelan on the tubes). They are all Democrats with Rs behind their names now and the normies buy it.

    Almost all of the shooters have that one thing in common as Arthur so eloquently states. Please come to Texas, but bring your Kevlar and accessories. It’s hot down here.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    It’s remarkable that even when they subtract out the armed robberies and gang related stuff, blacks are STILL overrepresented

  4. Don W Curton

    ok, but reading this my main thought is, Hey, I’m nearing retirement age, I have a computer and internet connection, with enough whiskey I can deal with some morally nebulous data, how the heck do I get some billionaire to finance me up to !!half-a-million per year!! for a simple website and a few facebook posts per week? Damn. I’m putting in 60 hrs a week engineering for half that amount, I feel rather foolish.

    It’s a big club, and we’re not in it. I’d say neck-beard up there ain’t really in it either, but he sure is dining off their table scraps pretty damn well.

  5. Filthie

    Gun control is going nowhere in the US. It’s already in deep trouble in Canada. The left is losing control of the narrative too. When some chicken headed garbage liberal woman asks me why I need an AR15, my response is now “BFYTW”. People are generally supportive of it too.

    Mincing words with these people is self defeating as well. No, black people are not the overwhelming majority of gun crime drivers. Niggers are. Words matter, and we cannot take control of the narrative if we concede the control of vocabulary to the left.

    The other problem is that these issues require careful thought and consideration. Every single one of us should be capable of doing the same fact checking our esteemed blog host has. But, it’s too much work for many. Others don’t want to conflict with their favourite celebs and entertainers or cool kids either.

    To me the gun control debate starts and ends with a raised middle finger to the gun grabbing neoliberal mob, and hot lead will follow if they want to get stupid about it.

    • Gryphon

      Amen, Glen! It is past Time to try and have Rational Discussion with Irrational People… BFYTW is the way to go, and the only thing I will say to one of them is that if Niggers were Illegal, there wouldn’t be much “Gun Crime” at all. Even the Just-Us department stats show that; Remove a certain Demographic from the Crime Stats, and Overall Crime (not just with Guns) goes down to nearly nothing.

      I’ve also come to the Conclusion that we NEED to have the commie/libtards actually Commit to an attempt at a Nationwide Gun Ban/Confiscation attempt. That’s the only thing (maybe) that will get the normies off the Fence and realize “Freedom isn’t Free”. In any event, the Math shows that the 3% will ‘Get it Done’ anyhow.

  6. realwesterner

    The jaws are only lying when their lips are moving. “We jews, the destroyer of worlds…”-the words of Maurice Samuel. Gun control is a requirement of the communist overthrow of the US and so it is a demand of the jaws. Lest there be some stone unturned, somewhere where the jaws have not done their self appointed destructions. No true fact will stand upright in the wake of their errands and missions if they can help it.

  7. Danny

    It’s interesting that a lot of people insist on controlling a narrative. As the saying goes “they don’t want to listen to your opinion, they want to listen to their opinion coming out of your mouth.” And there’s the fact that many people oppose things about which they no little or nothing.

    This post was detailed and informative. The assertion appears to be unassailable.

  8. Gandalf Carlin

    Encore of Carlin lately and the Fear of Germs from You Are All Diseased is where he tried to warn us of the looming Karenocracy.
    Dumb Americans has the Big Club in it from Life Is Worth Losing circa 2006.
    Some hospital nursery or pre-school will get shoot up as part of the Smith-Mundt Kabuki and George warned of those as well.
    Bolshevik enemedia Long March maggot vermin?
    Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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