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Establishment “conservatives” are not only not on your side, most of them are your enemy even if unwittingly. Texas (Never going blue!) Governor Greg Abbott took the time to sign “the CROWN Act” into law.

I would love to see *actual* examples of blacks being discriminated against based on their “natural hair”. The “CROWN” part is an acronym for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair” but they chose that because as part of their “We Wuz Kangz and Kweenz And Sheeeit!” nonsense, blacks think their nappy hair is some sort of natural crown.

Doing a little research, three different stories about this from the Houston Chronicle, CBS News and the Texas Tribune, all refer to two instances of black students being told to cut their hair. Back to that in a moment but first, the Texas Tribune article featured this picture at the top of the story….

…with this caption:

Dakari Davis, an transit police officer in Dallas, speaks about the racial discrimination he faced in the workplace due to his hairstyle during a press conference advocating for the passage of the CROWN Act on April 13

OK, let’s come back to that. One of the students mentioned by name in the Houston Chronicle story is De’Andre Arnold….

The bill was inspired by Black Texas students who were told they had to change their hair or face disciplinary actions. A Houston-area student was one of the people who brought the issue of hair discrimination into a national conversation. De’Andre Arnold was a senior at Barbers Hill High School, 30 miles east of Houston, and was threatened with in-school suspension unless he cut his dreadlocks. He decided to transfer school districts and his story went viral.

Alright, here is De’Andre talking to some ugly dude weirdly named Ellen.

As you can probably guess, the issue was not really dreadlocks. It was the length of his hair. From ABC 13 in Houston

The policy was at the center of controversy after Barbers Hill High School student DeAndre Arnold was suspended for his hair style in January 2020, with district officials saying it wasn’t about race and that dreadlocks are allowed, just not at his length.

“There is no dress code policy that prohibits any cornrow or any other method of wearing of the hair,” superintendent Greg Poole said at the time. “Our policy limits the length. It’s been that way for 30 years.”

Many schools have rules about appearance and rightly so. The school district in question, amusingly named Barbers Hill, is only 3% black, around 25% mestizo and approximately 2/3 White. Not surprisingly given those demographics, according to US News, the school scores significantly above the state average on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests…

82% proficiency in math is pretty solid, and it sounds like a school district that is trying to maintain standards for students to make the school into a place where kids can actually learn. Quite a novel concept! Unlike virtually everyone talking about this “controversy”, I actually went to the school webpage and read the dress/grooming code including the rules about hair length for male students.

Notice it says nothing about dreadlocks or “black hair”, just that male students are not permitted to wear their hair below the collar of their shirt, below the eyebrows or ear lobes. That means that male black, mestizo, White, students all have the same rules regarding hair length. In short it means that students are expected to look presentable and not slovenly, just as students are not permitted to color their hair purple, male students are not permitted to wear dresses, skirts have to be a certain length, yoga pants need to be worn under something else, your titties can’t be hanging out (paraphrase mine), etc.

NAACP attorney Janai Nelson declared that this policy is rayciss and sheeeit…

“The court’s granting of our request means that K.B. no longer has to endure an unjust and educationally-damaging in-school suspension simply for having uncut locs, which are an immutable part of his Black [sic] identity and cultural heritage,” said Nelson, who filed the request on Bradford’s behalf.

Immutable huh? From Merriam-Webster:

“not capable of or susceptible to change”. Is attorney Janai Nelson suggesting that if these boys decided to wear their hair in cornrows or an Afro or, gasp, cut their hair short or even off, that they would no longer be authentically black? I am starting to wonder if Janai knows what immutable means…

Imma gonna guess she does not.

Back to the original point. The “CROWN Act” again stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair” but what we see from Dakari Davis with his cornrolls and De’Andre Arnold with his overly long dreadlocks is that none of these are examples of “natural hair”. They are voluntary hairstyles. No black person has their hair just grow out into dreads or cornrolls, you have to style it that way like a mohawk or a mullet. There is nothing “natural” about these hairstyles, dreadlocks are no more “natural” than a bowl cut, making the whole CROWN Act even more ridiculous. It is yet another example of black pseudo-intellectual gobbledygook.

What does Greg Abbott get out of this? I assume most White people in Texas think it is ridiculous and blacks are still not going to vote for him. On the other hand it creates a new way for blacks to claim they have been discriminated against.

  • Didn’t hire me because I am not remotely qualified? Nah, it is because of my “natural hair”
  • Fired me for sleeping on the job and gross incompetence? Nah, it is because of my “natural hair”
  • Denied me a mortgage because of my 500 credit score and no job? Nah, it is because of my “natural hair”

On and on.

When normie “conservatives” aren’t being plain old useless, they are actively shooting themselves and their voters in the foot.


  1. Don Curton

    Abbott has frequently been a disappointment to us here in Texas. Seems like every time he does something good, he either follows it up with something stupid or, more likely, simply goes radio silent for extended periods. Very not consistent.

      • Bear in Indy

        As, I am also a Hoosier, and live way too close to Indianapolis, your assessment is 100% correct about stupid Republicans. From the idoit Governor, to the senator that votes with the Democrats on gun control and to spend more money that we don’t have, to the drunken fool in the state legislature that left the scene of an accident. “We ain’t got the sharpest tools in the shed. ”

        Bear in Indy

    • 3g4me

      Disappointment? When Texas repukes keep voting for people like Cornyn and Abbott, and then claim they didn’t get exactly what they voted for? When every Texas repuke becomes giddy with excitement upon finding a non-White to putatively speak on his behalf?

      I left the repuke party and I left Texas. Both are all hat and no cattle.

  2. Hiding_Out

    Conservatards kissing the asses of black people, I’m so very surprised. Outdone only by their Zio-ass kissing, of course.

    And boy are they creating a bigger and bigger monster (that being the entitled and obnoxious black population).

  3. Moe Gibbs

    My kids could only have wished to have that much leeway in styling their hair when they attended Catholic high school in the late 90s and early 00s. The Franciscan brothers ran a very tight ship and brooked no resistance.

    My younger son’s best friend was barred from attending graduation when he refused to trim his forelock, which fell down to his eyes, despite the rest of his hair being cut high and tight.

    My elder son showed up on class picture day in senior year with stubble on his chin and was handed a rusty, old razor and ordered to shave in the boys’ room. They had no mirrors in there and he cut himself up so badly that they would not let him be photographed that day (we had to reschedule with the photographer in his studio at a later date).

    The only allowance for facial hair on any students at the school was for a lone muslim student who was also permitted to wear a turban at the school, because even back then you had to let a phreakin’ MUSLIM be a MUSLIM at a private CATHOLIC school.

    I hope every White boy in that Texas school rocks a righteous cracker mullet next term, with NASCAR rings carved into their whitewalls, citing the Crown Act and invoking their “immutable southern heritage”.

    • Arthur Sido

      In general it seems to me that an environment with proper attire and grooming is better for just about everything, one of the worst mistakes ever made was “business casual” in the workplace which leads to people wearing completely inappropriate clothing to work.

      • Moe Gibbs

        There are rules on the books at my employer stating no tank tops, shorts or flip-flops, but those rules are routinely flaunted by the women, who always get away with it. When I asked why women can wear a sleeveless blouse to work but I can’t wear a muscle shirt, I was told by some HRpie that this is because “women shave their armpits”. Granted, this was several years ago, but I wonder what is going to happen when some hairy gent masquerading as a teenybopper rolls in wearing a mini-skirt, tube top and sandals. It’s just a matter of time.

  4. Filthie

    I think most people would be shocked at how much of this shite is being driven by geriatric old boomers that should be in homes – or properly retired and put out to a pasture where they can’t get into trouble.

    That entire generation of soulless amoral cretins spent their lives rebelling against their parents and common sense. How is shit like this even an issue – never mind a conversation?

  5. Bobsuruncle

    So, hair with dirt, bug infestations and not washed natural hair? Arent those hair styles popular on the African plains? Will that be allowed? Will the military follow suit? Rhetorical.

  6. saoirse

    From cowboys to urban cowpies – and still devolving. The end result of conservatism on bold display. The niggers are getting their nigger knots done with welfare money and must again be worshipped as special beings, and the political sluts are happy to accommodate.
    They’re not doing any of this unwittingly!

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