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You Know What They Say About The Sun Shining

Gotta make hay.

Better yet, let someone else make it and put it on the wagons. Just slapped a years worth of hay into the barn, thanks to help from my boys and three Amish guys. Of course it is right at 90 degrees today so that part sucked.

With little to no rain in the forecast the next cutting of hay is going to probably be poor and that means hay being scarce and more expensive, so we can check “fill the barn with hay” off of our list and that is a relief. Still would like to put away some round bales so if the local reader that emailed me a few years ago has any this year, hit me up!


  1. KDOG

    I will never forget the one time I went hay baling. ‘Twas the late ’80s, I was 19. A coworker, an older, Italian mechanic with a twisted sense of humor, invited me to help him bale hay, in exchange for a home-cooked Italian dinner. And all the beer you could drink. I didn’t have plans that night, so I accepted.

    It was around 90 degrees that afternoon, and me and a few other people tossed bale after bale of hay atop a trailer, as we chugged beer after beer. Then, at the barn, we had to throw the bales up in the loft.

    I must’ve literally sweated the alcohol out of me, because I didn’t have so much as a buzz, because otherwise, with the amount of beer I consumed, I would have been on my ass or puking.

  2. Gryphon

    I’ve had juuust enough Rain to bring up Good Hay, supposed to be Dry all Week, so the Friend I have to Cut and Bale it is at Work. Math is such that I take the Square Bales and the Rest of it I let him have for the Work. Fields get Cut, and everyone’s Happy, including the Horses this Winter. If we don’t get some Rain in the next two Weeks, those Fields are going to go to Weeds, and the Second Cut will be good only for Cows.

  3. Bobsuruncle

    Five acres per cow, 30 lbs of hay/grass a day. Raising food aint easy or small. Good job to put away that much feed. God speed!

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