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White Christians Need Not Apply: Segregation Returns To The Southern Baptist Convention

The good folks at the Southern Baptist Convention are plunging headlong into the same sort of anti-White animosity that is a mark of many “mainline” Christian denominations. The latest sign comes from a scholarship offer from B&H Academic, a division of the SBC’s LifeWay Christian Resources (an outfit with around 4,000 employees, paid for by the donations of White people)

One scholarship for a chick, one for an “ethnic minority”. In other words, Whites and especially White men, need not apply for this race and sex based scholarship. If you are unfamiliar, ETS stands for “Evangelical Theological Society” and this isn’t like a full ride for a doctoral program. From their website….

A $1000 to pay for a flight and lodging. I could get a flight from Fort Wayne to San Antonio for the dates of the meeting for around $600 plus 3 nights of hotels would eat up every bit of a grand. It isn’t a huge scholarship in other words. That doesn’t change the fact that this scholarship is specifically aimed at anyone but White men. It apparently makes the same assumption that is one of the foundations of modern “woke” politics, that the presence of people that are not White and not male automatically improves the event or group. Sure, every major theologian in the Christian church for the past 1000 years has been a White male but now the church is just not complete without hearing from mulatto bi-polar women in wheelchairs.

It may seem like a small thing but it is not. When the most “conservative” of the major denominations is quietly offering scholarship money for non-Whites and women to attend the Evangelical Theological Society’s annual meeting, it speaks to a bigger movement within the SBC and evangelicalism as a whole.

White men are going to find that their churches are as unwelcoming to them as every other institutions they have built, other than for their money.


  1. 3g4me

    Arthur – off topic – but add this one to your files of people excusing their loved-ones’ killers due to pathological altruism (i.e. to rebut those who claim Whites will learn once their own families and children are attacked).
    An unfortunately large portion of Whites (particularly women) will sacrifice any life on the altar of diversity.

  2. The Long March

    Big Religion is fake and gay just like everything else in the Kwan.
    This I hope the crocodile eats me last mindset won’t work out for them either.

  3. LGC

    Most (All?) of the mainline churches showed that they are only agents of the state in March 2020 when they all went with the state’s orders and not one of them questioned the state.. Not one changed their minds early either. They ALL were in thrall to the state for the entire time, well after it was obvious to every sane person that it was a scam.

    At this point it’s out in the open, they are all taken over by the state.

  4. saoirse

    “White men are going to find that their churches are as unwelcoming to them as every other institutions they have built, other than for their money.”
    Good! Time to start weaning themselves off the phony tit supplying the Jeeezus Juice (a.k.a. jewish jizm.) Again, christ-insanity’s logical conclusion is unfolding for all – including it’s own sheep – to witness.
    Is there any church that openly and adamantly refuses to admit muds? I’ve never heard of any. The only religious group that does is the Asatru Folk Assembly and they’ve taken a lot of heat for it. They’re not very big so they haven’t been slated for annihilation yet.
    Abandon the alien desert rat cult. It’s abandoning you!!

  5. Plague Monk

    I’ve encountered a pastor at a few of the larger guns hows I attend in Ohio. I’m pro-abortion; get rid of dindus, retards, and mexitrash, so I don’t care for him preaching at these shows on the “evil” of abortion. I don’t know why these shows allow this revrun to rent a table, but since they do, the last show I attended where he was spewing I decided to engage him on the second day of the show.
    His schtick is to get people to take a “free” book, and hope that they’ll make a donation. Well, I have a lot of copies of The Jesus Hoax, and I brought a copy to the show on Sunday. He gave me a copy of his book and asked if I was going to make a donation, since I didn’t take my wallet out(after spending some $600 at the table across from his). I told him that since he gave me a book, I’d give him one; he looked as if he was going to be sick when I set the book down on his table. I left his book on the table and told him as I walked away that there is more evidence of UFOs than there is for jebus and the 12 stooges.
    Mockery is the best weapon to use against these clowns.

    • Arthur Sido

      In Indiana we get the occasional doomsday preachers at gun shows too, I guess the show doesn’t care as long as they pay for a table and make the event look more full.

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