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What In The Wide World Of Sports?

I have no idea what is going on with this Wagner attempted coup or whatever the hell is happening, although one friend on Facebook helpfully pointed this out about Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Wagner..

If Putin trusted this guy, that is on him. Like I said, I don’t really know what is going on, you almost certainly don’t either and neither do the internet Ukraine cheerleaders. Wagner is like 50,000 guys spread around the globe and the Russian military has around 1.1 million on active duty, make of that what you will. Also I believe Wagner is mostly dependent on Mother Russia for supplies. Again, I don’t know.

What I do know is that this all smells fishy and I have to wonder….

If U.S./NATO intelligence agencies are involved in fomenting an armed rebellion using mercenaries in Russia, that would seem to cross a very bright red line and be an act of war.

Let’s hope that if the U.S. and/or NATO was directly involved, they are smarter about it than usual. Maybe this Prigozhin is just crazy or this is some 16D chess by Putin or something but it marks a very dangerous turn in this entire fiasco.


  1. anon

    The ones behind the Ukrainian bullshit love their psyops. Prigozhin has made a lot of noise before this too, unsure if it was true or to just bait the Ukrainians (NATO) in with talk of low ammo and morale.
    Just my opinion but it is best to wait a few days or a week for the smoke to clear just like everything else we hear from this especially if it’s good for NATO like the Ghost of Kiev shit or this offensive they have hyped up for months yet went all quiet about.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    I’ve learned not to underestimate the GAE. They always have something up their sleeve that you wouldn’t expect. This just the latest example. I think. Hard to believe that Prigozhin just up and decided one day to do this all by himself.

    The most notable thing is the lack (so far) of any apparent retaliation by the Russian military against Wagner. I’ve seen videos of convoys of Wagner soldiers rolling down the highway. Easily wiped out from the air, if anybody wanted to. But evidently nobody wants to.

    • mike fink

      Yeah, tough one to call. Everything defies logic.. You are correct about the GAE’s ability to seemingly provoke a coup
      almost anywhere and anytime they want one. They could very well be the case here. This Wagner Chief strikes me as a little unbalanced, perhaps mentally unwell. The GAE could certainly have taken advantage of his paranoia and tried to buy him off against Putin. The whole episode seems to have shifted the focus off of the burning Leopard tanks and blunted offensive and back the regime storyline that the Ukies are winning and Russia will crack first.
      This should fail too if the Russians stay disciplined. If that happens, GAE will probably throw the nuke plant false flag card and go for broke. I should make a point of putting new batteries in my radiological survey meter

  3. Where Eagles Dare

    Russia recruits about 10,000 a month and mercenaries are only it for the money.
    All the Pentagram accounting errors were actually bribes to him is a good theory going around.
    Putin’s mother was small hat and there are plenty of photos of him with Chabad rabbi.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Why would they need to hide their bribes to him? It’s not as if they have had to account for Ukraine spending. Or defense/intel spending at all, for that matter.

  4. LGC

    I expect that Russia just took 6.2 billion of the CIA’s/neocon’s money and played the MSM yet again.

    (((They))) really do believe their own BS, and Russians play chess not poker like americans so it certainly could be that. It makes more sense than anything at this point.

    BCE has a nice post/substack about it.

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