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Well Of Course

Least shocking news story of the week:

The Sackler family owns Purdue Pharma, the makers of Oxycontin. Under two brothers, Raymond and Mortimer Sackler, they developed and marketed Oxy as a pain medication that was billed as non-addictive. Obviously that was a lie. Oh, and the Sackler boys (now deceased)….

Say it with me…..

Purdue can now go about finishing up bankruptcy proceedings and selling drugs, emphasis mine….

Purdue Pharma called Tuesday’s ruling a “victory.”

“Our focus going forward is to deliver billions of dollars of value for victim compensation, opioid crisis abatement, and overdose rescue medicines. Our creditors understand the plan is the best option to help those who need it most, the most fair and expeditious way to resolve the litigation, and the only way to deliver billions of dollars in value specifically to fund opioid crisis abatement efforts,” a company spokesperson told CNN.

How many billions will they make in selling “opioid crisis abatement, and overdose rescue medicines” that are the direct result of the opioids they pushed in the first place? From Wikipedia….

In 2018, Purdue Pharma patented a new form of buprenorphine which controls cravings and is used to treat addiction to opioids such as OxyContin.

Pretty slick. Make billions pushing an addictive drug and then make billions more on a drug used to fight the addiction you created in the first place. What a pack of fucking ghouls.

The billions they are paying out in compensation will be used to purchase different drugs from them, basically recycling the money while shielding the Sackler family from being sued into oblivion for their complicity in mass murder…

Purdue Pharma first introduced the opioid drug OxyContin in the 1990s and promoted it as non-addictive. The company has been accused of helping to fuel the opioid epidemic in the United States, which is seen as a massive public health crisis. Between 1999 and 2020, more than 564,000 people died from an opioid overdose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

They helped to kill half a million people in the U.S. as well as destroying innumerable families and entire communities, and their “punishment” is to sell drugs to help those they addicted, paid for and back to them by the settlement funds. The whole family should have been brought up on criminal charges and executed for murder, instead they get to keep making buckets of money. That is “justice” in America, people who wandered around a public building getting decades in prison while the greatest mass murder family in America rakes in billions.

Remember kids, it is a small club and you ain’t in it.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    My back of the envelope math conservative estimate says there are at least 2 million white people who would be with us today were it not for oxycontin, counting not just those who died but the offspring they otherwise would have had, and the offspring their offspring would have had.

    Because I’m a cynical person, I think about that in the context of census rigging and election rigging. Two things that go hand in hand. A person could even get the sense it’s all part of the same operation.

    • Arthur Sido

      A cynical person might see the crack epidemic as a trial run to see how it works, and dispose of lots of excess blacks, before using the opioids to kill off Whites.

      If I was cynical of course.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    Back in 2017, I had a total shoulder replacement, which is a hammer-and-saw, carpentry-style surgery, and was sent home with prescriptions for both hydrocodone (for not-too-severe pain) and oxycodone (generic for oxycontin, for real big-boy breakthrough pain). Actually took a couple of doses of the oxy, and then several more of the hydro, in the three to four days after I got home. Odd thing: I was prepared to get all high and euphoric from the oxy, but that didn’t happen; it just took the edge off the severe pain and reduced it to a tolerable aching. My conclusion: if you use the oxy for very short-term, severe pain, it’s not a party drug, doesn’t get you high, and performs as represented.

    People who use it for an extended time, or when they’re not in severe pain? Probably addictive, no argument. And if the Sacklers did push it aggressively on morally-dubious “doctors,” as is said to have happened, then they are indeed terrible people who deserve(d) real punishment.

    Just saying that, when I had a legitimate use for a couple pills’ worth of oxy, I’m glad it was available to me.

    • Michael Hendrix

      Ditto, Jim. The problem with this whole media-manufactured “opioid crisis” is that those who are getting addicted and dying from OD’ing on it are the same people who would be doing the same thing with some other drug, and those who suffer from severe chronic pain and badly need the stuff can’t get it because doctors are now too frightened of the potential consequences of “overprescribing” it. Once again, the problem isn’t the meds, or those who actually need the meds–it’s the fucking shitlib media trying to drum up yet another panic over, essentially, not much, if anything at all.

      • Arthur Sido

        I would say there is a difference at the very least when the drug you become addicted to is one blessed and prescribed by doctors rather than something you buy from a sketchy dude on the street. A significant portion of the people addicted and dead are people I suspect would never have considered taking heroin but took Oxy because it was handed to them in a brown paper bag by a pharmacist, paid for by their insurance company.

      • DeplorableGranny

        As an adult in my 40’s I too was prescribe oxy for pain. I took it for two days and returned the unused portion to a drop box at my doctors office. This drug was handed out like candy to our younger generation without the wisdom and knowledge gained with age. Even when doctors realized they had been lied to about its addictive properties they refilled prescriptions over and over again.

        • Arthur Sido

          Just wait until the new generations of “doctors” who were accepted to medical school with inferior qualifications and pushed through to get their MD for “equity” start prescribing all manner of stuff for their homies.

    • Arthur Sido

      I have only taken them one time I can remember, after my wisdom teef were taken out, and they made me have kinda scary visions and crap. I wouldn’t take them again if you paid me but they work for short term relief for a lot of people.

      • Michael Hendrix

        When I was laid up in the horsespital for 6 months after getting my left leg chopped off, they were giving me two (2) Oxys per night as a sleep aid, or so they said. They were GREAT, I must say. Then I got out, and haven’t given them another thought since.

        On the other hand, an ex-gf of mine had to have a knee replacement done a few years back after badly injuring herself in a fall at work, and she has a ‘scrip for ’em. She’s in serious, constant pain, all day every day, and her doctor won’t give her enough of the things to even touch it. Every time she goes in to see the doc, they do the pill-count thing, the whole bit. It’s a total…ummm…pain.

        Yeah, I know, I know, sorry. 😉

    • Bobsuruncle

      Jim, and others. Yes, these drugs have their place. I had my shoulder replaced at 49, hip at 42, numerous back, numerous shoulder, hernia, thyroid, broken bones, etc… surgeries before 51. I am now fully retired and working on developing my service dog. It was a special place where i worked for many years. Many of my team mates were hooked, some on pure heroin, given by docs, keep doing the job…and we did. I got a little friendly with this stuff when my back blew and had to go cold turkey after a year and half due to sheer will power. Achievement unlocked, lesson learned. Had cravings for years, it aint easy. Easy was yesterday. i use turmeric, curcumin now and many of my surgeons docs, even agree how well it works for pain.

      Fuck these motherfuckers and their drugs. If they do the drugs right during surgery, the stuff now lasts for days as the nerve block attenuates. Trust me recent experience. The bad part is when a Navy doc fucks up the pain block and kills you with too much fentanyl. Got that t-shirt. So, yeah fuck these drugs, excuse my language. Never, never allow them to use fentanyl. Put it on your allergies list,if they question it, mention lawsuit, its junk, cheap garbage. Do not let them use it on you, period, full-stop! Be well brothers.

  3. saoirse

    They make ooodles of money off of real crimes – as mentioned above and in addition to every other scam that was foisted on white people – AND also off of fake crimes i.e. holohoax ‘reparations’.
    Oy veh Moshi, we got em comin and goin with no end in sight.
    One little backwater desert shithole with two continental playgrounds (Europe and the JewSA).

  4. Gryphon

    Me too. The ‘warning’ I got was “This Website has Incorrectly Configured its Security Certificate” whatever the F. that means… this was done by ‘Firefox’ browser, so I was able to Override it and access the Site. I see this occasionally, on seemingly random Sites, I wonder if it is part of the Censorship Paradigm being directed by (((some people))).

    And FWIW, many Websites will automatically Block any Comment using Too Many Parentheses….

  5. Bob Barker

    Got the warning (Brave browser). Opened in a private window with TOR no problem.

    You must be over the target Arthur.

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