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Welcome Frens!

It is June and that means it is Fred Phelps appreciation month!


  1. Skeptic

    I am sure that the Fred supporters are not from where Phelps was from, and probably don’t know jack shit about the man, other than his stance on faggotry. Fred was a fucking scumbag. He was a serial child abuser and possibly fucked some of his young female relatives. He was also a noted “civil rights attorney” who was a key player in many of the racial preferences and set-asides that we now deal with. I hope the son of a bitch is burning in hell right now.

  2. AZFloyd

    It is guys like Phelps that kept me from acknowledging Jesus. Because it is lunatics like this ( and evangelicals who never met a Tribe phallus they weren’t willing to fellate) that are the public face of Christians.
    Hell yeah I hate faggotry, but I would never show up at the funeral of a deceased veteran to protest. Phelps is from the same mold as the FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.
    I would never presume to know the mind of God and, therefore, who God hates. But I do know God admonishes faggotry. So I would wear a shirt that has the text of the biblical admonition against faggotry.

  3. Plague Monk

    I’ve always thought that the allegations against Rev. Phelps were made up, as most of the “pedophile epidemic” have been. Remember the Satanic cult scare of the 80s, and how it was all fabricated by people who wanted their 15 minutes in the spotlight(and money, money, money)?
    I’ve been told by SW Ohio cops that I encounter in an activity(non-firearms) that this whole thing is a farce; Epstein killed himself, and there are very few real pedos out there. We have lots of runaways here, and most of them are dindu teen girls looking for attention, not innocent children being hoovered into the underworld sex trade. The cops have to spend a lot of time searching for these, and from what I gather, most of the cops merely go through the motions of investigating these cases. (one of the regulars in the activity bills his hours searching for dindu runaways while participating in the activity)
    When one of my cousins died, Vietnam vet, his brother(also a Vietnam vet) told the Westboro people that they would be welcome, as the family loathed(and still does) faggotry and such. Those people that didn’t like it were encouraged to stay home and watch the glass teat.

    • Jim Laffrey

      Most of the pedophile epidemic has NOT been made up, nor was the satanic crap “all fabricated.” I suggest that you have not scratched the surface of the jews’ Epstein-Wexner-Rothschild network. I suggest reading Mrs. Gosch’s book or related articles from the 1980s on the known network then from Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska, to Demoines, Iowa, to Sioux City, Iowa, to Chicago, to Washington DC. Of course, Hollywood is a hub. And I suggest watching videos easily found on the internet by Ted Gunderson who was an ex-FBI special agent who dedicated the rest of his life to doing investigations on all this and reported his documentation. By the way, in regard to accepting what cops and other LEOs say as truth, we’ve known since the Johnny Gosch case that they absolutely cannot be trusted — except perhaps for one you may thoroughly know personally. Cops and FBI deliberately obstructed Mrs. Gosch’s valiant efforts. In Idaho in recent months, Ammon Bundy has exposed the operation of Child Protective Services in that state as a branch of the child-trafficking. They wrongly take infants or toddlers from parents and put them into the “foster-parent” program to never be seen again. Who owns the media and control enough government offices across the country to leave the whole jew-Epstein-Maxwell-Wexner-Rothschild network in place and to prevent all these other related crimes from being exposed and prosecuted?

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      I don’t claim to know anything more about pizzagate than anyone else, but I do know that nobody has ever come up with an innocent explanation, or any other explanation, for the stuff in the Podesta emails

      • Jim Laffrey

        Agreed. There is no innocent explanation. Emails laced with code words of pedophilia-childraping and trafficking. And that place Comet Pizza if I recall the name correctly, was real, and the evidence — including many photos — is absolutely conclusive to me that all the allegations are true. And since they’re all jews — Podesta, Hillary Clinton, etc. — the scandal just “went away,” no prosecutions as far as I know, and the public distracted by the next and the next and the next in the parade of real crimes and hoax-crimes and fear-porn, ongoing.

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