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We Wuz Atomic Scientists And Sheeit!

The Manhattan Project is one of the most fascinating events in modern American history, rivaling the space race and moon landing. The sheer magnitude of the effort to create the atom bomb is a feat we could never repeat today. The central figure in the story of the creation of the first atomic bomb is J. Robert Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer is an interesting fellow, a brilliant scientist credited with helping create the weapon that ended the war in the Pacific and arguably preventing a third World War but also a far left Jew who would later be stripped of his security clearance for his Communist sympathies and his association with others who plausibly could have been providing nuclear secrets to the Soviets.

A new film is coming out about his life and work simply titled: Oppenheimer, starring an Irish actor, Cillian Murphy, playing the Jewish Oppenheimer. It looks like a good film and I am looking forward to it hitting the web so I can watch it without violating my pledge regarding financially supporting Hollywood. The film has lots of star power, besides Murphy it also includes Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Emily Blount, Josh Hartnett and Gary Oldman among others.

So the other day I watched the second official trailer. It is pretty standard stuff and it looks pretty good but I noticed something weird….

A little later we see the black guy again with Oppenheimer….

I was of course wondering “Who the hell is the black guy?”

So I looked through the cast of Oppenheimer to find a black guy and waaaay down the list is an actor named Ronald Auguste who plays J. Ernest Wilkins Jr…..

Who is J. Ernest Wilkins Jr.? He was a “nuclear scientist, mechanical engineer and mathematician” and a child prodigy who studied at the University of Chicago at age 13. According to Wikipedia “His graduation at a young age resulted in him being hailed as “the Negro Genius” in the national media.”. Here is a picture of Dr. Wilkins, also from Wikipedia.

I know Amish guys that look blacker than J. Ernest Wilkins Jr. His father was pretty light-skinned as well, as was his mom who wrote a book titled Damn near white : an African American family’s rise from slavery to bittersweet success, and an excerpt from the book jacket even reads:

Carolyn Wilkins grew up defending her racial identity. Because of her light complexion and wavy hair, she spent years struggling to convince others she was black. Her family’s prominence set Carolyn’s experiences even further apart from those of the average African American…Carolyn’s parents insisted she follow the color-conscious rituals of Chicago’s elite black bourgeoisie–experiences Carolyn recalls as some of the most miserable of her entire life.

The entire family look like “high yellow” or quadroons, they certainly are not deep black by any measure unlike the actor playing him in the film.

I did a little more research. While his Wikipedia entry states: “Wilkins was one of the African American scientists and technicians on the Manhattan Project during the Second World War”, he isn’t mentioned at all on the Manhattan Project wikipedia page. He also isn’t mentioned in the book by Richard Rhodes, The Making Of The Atomic Bomb, the seminal work on the project. I did a search for his name:

I have no doubt that he made his own contributions to the Manhattan Project but he certainly doesn’t seem to be in the inner circle of Oppenheimer. Then there was this…There were something like half a million people that worked on the Manhattan Project, a fact I found on the National Park Service webpage about the Manhattan Project. Check out the page:

Right at the top we have a sea of women signing up in Tennessee. I assume they were getting jobs as housekeepers, secretaries and cooks. All important of course but it had nothing to do with the scientific work of the Manhattan Project.

Further down…

In order: blacks, Japanese who got nuked, downwinders, mestizos, some White guys, a picture of a black guy under the “Scientists & Engineers” category, Indians, women again and “workers” featuring of course a woman brazing something. If you go the “Scientists & Engineers” page, on the list of scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project the first name is….J. Ernest Wilkins Jr..

Oppenheimer, the “Father of the Atomic Bomb”, is sandwiched between Wilkins and a Jewish chick that did work in genetics. I am sure that Liane Russell did important work, but was a geneticist really a key figure in the development of the atomic bomb? Again she doesn’t appear on the Manhattan Project wikipedia page nor in The Making Of The Atomic Bomb. When you dig a little deeper into her on Wikipedia, we see some interesting stuff:

Notice that she completed her bachelor’s degree in 1945, the year that the atom bomb was used in Japan. Later we read…

Upon graduation from Hunter College in 1945, Liane went back to Jackson Laboratory before moving to the University of Chicago to pursue her Ph.D. in Zoology. After initiating her Ph.D., Liane went to work at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, which played a vital role in the development of nuclear weapons through the Manhattan Project in WWII.

She went to Oak Ridge National Laboratory after the Manhattan Project achieved the goal of creating atomic bombs but reading her bio on the NPS site, it sounds like she was working on the Manhattan Project itself rather than simply being at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory after the fact.

If all you knew about The Manhattan Project was what you see from official government sources, you would be led to believe that women and blacks were primarily responsible for the scientific work that went into understanding the theory and then the practical work that led to the creation of the atomic bomb and nuclear reactors. That is absolutely untrue.

Like the space program, the Manhattan Project was entirely an achievement of White and Jewish male scientists. Sure the people doing the grunt work like housekeeping and secretarial work had an important although secondary role but almost anyone could cook noodles at Oak Ridge or Los Alamos, while the number of people in the world that could conceptualize and bring to fruition the Manhattan Project was very small and almost entirely male. The same is true for every significant scientific achievement for the past century and beyond. Without the scientific genius of White, Jewish and some Asian men, mankind would never have moved past subsistence living.

This massive project to rewrite history to diminish or eliminate the monumental achievements of White men is intentional and coordinated via popular culture, the government and the “education” system. Young people really believe that the only contributions to world civilization attributable to White people are slavery, racism and the Holocaust. It remains to be seen how long they can keep this up when the people the media tells us really achieved so much are in charge and can’t keep the lights on or even collect the garbage.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    It reminds me of how we all gushed over the fingerpainting masterpieces of our toddlers when they returned home from preschool and we hung their artwork on the fridge. A little harmless puffery to encourage a child.

    Only this nonsense is different. If you praise a volatile, dim-witted ‘adult’ who exhibits megalomania, thin skin and a hair trigger lack of impulse control for extraordinary feats he clearly did not achieve, you set a terrible precedent. He is very quickly going to come to expect that praise, require it and demand it, deserved or not. It matters not if he even recognizes that the praise is false and unearned. He will insist that he deserves it and will insist that you buy into the lie, too.

    Where does it end? Sooner or later, someone is going to broach the dangerous question, What have you done lately? And even the dimmest of the lot is bound to wonder how come he and his cohort are nothing like those numinous negros up on the screen.

    This particular blackwashing of history is truly gratuitous, for how many non-Whites are going to sit through a movie celebrating the life of a homosexual jew who purportedly spared the world a longer war? Wakanda beckons, and they get to ogle servile, half-naked White women in the bargain.

    Back ‘o tha bus wif you, Ofayhymie.

    • Arthur Sido

      The audience will be entirely White with a smattering of Jews and Asians. I doubt you could find 1 in 1,000,000 American blacks who could tell you what Oppenheimer was famous for. The percentage of Whites that could do so, especially under 45 or so, isn’t much better.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    Notice how instead of a photo they use a sketch of Wilkins that makes him look blacker, doesn’t even look like him at all really

  3. Filthie

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Par for the course.

    Did you know NASA would never have gotten to the moon without a bunch of smart negro ladies to do the hard math for them? They made a movie about it, it just HAS too be true!!!

    Nowadays when I am watching movies or TV… the second the niggers and/or Jews come out to sing or dance…. I just turn them off.

    I’ve got nigger and jew fatigue so bad now, that I’d welcome a civil war against them and white traitors. I don’t want to live with them or their white traitors anymore.

  4. Across the River Hister

    “Matt Damon.”

    Team America World Police

    Juneteenth is celebrate Rosenberg execution day.
    Oppies quote about I have become death is interesting, something a Hymie would no doubt power trip on.
    Stalin knew all about the bomb and when Truman bought it up he said use it, just do it.
    Bad news for small hats-their diversity pets view them as super whites. (sad zusaarspiegel)

  5. Mike_C

    Of course The Bomb was created by a Negro scientist*. Any fool know dat. It is also well known that the ranks of the NBA and male porn performers are dominated by Asian males. On account of our astonishing vertical leap, and our freakishly gigantic penises.

    * not only da bomb en shit, but also the white race: q.v. Big-head Yakub.

  6. saoirse

    “Black-washing” stems directly from jew-washing.
    “Without the scientific genius of White, Jewish and some Asian men, mankind would never have moved past subsistence living”. Bullshit! People in this country owe their quality of life to white Europeans – NOT FUCKING JEWS!
    Having gained control of most institutions, those scumbags inflated their contributions and inserted themselves into every nook and cranny of western culture. Not one nod do they deserve!

  7. Anonymous

    On the one hand, here we have blatant historical revision placing blacks, women and joos in prominent roles leading to the atomic age. Score one for team diversity.

    On the other hand, here we have blatant historical revision placing blacks, women and joos in prominent roles leading to the nuclear age. But, but, but…isn’t nuclear energy bad? Didn’t we go to great lengths to shut down or block all those dangerous nuclear power plants that evil YT placed in ‘marginalized communities’ so he could glom all the power while irradiating innocent black bodies?

    Ya can’t have it both ways, Shit’avious. Was you atomic scientists and sheeit or wasn’t you?

  8. Anonymous White Male

    This is just more inclusion politics to make White women think that blacks are actually wanted and need to be included in every movie, TV show, and advertisement. By including nigs in all facets of life, you give them the opportunity to breed Peggy Sue and squeeze out a passel of pickaninnies that will be slightly more intelligent than Shit’avious. And two generations more of White DNA can produce an octaroon that will work on the first manned flight to Mars. He will, of course, be called “black”, just like Saint Obama. Like Orwell said: He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future. When you tell White women that blacks have always been our equal and are just the same as us, except for kinky hair, flat noses, and black skin, they will believe it, so the future needs to include their DNA in ours. Satan believes he will win once he has bred all of Adam’s descendants into some off mocha race. Fortunately, he is wrong in believing he can accomplish it.

  9. Plague Monk

    I enjoyed the movie The Martian, the first movie I’d attended in almost 15 years, largely because of the book it was based on. But it was pretty woke, what with the dindu physicist, and the diverse team working things.
    I spent almost 40 years as a designer/engineer, and I can say that there are few women who are qualified to even be designers, let alone engineers(my wife was a very good low level designer). As to dindus, I only encountered one who knew his (sloped, I mean really SLOPED) head from his ass, out of about 50 that I encountered during my career.
    On my last contract, the data management software administrator was an elderly woman whose qualification for the job was that she had worked in the call center for the product(Windchill) for two years. Frankly, I think my cat Bella would have done a better job. Since she didn’t know what she was doing, I just went ahead and did things my way to meet my deadlines as Tech Lead.
    I still subscribe to Aviation Week, and I see lots of articles about the problems with most of the big defense contractors. Having worked for several of them, I can confidently say that 60% of the problems are due to the companies’ fondness for diversity as opposed to competence.
    As to the remaining 40%, probably half of it is because DoD can’t make up their minds what they want, and the other half is from letting the beancounters run things.(Boeing is the best example of this. Old William B must be spinning in his grave at what has been done to his company…)

  10. Reader

    Take a pass on watching the 2 season show “Manhattan”. It was interesting for a few episodes but then diverged into degeneracy and marital drama that was completely unnecessary.

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