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Ungrateful Phuckers

Without the advancements in modern medicine made possible by the achievements of generations of White physicians, scientists and researchers, most people in the West as well as around the world in various shithole nations would live far shorter lives. Just a century ago in 1925, the average life expectancy in the U.S. was only around 58. Today?

The average life expectancy is hovering around almost 79 years, even thanks to the mass die-off of the Chinese bioweapon known as Covid and the “sudden and unexpected” deaths of healthy people from the “vaccine”. This is true globally as well….

The chart is a bit difficult to read, especially I assume on mobile devices, but the average life expectancy across the globe in 1950 was only 49 but today is nearly 73. In Africa it is even more stark, in 1950 the average person could expect to live to the ripe old age of 38 but today that is closer to 63, an increase of over 60%. We see similar trends in other shitholes like South Asia, especially in India where the life expectancy in 1950 was only 32.

What changed? Two major factors account for almost all of this. One is the enormous advances in agriculture that have made farmers, especially American farmers, capable of feeding billions of people while remaining a very small percentage of the overall global population. The other factor is the rise of modern medicine and advancements in disease treatment and prevention. In both cases, the advancement are essentially exclusively the result of White innovators.

Looking more specifically at medicine. According to Wikipedia there have been 224 individuals awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Only 12 of them have been chicks, or about 5 percent of those receiving the awards. After scanning the list of laureates and their pictures twice, I saw a handful of Asians and one Lebanese guy in 2021 named Ardem Patapoutian. The rest were White (or “White presenting”). The total number of blacks?


The same is true for physics and chemistry as you would expect. In fact it is true for virtually all significant human achievements and advances. In his book Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950, Charles Murray has a graph (I haven’t read the entire book yet) that shows again what you would expect.

Again, no surprises. Sub-Saharan Africa barely registers on the chart and I suspect that a) the achievements that came from there are mostly from Whites in South Africa/Rhodesia and b) were built on prior accomplishments of Whites.

To summarize, people of Sub-Saharan African, mestizo, South Asian or Middle Eastern racial ancestry are living much longer lives thanks exclusively to the innovation of White men in Europe and North America. We have given them modern medicine, improved agriculture, modern transportation, the internet. In return they have given us….

Nothing but headaches, violence and diminishing average IQ scores.

I would dare say that modern American blacks should view the enslavement of their ancestors as a small price to pay for living in a society that is by every measure vastly better than what they would live in had they stayed in Africa living in huts, being eaten by crocodiles and worshipping mounds of elephant dung. Whatever economic benefit the U.S. gained from chattel slaves picking cotton was more than lost in death and destruction from the Civil War, and ever since blacks have been an enormous anchor holding America back. In stark contrast to their ridiculous We Wuz Kangz narrative, blacks have been the albatross around the neck of America.

That is what makes their incessant whining and persistent ingratitude so incredibly irritating.

With that overly long prelude, allow me to introduce one Tiffany Cornwall…..

As you can see from her LinkedIn page, she is 100% focused on weaponizing and therefore monetizing misplaced White guilt. Based on her LinkedIn page, Tiffany Cornwall has never held a job as an adult that added any value to the organizations she was employed by. A graduate of Spelman College and holding a couple of advanced degrees in Public Health and Health Policy and Management from the University of Michigan, she has worked as a “Sexual Health Educator” for the CDC (and the thought of that should make you shudder, the best thing you could do for your sexual health is to avoid people like Tiffany Cornwall) and in a number of research and consulting roles. Currently she is a “Health Equity Doctoral Intern, Office of Health Equity” for United Health and your guess is as good as mine as to what the fuck a “Health Equity Doctoral Intern” does other than bitch about White people.

What you will notice by it’s absence is any sort of real world experience in managing health systems, actually managing things like finances and personnel and infrastructure. Instead her focus is entirely on “equity” and “DEI”. Apparently that qualifies her to write this ridiculous steaming pile of bullshit:

Right out of the gate Ms. Cornwall blames White administrators for her dad dying from a heart attack. No, I am serious.

Last year, my father, a Jamaican immigrant with Medicaid insurance, passed away from a heart attack. He was only 63 years old.

As he received care, he expressed discomfort with the predominantly white teams handling his case. He believed that both clinicians and non-clinical staff discriminated against him because of his racial and ethnic identity, as well as his public insurance status.

I have to say that I believe he was right: The lack of diversity among his physicians and leadership team contributed significantly to his passing. Though he had complained about occasional chest pains, no one examined his heart. And when he finally reached out to an administrator to express his concerns, the medical director told him to complete a patient satisfaction survey, which he never received.

That might not seem like clearly biased treatment. But racism in health care is not always obvious; it can be subtle and deeply ingrained. For instance, Black [sic] people may experience differential treatment compared to their white counterparts, be more likely to be labeled “noncompliant” in doctor notes, or face misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis due to biased assumptions.

Read the language carefully. He believed he was being discriminated against. She believes he was right. With blacks simply believing something is incontrovertible proof. Notice that she even slips in that “racism in health care” can be “subtle”, a fancy word that really means “non-existent”. Also note that had her father stayed in Jamaica, his care team would have likely been far more diverse but no one thinks he would have received better care. There is a reason he left Jamaica to come to America.

She uses other linguistic shenanigans like “may experience” or “more likely” or “biased assumptions”. I will go on a limb as a non-physician and say that the reason blacks are “more likely to be labeled “noncompliant in doctor notes” is that…blacks are more likely to be noncompliant. If a doctor tells you to lose weight and stop eating sugar and you ignore them because the doctor was White, and you then develop diabetes? Well you were noncompliant and you got what was coming to ya. We have all seen blacks wantonly ignoring the basic rules of civil society so why would they be more likely to be compliant in private medical consultations.

In a way it reminds me of our local Amish who are infamous for trying folk medicine, basically voodoo practiced by Amish witch doctors, to cure serious illnesses like cancer who then show up on death’s door to a real doctor and get pissed that the doctor can’t fix stage 4 cancer.

More from her opinion piece:

Patients from marginalized communities often pay the price for this lack of diverse leadership. When patients from underrepresented groups do not see diverse representation across the organizational hierarchy, they may be less likely to trust health care providers and follow through with medical recommendations. This perpetuates a vicious cycle in which the lack of diversity within health care leadership and care teams perpetuates health inequities for BIPOC individuals.

The result? Black Americans experience some of the worst health outcomes of any racial group. Black men have one of the shortest life spans of all Americans, while Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women. The lack of diversity in health care leadership teams and care teams can be a significant barrier for patients seeking medical attention.

The “explanation” provided by Ms. Cornwall is that this is all because of racism. Is that true? Look at one of the things she claims in the above paragraph:

When patients from underrepresented groups do not see diverse representation across the organizational hierarchy, they may be less likely to trust health care providers and follow through with medical recommendations.

Remember her claim that it was racist for blacks to be more likely to be identified as “noncompliant”? Yet here we are just a few paragraphs later and she is coming right out and saying that blacks are more likely to be noncompliant. As I said, it is more reasonable to assume that blacks are labelled as noncompliant because….blacks are more likely to be noncompliant.

It is somehow my fault that blacks don’t follow the directions of their physicians because they distrust White physicians, and this is critical, mostly because people like Tiffany Cornwall tell them they can’t trust White physicians.

Do you supposed that listening to his daughter’s alleged expertise in medical equity and her claims that White doctors are racist and not to be trusted might have led to her father not following the directions for care provided by his White doctors? I don’t know but I suspect the odds are quite good that was the case.

As for black men having one of the shortest life expectancy of any racial group in America, I would point out that this certainly isn’t helped by young black men annually murdering other young black men by the thousands. Well over 500 black men were murdered in Chicago just last year with 217 more murdered already in 2023, almost all of them by other black men. Then we have this from the CDC:

It is simply a fact that blacks are the fattest group in America and as we all know, being obese is the single most avoidable factor in chronic and fatal diseases. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. When you look at the list of causes of death, even including Covid, most of them are related to obesity. The number one thing you can do to improve your health and prolong your life is to avoid places where blacks gather and number two is to not be a fat ass.

Even her claim that “Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women” is far more likely to be the result of obesity than “racism”. We know that obesity is a significant factor in maternal mortality, from the NIH National Library of Medicine: Understanding maternal mortality in women with obesity and the role of care they receive: a national case-control study

Wait, what is this? The fattest group of women in America, blacks, have triple the rate of maternal mortality but we also see that being severely obese triples the risk of maternal death? Well, I am not a doctor or statistician or a “Health Equity Strategist/DEI Champion” like Tiffany Cornwall but it seems to me that statistically speaking given that black women are almost 50% lard-asses, coupled with black distrust of doctors and noncompliance, we should expect that they would have much higher rates of maternal mortality. Be honest, how many slender black women do you see toting around 4-5 little future felons versus the number of water buffalos in motorized shopping carts overflowing with junk food and a trail of little looters-to-be?

Of course I forgot that black women being enormously and revoltingly fat is not dey fault. Who could forget the rotund black woman Brittney Cooper who goes by the hilarious Twitter handle of “ProfessorCrunk” telling an audience of similarly blubbery black women that it isn’t their fault they are fat, it is Trump’s fault!

The replies are delightful, especially from a lot of blacks scorching her for claiming that racism makes them fat when in fact it is their tendency to cram a week’s worth of calories in their cram hole daily that makes them fat. Cooper got thrashed so badly in the comments from a tweet in 2019 that she still has her profile on Twitter locked down. Just as an aside I also saw that a 32 year old black Olympic gold medalist named Tori Bowie died from “complications related to child birth” in May, and unlike Professor Crunk, Ms. Bowie was a sprinter and not obese. Did racism kill her? Well according to the story….

Olympic gold medalist Tori Bowie, who was found dead in her Florida home on May 2, died from complications related to childbirth, according to the medical examiner’s report obtained by Fox News Digital.

She was estimated to be around eight months pregnant and actively in labor at the time of her death.

Bowie, 32, was found dead in a Florida residence last month after the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to “well-being check of a woman in her 30s who had not been seen or heard from in several days.”

She went into labor and apparently died at home, not calling an ambulance or the baby daddy? I read several articles about it, not one mentioned who the father was or why she was in labor at home alone. I guess that is the fault of Orange Man Bad.

What makes this opinion piece all the worse is that it certainly appears that Tiffany Cornwall is callously leveraging her father’s death to push for more racial quota hires in health care system leadership. Her LinkedIn network is full of fellow blacks who “work” in various made-up corporate positions for “equity” and “DEI”. She blames White people for her father’s death, a dubious claim if I am being uncharacteristically generous, and likewise blames the very people responsible for the entire modern medical system for black people having a shortened life expectancy, never once acknowledging that blacks have any responsibility for their own health outcomes or that black decisions and agency can be blamed in any way. Nope, apparently if it weren’t for White hospital administrators black people would be immortal.

America is already awash in people with useless jobs that often are an impediment to their organization but with “equity” and “DEI” corporations are creating an entire industry of useless jobs held by ungrateful blacks who have neither the skills nor the talent to do anything useful and instead exist for the sole purpose of complaining when they should STFU and be grateful.

The true tragedy of race relations in America is pondering what a great country this would still be without diversity.

Addendum: I would be remiss if I mentioned hospital administrators without including this scene from Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life….


  1. Moe Gibbs

    So, to summarize:

    Racist White men work tirelessly to extend life expectancy and dramatically increase quality of life worldwide.

    Women and minorities hardest hit.

      • pyrrhus

        Yes, but since the rollout of the “vaccine”, life expectancy in the US has been dropping like a rock..down to 76 I believe, which is worse than Mexico…That was indeed the result of the “research” and lobbying by whites and jews…But the “vaccine” wasn’t racist–it killed people of all races…

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    I hadn’t been in a hospital or doctor’s office since before the plandemic, and I hadn’t established myself with a doctor in my new place since I moved 5 years ago. But I had something I needed to get checked out. I was a little trepidatious, after everything I had heard.

    But it’s all good news: my new doctor is a 50something white guy with good schools on his resume (or at least they were back when he went through them) and he doesn’t require masks in his office. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be sticking with him for some time.

      • pyrrhus

        Whites and Asians are both good at this point…Both equally discriminated against for being more intelligent than Laqueesha….

      • Skyler the Weird

        Grey’s Anatomy used to be a regular soap opera but in the past few seasons the magic doctors focus on preaching about DIE as patients die.

  3. Jim Wetzel

    Concerning the gap in life expectancy between White and black males: I don’t know where to get the data, but I’m guessing that if you look at life expectancies for White and black males at age, say, 40, you’d see that gap close up a lot. A 40-year-old black guy has already survived the period in life in which he’s likely to expire in gang wars. Also, if he’s not incarcerated, he might be a middling-decent guy. So maybe the right comparison is between White guys and non-incarcerated black ones, both at age 40.

    • Arthur Sido

      I assume that is true as well, although the obesity issue likely starts to kill them off by their late 50s or so. All of those dead young blacks really skews the averages

  4. Peanut Butter and Stoplights

    Phuck em. No assistance, no support of any kind after the burning it all down wish is fulfilled.
    The Magic Soil is pure faculty lounge bong smoke so the true believers are in for a rude shock.
    It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of useless idiots.

  5. Reader

    General physicians memorized a bunch of stuff that’s hard to comprehend. Surgeons have more respect from me than a pill-pusher MD.

    I have an alternate view on the medical industry but along your same line of thought. Plumbers have improved more lives than doctors IMO because our civil society and advancements in technology that we’ve created and improved upon has benefited our health in more ways than most medicine. Cleaner living conditions (and thereby your livelihood) impart a cleaner body. Again, our advancements in building our society have impacted our health moreso than medicine just by numbers alone. I dont disagree at all with how our advancements in medicine have improved the lives of otherwise fatal conditions but I would argue that our clean living conditions has kept more of our folk alive longer and healthier.

    • Arthur Sido

      No doubt improved sanitation is huge as well but from premature babies to cancer screening to people living into their 80s, much of that is attributable to improved medicine. As I mentioned to another commenter, I am talking about a timeline stretching back for 100 years, modern medicine is not what it used to be.

      • Trumpeter

        There used to be a religious cult in a suburb southeast of Portland. They didn’t believe in doctors, God would cure their ills. They had a horrific fatality rate from minor stuff killing lots of kids. They were always in the news for kids dying (I don’t remember any of the kids in my grade school dying, {or getting autism or ADHD.}) I asked a family friend who was a doctor if that was what living was like in the far past, thinking the 1800’s. He pointed out to me the development of medicine from the dark ages to the modern occured during the Korean war. That was what it was like in the ’30’s and ’40’s.
        People don’t understand what a miracle modern medicine was. Now we mostly just have Pharma shills parroting talking points.

        • Arthur Sido

          Having gotten a good look at the medical education situation, I can assure it is only going to get worse. It isn’t the fault of most of the students but medical school isn’t what it used to be

  6. Anonymous White Male

    I’m not sure that blacks actually want black doctors. They sure as hell don’t want black lawyers when deh befo’ dat White judge!

    I don’t really think that the medical profession is responsible for the increased life spans. Maybe partially, but I believe that sanitation and purified water supplies, along with more food due to agricultural expansion and modernized supply chains, have a much larger responsibility in that increase. Oh sure, the medical profession wants to claim responsibility, but we’ve seen how concerned they are about our “health” over the past 3 years.

    • Arthur Sido

      We are looking at a longer timeline than the last couple of years. Look for example at premature babies, they are keeping them alive far earlier pre-term than ever before.

      • Anonymous White Male

        Like I said, “Maybe partially”. But, microbiologists, engineers, and other non-medical personnel have provided the mechanisms that medical doctors use, not invented. And my point about the last 3 years, the medical profession has never given a shit about the Hippocratic Oath. They are not interested in cures, only in maintenance. There’s more money to be made by treating the symptoms than by curing people. Of course, there are exceptions. I’m sure there are “good” doctors. They aren’t all ruled by the almighty dollar. Although they do have more than most people.

        • Arthur Sido

          I did say “White physicians, scientists and researchers”. People in the patient facing realm are end users of the technology but many of them are also heavily involved in research, testing and implementation.

  7. LGC

    I completely agree with her. 100%

    Blacks should ONLY go to 100% black staffed hospitals at all levels. (admin thru doctors) and whites should only go to white staffed hospitals. I believe this will make everyone happy. Actually I don’t expect it will make the blaques happy, after all nothing does, but it will certainly make whites happy.

    Turns out that George Wallace was right. Cecil Rhodes too now that I think about it

  8. Locustpost

    There’s a new system developing. During the past few years I exited the big medical system by going to a direct primary care doctor (a 36 year old white guy) and recently went to an independent mid 50’s white doc to have a colonoscopy. They prefer direct pay. The colonoscopy is costing me $1000 where it costs 5 to 12K at big medical administered by diversity. The whole larger system, post Obamacare, COVID, and diversity admissions is killing people. Enter at your own risk. The developing alternatives are way better.

    • Arthur Sido

      The doctor we used when we lived in northern Michigan has moved away from the traditional model, there is going to be a real market for that in the future as people shy away from corporate medicine after the Covid betrayal.

      • dirtroads

        Indeed, the market for off grid/out of the system docs is growing. I started my Direct Primary Care practice after mounting disgust over the years with the corporate/bureaucratic sickcare system.

        I did it in a rural, not particularly high income area, and my former colleagues were convinced it could not work. I have collected a group of independent minded folks, nearly all conservative middle class, many small business owners. They openly expressed their loss of trust in the sick care system and wanted to insure their medical freedom would be respected.

        Best part? No, not money, I am keeping the numbers low so money is low also relatively speaking. The gratitude is the kicker. They appreciate fact that they can be seen when they need it, not when it’s convenient to a doc, the fact that an english speaking doctor looks them in the eye rather than a computer screen, the fact that they can decline pharmaceuticals in lieu of trying more natural approaches without being castigated. They express these things to me, which in turn gives me gratitude for the opportunity to help folks without being under the thumb of corporate and .gov entities that contaminate the entire process. Practice is growing by word of mouth only, no advertising.

        Look for DPC practices. Many of us offer a free visit for the patient to interview us and see if things fit. I think your chances of finding someone to work with if the need arises are much better.

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    “The number one thing you can do to improve your health and prolong your life is to avoid places where blacks gather and number two is to not be a fat ass.”
    Believe me, I see MANY 400+pound blacks riding around the provided golf carts in the BigBox.The carts literally goan, and we are constantly getting them repaired. The cart is full of Doritos, Cheese-Its, mac & cheese, rice, pastries of assorted kinds, pies and cakes. I rarely see a vegetable brave enough to enter the forum. The meats are lobster tails and steaks if an EBT is available: otherwise it’s hot dogs, frozen chicken casseroles, and bacon.
    Whether they shop there or work there; laziest people in the world.

  10. Michael Hendrix

    “Read the language carefully. He believed he was being discriminated against. She believes he was right.”

    Sounds like a purely personal problem to me. One that I neither give a single shit about, nor am in any way OBLIGATED to give a shit about.

  11. LargeMarge

    As I understand it, her wakanda-American father saw skin colors of his physicians.
    The only thing I care about in any physician is education and experience.
    I suppose that makes me fundamentally different from either Tiffany or her parent.
    Based on her portrait, I would guess Tiffany is mulatta.
    However, before I say anything definite, I need to see her percentages:
    * how much Northern European Heritage folk?
    * how much Irish?
    * how much Moroccan, Egyptian, etcetera?
    * any jew in there?
    Buzz-phrases immediately notify me of a ‘noncompliant’ author going all uppity:
    * marginalized communities
    * diverse leadership
    * underrepresented groups
    * diverse representation…
    …all used by Tiffany in the quoted text.

    • Arthur Sido

      At this point as it becomes obvious that black physicians under the age of 50 or so are all diversity selections that got into medical school because of their race, I wouldn’t go to a black doctor unless there were literally no other options in a driving distance.

  12. Former Liberal

    The only decent black doctor I’ve encountered in the Department of Veteran’s Affairs medical system is a Kenyan who went through the British medical school system decades ago. Otherwise, I wouldn’t send my dog to the lazy, incompetent and the stupid black medical personnel we have in the VA system. As I’m supporting two nonagenerians at the moment, I don’t have much of a health care choice right now.. So I exercise a lot, eat carefully, stay far, far away from any vaccines the VA pushes, and take certain supplements. Years ago I thought of attending medical school, and back in the 1990’s, there was a wide disparity between the required Medical College Admission Test scores between whites and black applicants. For the last sixty years, we have dumbed down everything to accommodate the world’s dimmest race.

  13. Original Grandpa

    I believe it to be true. Let black “people” only go to doctors and hospitals that are black, refuse them care from White hospitals and doctors. What’s that you say, there aren’t enough black doctors or hospitals? Not our problem. And blacks need to completely renounce using the things White people have invented or created, as well. They can return to Africa, and marvel at the things created by “we wuz kangz ‘n sheeit” and show the ignorant White race the marvels of their technology and inventiveness. And get to see the incredible buildings of the black culture, built over the millenia – that don’t exist in White heritage lands… except those marvels and buildings don’t exist because… Wakanda isn’t real, you ignorant fat lazy big lipped bungle junnies…
    “We wuz kangz” indeed.

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