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They All Look The Same

When you wade through the cesspool of the daily mass shooting reports in America, you start to notice something. No, I am not talking about the fact that they are all pretty much black guys although that is true, but also that they all have the same moronic expression in their mugshots. Look at these five idjits from the Memorial Day mass shooting at Hollywood Beach in Florida.

Do you think a single one of these young scholars could spell cat if you spotted them the C and A? A 16 year old, a 15 year old and three 18 year old blacks, all lookin at significant prison time. But compared to these two, Sincere Boatwright, 21, and Mayar Kual, 19, arrested for a shooting in Richmond in April, those five look like intellectual giants.


Why didn’t the nurses at the hospital smother both of them at birth?

I would state without much hesitation that I have yet to see a mugshot from a black mass shooter that appeared to be a guy with an IQ over 75.

Honestly, when you are that stupid is it any wonder these morons shoot into crowds without wondering if they might get caught and/or shot by a different group of sub-75 IQ blacks in retaliation?

I am staring to think that maybe sub-Saharan Africans were in fact NOT kangz and kweenz after all…..


  1. Ultra Combo-Breaker

    Smith-Mundt Modernization Kabuki.
    Emperor Bathhouse Barry the Immaculate will not stop until America is no more.
    Chimpy the Kenyan already signed away everything to the U.N.

  2. Gryphon

    Dead Eyes. Soulless, proto-Humans. Evolutionary Dead-Ends, that without Whites providing their every need, would have died of Starvation.

    Just like (((those People))) who Enable the Muds by preventing their Control and Punishment, they will need to be Purged form the Nation if it is to Survive.

  3. Xzebek

    Always expect feral chimp behavior from feral chimps.
    The larger the gathering of them, the greater the likelihood of indiscriminate violence.

  4. george 1

    I read an article from a psychologist some time ago, probably a decade or more. The man pointed out something interesting that I had never considered. A person with an IQ below 80, does not have the capacity to build a mental image of another person’s suffering. Such a person could be said to be a sociopath by default.

    I am not sure this is completely true but it is an interesting thought exercise.

    • Gryphon

      George – That’s probably an accurate assessment, and keep in mind that a lot of these feral chimps have I.Q.’s of 70 or below. I’ve seen articles where Animal Researchers believe that Gorillas have an equivalent I.Q. around 50, and that left alone, Gorillas form Functional Societies that are suitable for Gorillas. They are not “Ferals” like the malfunctioning, low-I.Q. proto-Humans that We (White Men) have allowed into our Advanced, Technological Society.

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