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The Yass Slay Kween Heroine

Excellent video from The Critical Drinker on the ridiculous “strong female character” that dominates modern cinema….

I think Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 is the best example of a strong female character that isn’t some overpowered Mary Sue. She is in great shape and has learned how to fight but doesn’t just kick the crap out of men. Linda Hamilton is 5′ 4″ tall and her transformation from a soft, initially meek woman in T1 to the buff mama in T2 is pretty amazing. But she is still a woman.

In T2, the cruel guard named Douglas or Dougie is played by Ken Gibbel and according to IMDb he is 6′ 4″ tall. Early on in the film he smacks her around to make her take her meds, at one point kicking her into a wall. Later though when she escapes, she sets a trap for Dougie and then hits him when he isn’t expecting it with a broken mop handle, about 3 foot long. She whacks him when he turns around in the nose, and then across the back of the neck before finally smacking him twice in the head. With him incapacitated, she drags him into her room and you can see her struggling to pull him even on a polished floor.

Then having taken his nightstick she sneaks up on another guard, a big dude that looks like a pretty serious lifter, but this time she throws a set of keys high toward his head. The natural impulse is to protect your face and catch what is thrown to you, so when he does his arms are raised and she belts him in the solar plexus with the end of the nightstick three times before smacking him across the chin. Again, even a big guy when surprised and hit with serious force in the solar plexus with a nightstick is going to go down. She doesn’t go toe to toe with him, she fights dirty. When she is finally disarmed by a third guard while holding the needle of cleaner to Dr. Silver’s neck, she knocks him back but she immediately runs and he gets right up and chases her.

In a modern movie she would have gone hand to hand with them and beat up the whole hospital of men with her mad combat skills and no one would have believed it, but I absolutely believe that a woman with combat training, the element of surprise and weapons could disable larger men. It really is a well done series of events, far more believable than her pummeling guys twice her size.

As I have mentioned, in high school I was a wrestler and usually wrestled either at 125 or 130 pounds. The reason wrestling and boxing and other martial sports have weight classes is that size makes a difference. Even though I was in exceptionally good shape, trained to wrestle and really strong for my size, I would mostly get tossed around by guys just 30 pounds heavier than me. A woman weighing 125 pounds beating the crap out of a guy much taller and twice as heavy in a straight up fight? Yeah, not happening in almost any circumstance, not unless she has a weapon and/or the element of surprise.

How many videos have you seen of a female cop or sometimes more than one, trained in close quarters fighting, getting the crap kicked out of her by a male perp? A lot of women cops have the choice of getting beaten or pulling their gun.

We are raising up a generation of young women that are going to get their ass kicked because they have seen too many movies and think they can beat up men, not to mention ruining cinema with risible STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS THAT DON’T NEED NO MAN. Just one more thing They need to be held to account for.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    It’s curious that they seem to have failed to focus more on the technologically assisted ways in which women can be just as lethal as men, i.e. with guns, explosives, etc. Instead they go for the unrealistic, hand to hand stuff.

    I guess. I wouldn’t really know for sure since I pretty well gave up on movies about 20 years ago. But even so I accidentally get exposure to current pop culture from time to time. It’s hard not to.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Last movie I saw in a theatre was “See no Evil, Hear no Evil” with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. That was 1989. I’d say that I not only went out on a high note, but that the title of the last feature I took in was strangely fitting regarding my (then) future of boycotting hollywood, in retrospect.

    There is no way in hell I’d give my money to these degenerate whores now. Not only are the movies garbage, those funding and making them are my sworn enemies, and I’d be a damn fool to give them material support of any kind.

    • Arthur Sido

      I think the last movie I saw in the theater was Pacific Rim, I took my boys and a friend of theirs, mayhem with giant robots and monsters, turn off your brain and enjoy kind of film. I wouldn’t see a film in the theater if it cost a quarter these days, besides the nearest theater to us shut down for good after Covid.

  3. Don Curton

    Big Ruck, every single time someone gives me a ride and asks where they can drop me off, I always answer “Well I left my jag in Kansas City”

    • Big Ruckus D

      Don, great quote. I think Silver Streak was my favorite of the collaborations between Wilder and Pryor.

      “I thought we were taking the Chevy out back.”
      (Whilst hotwiring the Jag): “Man, that Chevy’s a jerk off. This here is pure pussy!”

      Also loved how Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me (and later Moonraker) and the good ole boy sheriff J.W. Pepper from Live and Let Die unofficially reprised their roles in it. It boggles my mind there was never a lawsuit between studios over that.

      Stir Crazy was good, too. That scene where they get thrown in the holding cell is legendary. What tells me these were great movies is the fact there is no way they could possibly be made now. Can you even imagine the screaming and hyper-ventilating from the wokefreaks and blue checkas if the men’s room/shoe shine scene (among many others) in Silver Streak were made now?

      Despite my frequent and justified criticism of Wilder and Pryor’s respective ethnic cohorts, those two guys could get me roaring with laughter both solo, and working together. I like to think they were ok, even if they were exceptions to the rule. At least they never came off as openly and antagonistically subversive leftists like so many current day celebritards.

  4. Moe Gibbs

    It is no lie that women really do fall for that cinematic twaddle of the uber-capable sooperchick, all 120 pounds of her with perfect hair, painted nails and strategically cropped half-shirt inadvertently showing off her “abs”. I mentioned once to my chubby, delusional DIL that every single female ‘sailor’ I dealt with in my career as a defense contractor was hopelessly dependent on one or more of her male shipmates. Shipmates who were generally so accommodating that they wouldn’t let the precious pet flip the breakers on our radar system, let alone get down and dirty troubleshooting and repairing the equipment.

    DIL sneered and, with feminist hackles raised, conjectured, “Yeah, and they’d probably kick your ass.”

    In my long experience, the typical female “sailor” is black or hispanic, about 5′ 3″ tall and at least 180 pounds. But DIL lives in the fantasy world where G.I. Jane is a kickass blackbelt with 10% bodyfat who can toss a 6′ 2″ lifelong weightlifter like a rag doll. Someday, she is going to need a cop or firefighter. It would serve her right if one of those short, black/brown butterballs shows up to save her, when she is expecting Dolph Lundgren at her door.

    • Arthur Sido

      The percentage of White guys who keep the high tech military running is rapidly diminishing and soon their won’t be enough of them to offset the blacks, dykes and trannies who are filling the ranks.

  5. Universal Exports

    Ripley, Sarah Connor, Bracco in Goodfellas, with the right woman it is almost unstoppable.
    The rest are the girl in front of the bull statue hubris and arrogance.

  6. Greg

    Been saying for many years now that I have met women who could be Navy Seals. They do NOT look like Demi Moore. Back in my bad ol’ hitchhiking days, I got a ride from a gal who said her name was Helen. She pulled greenchain in a lumber mill, and her idea of entertainment was to go to a biker bar and pick a fight.
    And I’m with the above comments; I don’t do movies at all, haven’t the patience to sit through one.

    • saoirse

      Don’t care who you think might qualify, the only way women can pass BUD/S is if the standards are lowered way way down – like they did for the Green Berets and Rangers…… and cops…… and firefighters etc. Judging by the agenda of the current freak show, it’ll probably happen soon but there ain’t any females – real or otherwise – that have made it.

      • Arthur Sido

        When I was 18 and in incredible shape, I could run forever, bench double my body weight, etc. there was no way I could have passed SEALS training. Not being able to swim being the major pitfall.

  7. saoirse

    The biggest joke outside of the sci-fi/fiction crap was the series ‘Vikings’ – especially the character ‘Queen Lagertha’. Her swordsmanship was on par with all the alpha males and she could kill with one sweep through the leather or chain mail breast plates of the most seasoned male warriors.
    She and her “shield maidens” fought side by side with the men in the “shield wall”. The shitlib Brit director – who conveniently cast his own two daughters – even went as far as having the waifs commanding an entire village, making sure to openly hint at their militant lesbianism. A total fucking travesty!
    Fiction can be manipulated to the max with ‘creative license’ but not documented history – but that never gets in the way of a shitlib agenda.

  8. LGC

    It’s a total joke. How many women you see in construction? (who are not the flagger or the safety nazi). The trades? There’s a very few tradeswomen but ZERO in the physical trades (roofing, welding, pavement, concrete, fencing, etc).

    heck even trucking (which generally isn’t all that physical of a job) less than 5% are women and none of the “hard’ jobs that involve touching the freight. (food service, LTL P&D, concrete, even tanker cuz hoses) and almost never doubles because they can’t physically move the dolly to hook the trailers up. (and it’s not like most male truckers are physical specimens)

    Even manufacturing very very few women even though much of it today is way less physical.

    I’ve been banned from sites for bringing up the fact that the women’s world cup winning soccer team (so best in the world) has to practice against 14 year old boys because they lose (badly) to 15 year old boys teams. All of the women’s track and field records (world, olympic, etc) are beat by US high school boys. Ever watch women’s MMA or boxing? It’s like watching Jr High kids fight.

    Reality can only be mocked for so long.

    • Gryphon

      LGC – I’ve been a Jet Mechanic for over 40 Years. In that Time, I have only encountered 3 Women who held that Rating (Airframe and Powerplant, Unlimited) and 2 were Fat, office-types. The only one who I saw on a (Corporate Jet) Shop Floor was the typical 5-3 110# ‘tomboy’, reasonably good shape, but struggled to Position the heavy Jacks, wrestle 2-inch diameter Power Cables for the GPU/HPU Equipment, and a lot of other simple but basic Tasks in the Shop. Whoever was assigning Tasks for the Shift had to plan on handing her the Tasks that she was Physically Able to Handle, otherwise one of the Guys had to ‘help’ her, and then He wasn’t doing His Tasks..

      I can’t Imagine what it’s like in the ‘Woke’ Airlines now- been out of that for 30 Years- where the Skilled, Strong, and Competent White Men have to ‘Work Around’ ferals, trannies, she-boons, etc., and NEVER say a Word about how they cannot actually Do the Work. At least, in the Corporate side of Aviation, No Mechanic gets Hired without at least 10 Years’ of relevant (Jets) Experience; this automatically Weeds Out ones that wouldn’t have lasted that long.

  9. george 1

    I have heard statements by a few female fighter pilots who say we need to send air power to assist Ukraine. One in particular was supposed to have flown F-18s in Afghanistan. A woman who flew her plane around dropping bombs on goat herders with no anti-air capability in near perfect safety, says we should go use air power to fight the Russians. The bravery in tear inducing. Or is she just stupid?

  10. TechieDude

    My late brother in law was a SEAL. Few years out of the service, I was at a party at their house. They had a rather ‘eclectic’ group of friends. There were two dykes there (a couple), and one of them kept badgering my brother in law “She can kick your ass” – that sort of thing. The girlfriend, at 5′ nothing and a buck twenty, tops, she was apparently a black belt.

    He took it all in stride. “sure, sure” he says. Eventually they squared off. Keep in mind, my dude here is 225 and a solid rock. He does the morpheus hand beckon (long before the matrix) and says ‘give it your best shot’.

    I don’t remember what she did, it happened so fast. My man, had the reflexes of a cat. Next thing you know, she’s on her back, him on top, her arms pinned to her chest, with my man’s face an inch from hers. He says “In the real world, people don’t fight with rules” and pecks her on the nose.

    My daughter got a groupon for krav maga classes. So we went to a couple. A lot of you-go-gurl types there. At the time, I’m 6′ 250, not long recovered from cancer and just was getting back to lifting. If I got my paws on any woman there, she was toast. I could hold the pads all day long while they kicked. My kicks were reeling them back.

    The other lesson here: When I would spar with a huge dude – 6’3, 230 monsters, I was their bitch.

    Size and mass are a thing

    They left shortly after that.

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