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The Horseman Are Riding

We finally got a little much needed rain on Sunday, it wasn’t a ton, maybe half an inch, but it was desperately needed. Most of the crops around here are at the early growing stages when a lack of rain can mean poor yields come harvest time and all of the hay fields that were cut a few weeks ago have been baking in the near drought conditions, so the second cutting of hay might be crap. More rain is expected today and maybe Thursday.

All in all, it wasn’t a huge deal but another week like that would have been bad.

It reminded me of how fragile the food supply, seemingly limitless and reliable on the surface, truly is and especially how dangerous tinkering with that food supply can be.

The world is a big place with lots of room for people but the number of people in the world has been growing rapidly and in some regions is accelerating while other regions have seen fertility in a free-fall.

In 1987 when I was an underclassman in high school the world had around 5 billion people but just a few years ago in 2019 it had grown by more than 50%. Last November the UN “celebrated” the global population hitting a new milestone of 8 billion people. 8,000,000,000 people is a lot and the picture they chose was appropriate.

As the article points out…

While it took the global population 12 years to grow from 7 to 8 billion, it will take approximately 15 years—until 2037— for it to reach 9 billion, a sign that the overall growth rate of the global population is slowing.

The second half is supposed to be great news but the first half is startling. In just 12 years the global population increased by a billion people, or an additional 83 million mouths to feed every year. That is a net increase the equivalent of the entire population of Germany every year, and the new people are not Germans. Only 19 nations in the world have that many people, so we are adding not just the equivalent of a new nation of people every year but really it is more like several nations worth of people annually. As I am sure most of us realize, these new nations are not full of successful, high IQ people….

Countries with the highest fertility levels tend to be those with the lowest income per capita. Global population growth has therefore over time become increasingly concentrated among the world’s poorest countries, most of which are in sub-Saharan Africa. In these countries, sustained rapid population growth can thwart the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which remain the world’s best pathway toward a happy and healthy future.

Even though population growth magnifies the environmental impact of economic development, rising per capita incomes are the main driver of unsustainable patterns of production and consumption. The countries with the highest per capita consumption of material resources and emissions of greenhouse gas emissions tend to be those where income per capita is higher, not those where the population is growing rapidly.

In a nutshell?

We have to celebrate diversity by looting first world White and East Asian nations who have their population under control to subsidize the out of control fecundity of Africans, Middle Easterners and South Asians.

It would seem obvious that adding a couple of new nations worth of people every year, and mostly from the dumbest people in the world, would mean that food security is a big deal and we should be concerned about finding ways to feed these people. That is what you would think…

Slaughtering 200,000 cows in Ireland to fight “climate change” at the same time that the world is adding a net nearly 100 million people every year makes sense to no one but it is just the latest assault on food production in Europe. It may not be necessary though. The general news in the food world isn’t great and is actually pretty concerning…..

Kansas Wheat Harvest Will Be The Smallest Since 1957 And U.S. Corn Is Being Absolutely Devastated By Drought

That isn’t a typo, back in 1957 the country had far fewer people and farming was still mostly done by smaller family farms. Lots of good links in the article like this one:

Corn Prices Set to Soar After Midwest Hit by Worst Drought in 30 Years

An unusually dry May in the Midwest has raised concerns over this year’s corn crop in the Corn Belt, the region stretching from the panhandle of Texas up to North Dakota and east to Ohio which dominates the country’s corn production.

On May 25, the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) released an early warning report saying that about 27 percent of the Midwest was experiencing an abnormally dry period that could lead to a drought, while 9 percent is already experiencing a drought.

According to the agency, the region has been much drier than normal in the past four to six weeks, and conditions are expected to worsen in the following weeks, possibly extending the areas affected by droughts. While this is not a new issue for the Midwest, it is early in the year for the region to experience such a dry period.

We usually get a dry stretch in the Corn Belt but it comes later after the corn is pretty tall and already working on ears. When it hits this early it will stunt corn growth when it is most vulnerable. Corn goes into lots of food but where it really makes a difference is in livestock feed. Cattle, hogs, chickens all mostly eat a corn based diet. You can feed them other stuff, like grass and hay for cattle, but it takes much longer to get the animals to market weight.

Right now beef cattle farmers are making tons of of money on the cattle they are selling but you need to have young cattle in the pipeline to replace the ones you sell and those replacement calves are crazy expensive. This isn’t helping…

Shrinking US cattle herd squeezes meatpacker profits

Now, the U.S. beef cow herd is the smallest since 1962. Drought and high feed costs drove producers to send animals to slaughter instead of keeping them for breeding. Farmers who fatten cattle have gained leverage in sales negotiations over the meatpackers that dominate the market, such as Tyson Foods Inc (TSN.N), Cargill Inc (CARG.UL) and JBS USA (JBS.UL).

As I have said before, the cattle cycle is a very long one. It takes a lot of time to turn a baby heifer into a mother cow producing babies who will in turn be ready for slaughter. When you sell of your cows to be turned into hamburger, they aren’t making new baby calves.

Bottom line, global famine seems to be on the horizon. Maybe not this year or next year but in the next 3-4 years? It is a near certainty. It will hit the global south the hardest and the famine will lead to mass depopulation in many regions. That is part of the plan. But it will be ugly in America as well when urban dwellers can’t get cheap food in any quantity they want. A lack of food will turn people violent in a big hurry, even normally placid suburbanites and especially urban types unused to being told no.

The food supply chain has been slowly breaking down under the pressure of producing food for 8 billion people and when you add in the sabotage of The Elites? We are near a crisis point and it is largely intentional. Having guns is great and necessary but a tacticool rifle set-up won’t help you if you starve to death before you can fight off the rampaging hordes.


  1. Locustpost

    In the meantime, someone is blowing up ammonia pipelines coming from Russia and going through the Ukraine. Ever try growing corn without ammonia nitrate? Taking out fertilizer supplies is bad news.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Sarah Hoyt, of According To Hoyt fame, blogged recently that she thinks the world population numbers are total bullshit, and skewed very badly toward the high side. Her point is that the vast majority of countries in this world have leaders and governments that are so terribly inept and corrupt that there is zero chance that any of them are able to accurately count their own numbers. And it is always to their advantage to overestimate, for the purpose of begging “aid” from wealthy, bleeding-heart White-populated nations (the U.S. and western Europe).

    India is so clogged with bodies that they couldn’t possibly count their own people accurately. Even the Chinese would find it advantageous to overstate the size of their populace, for intimidation purposes, with no compelling reason to tell the truth that I can see. Hell, even the U.S. in clownworld very likely gets it wrong, undercounting illegals if anything.

    I find no flaw in her argument, so perhaps her wild estimate of no more than 5 billion is closer to the truth. Still WAY too many parasites, human weeds and useless eaters. But prolly not 8 billion or anything like it.

    Happy thought for the day.

    • Mahtomedi

      It’s absolutely correct that population counts are mere SWAG stats. I’m familiar with three Central American countries in which it’s common for the mountain indigenous people to be born, live their whole life, and then die without any kind of official record of their existence.

      The same would be true for South America. African and Asian census stats aren’t even at SWAG levels. They are pure ‘out-of-our-ass’ numbers.

  3. Bear Claw

    That growth in population can be attributed to the Anglo farmer, and the engineers who designed the equipment and methods to improve crop yields.

      • pyrrhus

        Absolutely…The law of diminishing returns has not been repealed, and most of the US has lost a great deal of topsoil to erosion…Same for the rest of the world..The destruction of Italian farmland due to absentee ownership and slave labor helped seal Rome’s doom…Without fertilizer, there would be mass famine…Not one nation in Africa can feed itself, nor can Japan and many other countries..they are on a knife edge…

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    Once upon a time, in a less comfy age, starvation was a weapon of war. I wonder if we will see a day when it is again wielded thus.

    • anon

      A less comfy age?
      Great Britain and friends (including USA in parts) love to use it, they blockaded Germany in WW1 and bombed as much infrastructure as they could in WW2 (and not counting all the people they burned alive out of jewish maliciousness).
      Ah but don’t worry all these philosemites are The Good Guys, the movies and tv shows say that so it has to be true.

      They will use it again, even against their own people and are doing so right now. They already have done it recently like when they destroyed the electric grid in Iraq and everywhere else they go as soon as a war begins in recent times. It’s why Russia didn’t immediately destroy it all since it had civil use and they still had ethnic Russians in those regions, and even now they didn’t blanket the country in missiles to destroy it completely, only targeted areas.
      It’s a tool the kikes love which is why it was so obvious they did it again blowing the dam, especially since they have been yelling about it and even had preliminary strikes at it.

      If you can’t tell by all my comments, I have many reasons to be peeved at the pawns in power and those who move them.

    • mike fink

      One of the justifications the Germans used for unrestricted submarine warfare against neutral shipping in WW1 (aside from the fact that they were transporting munitions to belligerents), was that the Allied surface navy blockade of Germany was starving the population. One of the first things MacArthur did upon receiving the Japanese surrender in 1945 was order delivery of rations to feed several million desperate Japanese. Even as a side affect, famine always goes along with war.

  5. Food Is A Weapon

    Always be thankful for rain during buttplug month, there wasn’t a drop last year.
    Those monsoon popups that last for twenty minutes are welcome as well.

  6. Alex Lund

    We shipped antibiotics and other medicine to Africa.
    So a lot of them survive who otherwise would have died.
    Yes, those poor kids of 1980 “We are the World” are now grandfathers who sired a lot of children and grandchildren who are now Warlords, killers, victims, Pirates etc.

      • mike fink

        Ah yes, the cause of the moment club was big on feeding Africa in 1985. Aside from Geldof, how many of those beautiful people schlepping for donations on stage actually made any kind of personal sacrifice, financial or otherwise aside from performing a couple of songs or free?

      • 3g4me

        The majority of clotshot victims will be White – a plurality of Africans and Mestizos never received it (nor most other legitimate vaccinations). Their excess fecundity is due to our excess and moronic generosity with modern medicine and food. It is not our responsibility to find ways to feed our intended replacements. I’d prefer more cows and fewer non-White people. The cows are tastier, far more useful, and generally more intelligent.

  7. DeplorableGranny

    Author please delete my comment if it is not allowed. No disrespect intended. I just read this blog post that was written in 2014. It is the most disturbing and unfortunately probably the most accurate description of what is going on in the Country right now. Maybe you have already read this but it was the first time I had visited this guys site. Someone mentioned it on gab.

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