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Terrible Advice Leads To Terrible Decisions

If you keep surrounding yourself with people giving you shitty advice, you are going to make bad choices.

No one has exemplified this like Donald J. Trump. From selecting Mike Pence as his running mate to Mike Pompeo to John Bolton to Nimrata Haley, and especially his bimbo daughter Ivanka and her rootless urban cosmopolitan husband Jared Kushner, Trump repeatedly selected awful people to advise him and at most every turn those advisers seemed to undercut what he was elected to do.

High on that list is crackpot bimbo prosperity “pastor” Paula White, or Paula Michelle White-Cain. She has the clumsy last name because while she was born Paula Furr, and doesn’t that sound like a 70s porn star name, she was married to a guy named Randy White (after divorcing her first husband Dean Knight after getting knocked up as a teen but after her “conversion”) but she then subsequently divorced him and married a man named Jonathan Cain, thus “White-Cain” is apparently her legal last name. Reading between the lines, she and her second husband divorced their spouses around the same time and were married a year later so I suspect they “knew” each other beforehand. She appears to have had another relationship with crackpot “healer” Benny Hinn before marrying Cain, a member of the band Journey and she was “in a relationship” with him while he was still married.

Did you get all that? I won’t bother getting into the idea of a woman being a pastor of a Christian church, I beat that dead horse to a pulp for many years, but not only is that a problem but her theology is sketchy as hell, she is kind of a whore who has been divorced twice, married thrice and has spread her legs for who knows how many men. She should have been ex-communicated a long time ago but instead she is a “pastor”. What is worse, she is well known as the “Spiritual Adviser” to Donald Trump. As his “Spiritual Adviser”, she provides insights like this:


The Jerusalem Post crows about White-Cain and her Chosen People fetish….

During her time in the White House, as chair of the president’s evangelical advisory board, she was arguably the most influential woman in the Trump administration. She and the president’s Orthodox Jewish advisers heavily influenced the president’s policies on Israel and the Middle East. White worked closely with Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman and Special Representatives for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt and Avi Berkowitz – all Orthodox Jews.

Oy vey. More…

Former US President Donald Trump’s closest evangelical adviser, Florida pastor Paula White, believes Christians should learn from Jews rather than try to convert them, so much so that she is now in Israel studying Torah with Orthodox Jews.

“Paul [the apostle] made very clear that God extended his love to the Gentiles, but he did not take something from the Jews and tell us to go back and course correct or convert them,” White told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, as she sat outside the King David Hotel. “I do not want to convert Jews or send them to [live in] Israel for the rapture. The plan for salvation for the Jews is God’s.”

You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to know that is bullshit. Most of the New Testament is taken up with the early Christian converts, Jewish converts from Judaism to Christianity, evangelizing Jews. The Apostles weren’t going to sub-Saharan African tribes or Eskimos, they were preaching to Jews about converting to Christianity. On the other hand, the worst persecutors of the early Christians were not Romans or purple-haired atheist vegans, they were Jews who were jealously protecting their gig from those who sought to convert other Jews to Christianity.

Modern Jews haven’t changed much when it comes to Christians, so when people say stuff like this:

“There is a new movement of Christians and Orthodox Jews coming together,” White told the Post. “We need each other. It is vitally important we continue to build these bridges.”

You need to understand that this “bridge” only works to the advantage of Jews. They don’t want Christians to evangelize them but they are happy to take money from saps who read the Scofield Bible, the Left Behind books and listen to dimwits like Paula Michelle White-Cain. Many well meaning but terribly ill-informed Christians will visit “The Holy Land”, buy garbage trinkets and send money to Jewish groups that do everything in their power to prevent Christians from doing the one thing they are supposed to be doing as it pertains to Jews: preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them, calling on them to repent and be baptized. Not only is Paula Michelle White-Cain not qualified to be a Christian pastor for a myriad of reasons, she is working directly at odds with what Christians are commanded by text and example in the New Testament to do regarding the rebellious unbelieving Jews.

This is the person advising Trump on “spiritual matters”?

Whatever else you think of Trump, his judgment in selecting people to advise him is shitty and that is one reason why he accomplished so little in four years and mostly was outmaneuvered by Schumer and Pelosi (and “leaders” in his own party).


  1. Plague Monk

    I voted for Donnie Dumpster in 2016, with great reluctance, even though I knew that he would be a disaster. He was even worse than I imagined, and so in 2020 I voted for Biden, in part for professional reasons(my client, a major War Dept engineering firm, made it very clear that a condition of continued employment was casting a vote for the Pedo).
    I haven’t voted since, even in local elections, but if Donnie is again the Rethug candidate, I will again vote for the Pedo.
    I guess that I’m suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, since I want to see him jailed and gang raped by 300 pound dindu trannies every day for the rest of his(hopefully short) life. He seems to like trannies, and dindus, and doesn’t like gun owners, so bleep him and his whole bleeping family.

  2. Olguy

    That works with this adminstration is a gd traitor imo.
    Why would anyone take a gig with these shit stains commie skin sacks?

  3. Augusto

    The mole is within the Trump house it is called Jarvanka.
    Carney barker real estate moguls will never make helicopter rides great again.
    I expected him to buy us some time until the demographics take over and this he did.
    There is no one man that can dismantle sulfur stench sodomite sewer pipe that is FUSA.

  4. Shillelagh Pog

    Do the old jewish holocaust survivor babushkas get a survival food box? Courtesy of stupid virtue signaling Christians

  5. Max M Wiley

    Dispensationalist doctrine is the method whereby the Christian Right in the US was subverted from within.
    It’s all a bunch of baloney.
    There was the old Covenant, and now there is the new Covenant.
    Those that don’t accept Christ are damned. The New Testament is pretty clear on this point, and in many places it is made clear in the Gospels that the Word is to be brought to both Jew and Gentile.
    There is no special deal for Jews.

    • Arthur Sido

      Succinct and accurate, I used to try to explain to people that the NT says the Old Covenant is obsolete and fading away but most of people simply can’t view the Bible as a whole.

  6. Don Curton

    I’ll spare a recital of various anecdotes and summarize, it is very difficult, even in the Bible belt, to find a church that actually preaches the Bible. It’s even more difficult to find Christians who actually know what’s in the Bible. There was already a steep decline in true Christianity here in the USA, but Covid put it on a greased skid straight down to hell. Church attendance is down all over in epic low numbers. And the Christian fetish over the Jews is unbelievable. But that’s only one part of the overall problem, but it is a good indication of just how bad things are.

    • Arthur Sido

      It used to startle me how illiterate many (most? almost all?) faithful church-goers are about the Bible, like they learned nothing from decades of Sunday school and sermons.

      • anon2

        I’ve concluded that the majority of Christians just go to church to score points with God for just showing up & keeping a pew warm.
        I briefly attended a church that was Reformed Prez (Calvinist, Theonomy, Gary North, the Tyler, Tx church, etc. A good essay on that subject is “Meet the Theonomists”. I went to the small house-church where ‘Rev’ John Martin preached in Chattanooga, Tn. They moved to Tyler, Tx & I recovered my sanity, especially after seeing Jerry Falwell go down the waterslide.)
        A website I read for awhile was
        under “Further Reading” read # 99 (with link to # 22) on tongues/Spirit of Python and # 34.
        Paul’s conversion story has 3 versions, carefully read:
        Acts 9: 3-8; Acts 22: 6-15; Acts 26: 12-20.
        If I were a prosecutor, I would charge Paul with perjury.
        The Bible was written by (((tribesmen))) , tweaked and fashioned through the centuries to favor
        (((the tribe))).
        Christianity was spread to the goy through infiltration, intermarriage, bribery & blackmail of the kings & rulers.
        The masses were converted at the point of the sword, or they fell under the sword, or persecuted & ostracized.
        The ‘Chosen’ hate the Christians & work toward the day when they control the world.
        Lenin (((tribe))) said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    • LGC

      The one time in most people’s lives that they needed, really needed the church to be there for them and preach The Word, they all closed up and proved they were just agents of the State. Why bother attending a church that isn’t going to be there when you need it?

      Covid exposed a LOT of things.

      • KDOG

        True. My wife and I stopped attending church a few years ago. Can’t find one worth going to. Most are like social clubs. Many (most?) took government money and/or tax breaks.

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