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Swing Low…

In some lighter news while waiting to see if we get nuked….

Down in Louisville, Kentucky there is an outfit called the “black Classical Artists of Louisville”. Sounds like cultural appropriation to me but along with the “Kentuckiana Association of Negro Musicians”, they held a “Traditional Negro Spiritual” voice competition.

Here are the winners of the “Traditional Negro Spiritual” competition…

The comments were turned off but not before quite a few angry black folk weighed in.

I just found that incredibly amusing.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Now that’s beautiful, just made my weekend. Seems some of our melanin enhanced counterparts don’t think racial accomodation should be a two way street, nor that skill and merit should count for fuckall as long as they get theirs. How many white boys you see in the NBA these days? Yeah, I know. I almost couldn’t type something so self evidently obvious. Ain’t that some shit.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Eh, maybe. But if it pisses off the right people, that works for me. I know it isn’t useful in the big picture, but I’ll take what yuks I can get at the expense of shithead hypocrites. Is that petty? Yeah, so what. Entertainment value only.

  2. Jim Laffrey

    Learn more about crypto-jews, study the features of known jews by the hundreds or thousands of photos, and you’ll strongly suspect what I strongly suspect. jew judges picked jew winners. Not Whites.

    When you have this knowledge, you apply it to countrywide student science contests, and lottery winners, and the winners of those sites that have giveaways every month such as those giving away expensive musical instruments. And you’ll see the evidence that jews pick jews to win.

    In my latest show (episode 16), I mentioned the “covid” loan received by the jew owner and pilot of OceanGate and the “imploded sub” — so we’re told. Almost half a million bucks, and the loan was forgiven, of course. jews got the lion’s share of those “loans” — actually free money, big money, to those in the big club (the race) that we are not in.

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