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Stop Hitting Your Face On My Fist

Look at this guy.

Asians open businesses in black neighborhoods because once blacks moved into those neighborhoods, they brought crime and chaos with them, driving property values down and making them attractive as retail locations for new Asian immigrants to start businesses because the rent is cheap.

In essence what Talbert Swan is saying is what I would say: blacks drive down property values so rent is cheap for Asian businesses but you have to then deal with the fact that blacks are nigh uncontrollably violent and unpredictable. Couple this with their love of attacking smaller people, and most Asians are of smaller physical stature, and you get black on Asian violence being 280x higher than the rate of Asian on black violence. I am not sure I have ever even heard of a case of Asian on black violence, 280x might be too low.

It is a variation on the short skirt argument. What Swan is saying to Asians boils down to this: if you don’t want blacks to be violent toward Asians, Asians need to stay away from blacks. Simple proximity to blacks is justification enough for them to attack you. Whites figured this out a long time ago and with that realization came “White flight” and suburbs. As no one is allowed to defend themselves against black violence, the only solution is to separate yourself from blacks.

I was convinced for a while that “bishop” Talbert Swan was just an elaborate troll but he is an actual person. He styles himself a “bishop” and his wikipedia page includes this hilarious section:

His grace the Right Reverend “bishop” Talbert Wesley Swan II. Notice he uses “II” instead of “Jr.”, no doubt because that seems more impressive. Swan is the “bishop” of the Vermont Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ denomination, a large global denomination that is nearly 85% black, but Swan is “bishop” of the jurisdiction that covers Vermont, a state with one of the smallest black populations in America, while still residing in Springfield, Massachusetts. I am not sure when he has time to minister to his black community as he seems to spend all of his time on Twitter calling other blacks coons and Uncle Tom and of course blaming everything that blacks do on White devils or Asians. His focus seems to be on everything but stuff that could conceivably be considered Christian ministry.

In some ways I rather admire Talbert Swan. He is race focused to a level that puts me to shame. Unlike White clergy who without significant exception go out of their way to avoid advocacy for their own people and are endlessly yammering about the global brotherhood of man, Swan makes no pretense of caring about non-blacks. He mostly hates everyone else and has no problem with saying so. His denomination not only doesn’t discipline him, it stumbles over itself to give him fancy titles. A White pastor who said something even vaguely hinting at White advocacy or criticism of a black person would be drummed out of his denomination, even a “conservative” one like the Southern Baptist Convention, but in the Church of God in Christ anti-White or anti-Asian hatred is welcome. The only time he really gets any flack is when he talks about the Jews. It would be nice if any White pastors would act like the White people in their own congregation were of a higher concern for them than blacks in Kenya but then again pictures of mission trips to Haiti get you more upvotes on social media than a mission trip to Appalachia.

My recommendation to Asians is to follow “Bishop” Swan’s advice and get out of black neighborhoods. With those storefronts empty, I am sure that the local black residents will turn that vacant square footage into locations for the local physics club or perhaps they will build some pyramids. Asians need to learn, the only way to avoid black violence is to avoid black people.


  1. Skeptic

    If the Asians shuttered their businesses, then the nogs would bitch about “nail deserts” and “weave deserts.” Because after desegregation, all the blacks capable of operating businesses moved the fuck away from black areas.

  2. Exile1981

    Just think of the twerking dance studios and hooka bars that could be run by blacks if the asians didnt take up all the retail space.

    • Arthur Sido

      His twitter feed is all day, every day, why blacks are never wrong. A black could boil a White baby alive and he would blame Whites for inventing stoves.

  3. Gryphon

    I’m getting a Laugh out of watching Walmart, Target, and other big food retailers get driven out of Urban areas by the packs of Feral Apes doing Mass Looting. Then the likes of this Grifter Monkey complaining about “Food Deserts”. I wonder what will happen when the ‘hispanics’ (illegal aliens) start moving in to those areas; do they try what the Asians do, open Stores in low-rent areas?

    • pyrrhus

      Based on their California activities..e.g. Compton..if the hispanics decide to turn a black area into a barrio, they will firebomb out any undesirables, and the cops will do nothing…

  4. Bobsuruncle

    My distant family owns a town in WV, not saying where, me and other family are buying about 400 acres there, town is 99% white. Family and friends will be coming to live over the next few years to take care of each other, share our values and live in relative peace, many are vets. My family has been there for generations. This is the way. Get away from the orcs now!

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