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Starting Juneteenth Early!

At least 21 people were shot, one of them fatally, at a Juneteenth celebration in gun-controlled Illinois on Sunday morning around 12:30 a.m.

CNN reported the shooting occurred “in a parking lot in Willowbrook, about 21 miles west of Chicago.”

FOX 32 pointed out two of the wounded remain in critical condition.

FOX News noted DuPage County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Eric Swanson indicated that deputies patrolling the area near the parking lot heard the gunshots and responded.

Swanson said, “The motive behind this incident is unclear and this is still an active investigation.”

Breitbart helpfully provided a photo of the parking lot.

A Juneteenth celebration in front of a catfish joint and a liquor store? There is a near 100% certainty that a mass shooting would occur. What is weird is that Willowbrook only has a few hundred blacks…

Every black in Willowbrook must have been there, although the Village of Willowbrook claims the shooting was two miles outside of the village limits.


  1. Mike_C

    If a person had written this up as fiction he’d be pilloried for “perpetuating hurtful racist stereotypes”.

    This is like a photo of a strip mall with an “animal shelter” right next to a Chinese takeout.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    This one’s got it all. Black holiday celebration, stereotypical litter-strewn setting (there is surely a checking cashing or pawn shop in that strip mall, right next to the Dollar General), garish orange two-wheeler on the scene that no self-respecting White biker would ride, 21+ shot with a single fatality, obligatory photo of stronk, independent [White] female cops sweeping the scene in the aftermath.

    So where is da racisms? There has to be racisms!

  3. Anonymous

    Given the usual 10:1 ratio of shots fired to confirmed hits, that place must have been lit for a good 20 minutes or more. Somebody clearly thought ahead and brought extra mags.

    Huh. And they say dindus don’t exhibit future time orientation.

  4. Trotsky's Pickaxe

    But, but, but, what about the gun free zone sign?
    The glorious peoples republic of Illinois, CPUSA occupied for over 100 years.
    The land of Ape Lincoln and Bathhouse Barry.
    Forward, si se puede!

  5. Xzebek

    A celebratory chimp out.
    Typical of any black gathering on a black holiday. Only thing that could have made it more perfect would be if it happened on MLK Boulevard.

  6. Plague Monk

    I love the gun writers who keep promoting the idea of all dindus having guns, not to mention pedos, trannies and other aberrations/sub-humans. I asked one of them a while back if he supported gun ownership for people engaged in bestiality and necrophiliacs. His answer was that everyone should own guns unless they are actually in jail.
    Another gun writer has a current post about a gun control group advocating arming dindus so as to get Repubs to support gun control. The writer says(paraphrase)that no one in the gun community wants to disarm dindus. I’m not naming or linking this idiot because I don’t want to provoke an internet feud. There are times when I’d like to get an account on Gab so I could call out these wackos, but I still have small, receding hopes of getting another contract.

    • pyrrhus

      The Dindus don’t have legal guns…Most of them couldn’t pass a background check, but there is a thriving black market in firearms…

    • Anon

      The same sort of cucks as those who got us into this multicultural hellscape by refusing to fight back.
      “One race the human race”
      “I don’t see race”
      “I have a black friend!”
      Meanwhile all the other races do see race and they see how weak Whites have been.
      Thanks for The Civil Rights Act and Immigration Act of 65 and other poison. Diversity is our death.
      Well, we don’t need them to succeed, they hold us back as well.
      As for those who look for a peaceful solution like voting for a separation/secession, they will never let us go willingly. It should be real obvious by this point especially with the purposeful flooding of White communities with invaders, legal and illegal, where even that small town in the article with only about 400 nigs still sees the same urban jungle shit as larger cities.
      Stay frosty.

  7. Reader

    Lived inbetween Aurora and Naperville. The demo in Aurora was tan while Naperville is white.

    Guess what doesnt happen much at all in Naperville?

  8. Matt

    I was adopted in 1965. My parents told me in 1980. Met my birth mother in 89. Told me my birth father was half black. That was a fucking shock. She did me 2 favors. She gave me up for adoption and never listed my fathers name or race. I don’t look black, don’t act black, don’t advertise I’m part black. I was raised white middle class. Military background. Blue collar job.

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