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Stan The Man Back From Canuckistan

Sorry for the silence, just got back from a whirlwind trip to America’s hat, aka Canada. I was in Ontario as usual and also as usual it was for yet another wedding.

It is always a weird experience going to Canada. There is the pre-trip ritual of making sure I take my gun and mags out of my travel bag. Can’t have any way to defend yourself other than calling the hilarious acronym cops, the O.P.P. or Ontario Provincial Police.

Canada is what They want the U.S. to look like: Disarmed, mostly servile and soft Whites who slave away to support the non-White imports that the “leaders” of Canada have been flooding that once proud nation with for decades. When I drive through small Canadian towns they seem to be mostly full of middle aged, weak and meek appearing Whites apart from the occasional farmers.

On the other hand, thanks to their weird Byzantine regulations, there are a ton of relatively small and relatively prosperous farms throughout Ontario in the region between Toronto and Michigan. It is hard to have a huge farm and it is next to impossible to divide up farms into smaller chunks, plus there are caps on how much livestock each farm can own. So farm prices are ridiculously high but there are plenty of farms that are too small to survive in America but look like they are doing great in Ontario. Most are very well kept and tidy, the houses are fancy and the barns are new and clean.

Coming back we went through Windsor instead of Port Huron hoping to avoid Friday rush hour traffic in Detroit and it was going great until we get to the border check, pull up to the CBP station and some Laquisha is in the booth. It took her forever to check everything and she made me not only turn off the van in near 90 degree temps but also give her my keys. Like I am going to go all O.J. and make a run for it in a 15 passenger van. Meanwhile I am watching cars full of Middle Eastern looking dudes and even a pimped out hearse buzz right through the checkpoint. It was Detroit after all.

It’s good to be back in the U.S. of A. although the difference between here and Canada is growing pretty slim in many parts of the country. Back to your regularly scheduled casual internet racism and poorly executed memes.


  1. saoirse

    I think the devolution goes something like this:

    Normie-cucks would say: “Nothing wrong with that, Brazil has a great economy and we’ll still have our religious freedumbs and constituushun”.
    The balloon going up within the next two to three years (five maximum) is the only thing that will circumvent this slide into extinction!

    • anon

      Could easily go towards south africa.
      How about Rhodesia (RIP) to zimbabwe?
      Or a dive towards haiti in some parts.
      How about cannibalism, just like in africa, and “child soldiers” (awfully similar to the murderous “youths” today)?

      It can easy go real bad.

      • anon

        And it is trending that way. Antifa and others did go to rural towns. Didn’t do much as people were armed but they definitely wanted to and when they get the nerve and the backing will attempt again. And the usual looting and raping. And the invasion from the south. Ever see some of those cartel vids? They will skin a man alive and wear his face as a joke while he writhes and makes inhuman gasping sounds on the ground.
        Oh, this diversity is just so damn diverse, and necessary too!
        Worse than animals, and all those who aid and condone them are even worse as they know what these things are and are using them against us while they think they will be unaffected.
        There are many out there who deserve immense hatred for what they have done to White countries over the decades/centuries.

      • Arthur Sido

        I am not as familiar with Brazil but Mexico is already in a state where anyone with money has armed bodyguards and razor wire topped walls around their hacienda. Those who can’t afford that stuff are at the mercy of the cartels.

  2. Xzebek

    I don’t see the niggerization of our country stopping without rather widespread violence. A society that is used to the standard of living that we have (until recently) had will not work when the intellectually inferior, incapable and lazy, are put in positions of responsibility.

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