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Some Lighter News (Or Not)

That last post was both angry and too long so here is a more bite-sized piece.

First to Florida in the Broward County schools at Dillard High School:

Caught on video: Fight between 2 Dillard teachers under investigation

You can probably guess, not a great picture but you get the gist…..

I didn’t see any students but at this same school last week:

Dillard High student in custody; accused of showing another student a gun at school

As you can probably guess, according to the school website Dillard is very, um, diverse…

Dillard High 6-12 is a Broward “magnet” school and it looks like the magnet is a special one that attracts future felons and brawling black teachers. In 2021-2022, they had a couple of kids get suspended.

I added them up, and in a school with 2,530 “students”, a total of 427 of them were suspended “1 or more” times in the school year. Almost 17% of students were suspended? If a kid got suspended in my high school it was a huge deal, not so much at Dillard. 70% of seniors had an attendance rate of under 90%. Sounds like a delightful place with bright-eyed eager learners and winsome and wise teachers.

Not so funny, look at these dead-eyed bitches.

These ravishing chicks are Candace Craig, 44 and her daughter Salia Hardy, 19. The one on the right is 19, she looks closer to my age. Why are these lovely ladies in the news?




A twisted Maryland mom and daughter are charged with dismembering the family’s matriarch with a chainsaw — then grilling the body parts to get rid of them — following a fight about a credit card, cops said.

Margaret Craig, 71, had been dead for more than a week when police made the grisly discovery Friday at the kin’s Hill Road home in Landover during a welfare check.


In the basement, they “observed blood and tissue on the floor near three white plastic trash bags,” according to charging documents obtained by the news outlet WJLA.

The cops said they also found “what appeared to be brain matter” inside one of the bags and noticed a knife on the floor, which later vanished.

Additional cutting instruments, the cover of a chainsaw, cleaning materials and blood spatter were observed throughout the cellar reeking of putrefaction….

…..“After that, [Candace Craig] and her daughter dismembered the body, I believe using a chainsaw, and then attempted to dispose of the parts of the body using fire on a grill and in a bonfire,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Jessica Garth.

No words.

Imma gonna go throw up, be right back.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Dunno which story is more vomit-inducing – the mother/daughter pair of Lizzo Bordens, or the thought of all those taxpayer dollars propping up what amounts to just another stop on the skoo’-to-prison highway.

      • LGC

        you could do a whole section on “government school or prison”. I doubt most people would get more than 50%.

        And that’s in the better areas.

        Face it, at this point if your still sending your kids to government school, everything that happens is on you.

        Oh turns out it’s flag day. A neighbor was putting out their stars and stripes and saying “where is yours?”
        Me (completely lacking the filter between brain and mouth) “oh honey that country is dead and gone”
        she got in a huff and went back inside.

        You can lead ’em to water, you can’t make ’em drink.

  2. Historic Morale Czar

    Thanks for the tip on Dullard (honk!), it is to be avoided like so many zones in the former USA.
    The CPUSA wants us hopeless and demoralized, so don’t go there.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      In Broward County the rich white folks live on the coast. Go west to where the development meets the Everglades and there are lots of subdivisions and gated communities full of more well off white folks. In between those two areas is lots and lots of vibrancy. That’s where Dillard is. Most white folks only travel through that area on the freeway.

  3. Big Country Expat

    The schools here in Florida… ALL of them are based on a prison style system. One of the few times I was home on R&R I went to parent-teechuh conferences and OMFG… I literally thought I was back in Abu Ghraib. The doors ALL lock until classes are over… like lockdown level. In fact moar secure than I ever even expected. VERY unnerving

    • Arthur Sido

      Hell, I remember in high school me and some buddies driving off campus to get donuts and the principal waved to us as we left. We were jocks so we got away with anything but there were no cops or lock downs and no one stopped us from coming and going.

  4. Jake Holloway

    When I lived in the Broward for 7 years I would occasionally drive by the schools and they were usually full of the usuals suspects out front…massive brawls of 13%ers fighting it out or running across traffic. Every. Single. Day.

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