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Ruthless Criminal Pro-Tip

When committing a felony, always be sure to livestream yourself and be certain your face appears multiple times, ensuring proper identification at trial.


    • Big Ruckus D

      I todays episode of “when keeping it real goes wrong”. And even as long as that clip was, neither negress could catch a whiff if they were shooting at shit, since they both apparently departed the scene alive. Much to our everlasting detriment.

  1. Bobsuruncle

    I love how they can only repeat or speak in max, 5-6 word statements. Watch Tim Scott speeches, he does the same things its like almost there is no inner-dialogue or thought process, either emotion or rote memory. I see the same patterns. The lack of marksmanship with the amish just continues to give glo%$ a bad name with boomers who demand precision steel frames as the only acceptable firearms. Damn you, we almost had the boomers on our side finally, damn you.

    I love all firearms equally, hopefully no one is offended.

  2. Dr. Hollowpoint

    When is the last time you were as enthusiastic about ANYTHING as a Negro is about violence? They absolutely glory in it! Watching this video and countless others, I think blacks like violence more than sex, which might be why they so very much love rape.

    • anon

      Violence works.
      Berlin and Bavaria after WW1 both had communist revolutions. Whining and pleading with them didn’t end it.
      Communists took over in Spain. The republicans just let them have their way step by step until others rose up and started a civil war.
      We can use us history too. How about the indian attacks on early colonists, or later the American Revolution? It took more than a couple of documents.
      It took a lot of men to end problems.
      Voting won’t fix this. Neither will appointing others to do the violence for you (ie the cops).

      • saoirse

        Absolutely correct! Time for the white man and woman to stop praying, indulging, gorging, entertaining, voting, denying and cowering. Muds have no idea of what we’re capable of because they are completely ignorant of real history.

  3. Got Clinton

    Saw one about a future rocket scientist turned murderer painted up as some saint by the media, online had the photos of the son of Barry with two pound bags of weed and a Glock.

  4. saoirse

    Sheboon gonna gets her gat!
    Knowing that your opponent doesn’t have the skill to hit you – even at close range – makes them quite stupid-brave. The other nigger apparently couldn’t even hit her car LOL!
    Wonder what the shitbirds actually hit. House full of people maybe?

  5. Randolph Scott

    Damn, I could say about 350 things about this stupid woman but the best idea is to put her in the first charge of dumbass brigrade. Make her and all her friends the cannon fodder.

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