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PewPew And Circumstances

The shooting happened during graduation ceremonies for Huguenot High School in the Richmond, Virginia public school district. An 18 year old who just graduated and an older male were killed…..

Shawn Jackson, 18, and Renzo Smith, 36, were killed in the shooting, Tameeka Jackson-Smith told NBC News. Jackson-Smith is Jackson’s mother and Smith’s wife.

Most reports indicate the shooter knew the victim, I assume some sort of beef that ended as they often do in gunfire in the black community.

The name of the shooter was not released right away so I did a little researching into Huguenot High School and it was what I expected….

All of 6% White, majority black (53.4%) with a ton of mestizo kids (38%) as well. I am sure that is a lovely school, at least one other student was murdered this school year and another was shot and wounded.

Finally this morning the name of the shooter was sort of released as he was in court being arraigned for two murders.

19 year old Amari Ty-Jon Pollard done shot him some people and having murdered two of them is going to the slammer for life or most of it. He looks like a little bitch, the boys in the lock-up are going to be fighting over him.

With the identity of the shooter released, you can expect to see this mass shooting disappear like the rest of them down the memory hole.


  1. Dr. Hollowpoint

    High school counselors in such schools ought to be advising students on which correctional facility would be the best fit. Some might prefer the smaller staff at the county jails, and those are the easiest to get into, and most states offer minimum, medium and maximum lockups, while more ambitious negro might bypass all that and go big time in a federal prison.

    Prisons should have mascots and colors to set them apart to foster pride in the black communitay among its “graduates” Those savages love such thing.

    Wearing a Pelican Bay SHU sweatshirt would have more cachet than Harvard, gnomesain?

  2. Moe Gibbs

    What surprises me is that such statistics broken out by race and ethnicity are still being published for public consumption. I can think of no reason, other than allowing us to draw the usual inferences, for any district to voluntarily disseminate such information as the percentage of black students in its schools. Since everything in “academia” is slanted sharply left, what possible purpose could tallying up the black/white ratios serve in Biden’s clown world? They have to know that we are going to look for that all-important ratio when a school disturbance occurs, or when collective test scores and proficiency ratings are presented, or just when researching a neighborhood for buying a home. This is a leftist own goal that truly astonishes me.

    Any ideas?

    • Gryphon

      Moe – That may just be ‘dumb’, but OTOH, how would the libtards themselves know where Not to Live or send their spawn to School?

      As for Crime in general, over the last 24 Hours, every Time that I have listened to Radio (for the Weather, generally) there has been a report of “Another Shooting” and like this one in Richmond, the locations of the others, and the lack of Names, indicate that it was another Watermelon-on-Basketball incident. Plus the K/W Ratio, too.

      • Moe Gibbs

        Well, I guess that is one thing that the left and the right agree on – no one wants to live near Shit’avious.

    • Woodswalker

      Moe, it boils down to the almighty buck, the larger the “minority population” the more .gov grift is available to pay those fat admin salaries. Hence, the info is there, public knowledge and a stat to be glommed onto. And the case further reinforces the stereotype. Ad infinitum.

      There is a reason for the stereotypes 13% pop notches 48% criminal proceedings, per Famous But Incompetent stats.

      • Moe Gibbs

        At some point, even the dimmest lib is going to question why Chicago and D.C. have the highest per-pupil spending rate in the nation, with the poorest outcomes anywhere. Some 55+ schools in the CPD report that zero students, not a single one, reads to grade level or is able to solve the simple mathematical equations taught in their grade.

        Aiming a money cannon at an intractable problem does not render the problem any less intractable. Leftists are notoriously generous with other people’s money, but OPM is a finite resource, just like anything else. We can’t afford trying to teach the unteachable AND provide welfare benefits for the dreamers AND enforcing electric vehicle use AND free menstrual products in the boys’ room AND…

    • Arthur Sido

      They actually brag about it, having a “diverse” school is considered a plus on school scorecards but it does make it convenient for leftist parents to avoid dark schools like Gryphon suggested.

  3. Xzebek

    For a chimp it wasn’t bad shooting: 2 killed 5 wounded. He must not have been holding the pistol sideways ghetto style.

  4. Jon

    Interesting ATL story
    Two white female college athletes on trial for their part in an armed home invasion conducted by two black men. One of the men is still at large, the other has a long list of convictions; he just got off a 2 year stretch for his part in an armed home invasion during which the homeowner died from injuries sustained jumping out of a window to escape…but for some reason this thug wasn’t convicted of felony murder, and was out of jail so recidivist.
    What is it with these middle class (I assume based on Alpharetta and Duluth homes, and attending private university and playing lacrosse) white girls hanging out with black thugs…..?
    The enstupidation….did their parents teach them nothing.

  5. igor

    I also checked out the demographics on this school and the diversity rating was 93%. How can that be with a 6% white population?

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