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Oh No Canada

That entire nation, a beautiful place for the most part with great people for the most part, is without question the most cucked place in the world. Again, not everyone but enough Canadians are that they keep electing Justin Trudeau and importing third world shitheads by the thousands. Now their vaunted “free healthcare” system is about to replace White doctors with African witch doctors and Caribbean voodoo priests.

The federal government announced Wednesday it will use Canada’s immigration system to recruit more in-demand health-care workers as the country grapples with a severe shortage of some professionals in the field, such as family doctors.

Speaking at an event in Bedford, N.S., Immigration Minister Sean Fraser and Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos unveiled a new dedicated “express entry” stream for health professionals in the economic immigration program.

They said a notice will soon go out to 500 foreign health workers inviting them to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Another 1,500 workers will get an invitation next week — a staggered launch for a program that is expected to be well subscribed.

The invitations will go to foreign doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists and optometrists as part of a push by the federal government to deal with a health-care crisis that is, in large part, a staffing crisis.

The situation is dire. An estimated six million Canadians do not have a family doctor, according to research compiled by Angus Reid. Canada is short of specialists as well.

The physician shortage is expected to be even more acute in just five years’ time. Federal data suggests Canada will be short some 44,000 doctors, including over 30,000 family doctors and general practitioners, by 2028.

They are also going to “streamline” licensing so doctors who are not qualified can get licenses to practice in Canada. What could go wrong?

Here we see one problem with socialized medicine. In order to become a doctor, you must commit a significant chunk of your young adult years to schooling. Our daughter is 26 now and is going into her fourth year of medical school so she will be 27 when she graduates. Add in 3 years of residency and now she is 30 before she starts making that big doctor salary. Or you could become an actuary with a four year degree and make a six figure income while med students are still slogging through medical school. The large salaries of doctors is based on the rarity of people who can do the academic work and the invest of time. I don’t have the stats in front of me but I suspect Canadian doctors make much less than their American counterparts because they work for the government. Somebody correct me if I am wrong.

It is just a pain in the ass, and that goes up the more you have to deal with government red tape. My dad retired while he could have easily kept practicing medicine for another decade because he was just fed up with the bullshit.

Canada, rather than finding out ways to encourage actual Canadians to pursue medicine instead does what globalist shills always do: imports swarthy skinned foreigners to do the jobs they have discouraged Whites from doing. As a result, the quality of medicine in Canada will continue to decline and Canada will become browner.

That is what is called “progress” in the West.


  1. Bobsuruncle

    Not sure if it is the same in Canuckland, but in the US foreign health workers arent required to meet the same academic and licensing standards, so Ive been told. Which would explain all the foreign medical working in the VA, military medical centers and hospitals. Most Ive encountered barely speak english.

    • JerseyJeffersonian

      The lack of English proficiency is a guarantee of excellent bedside manner. As well as a major hole in diagnostic proficiency and good health outcomes. Hmm…

  2. Mike_C

    Not exactly. FMGs (foreign medical graduates — now a Hate Term by the way, but I don’t remember and wouldn’t use anyway the new politically correct term) in the US must pass the USMLE “step” exams which are three standardized written tests plus a practical exam where you have to interact with mock patients (actors role-playing actual patients). The last one is called Step2/CS (I think clinical skills or something). 2/CS is not a test of knowledge, it’s to make sure you can communicate and that you have enough self control to not do something illegal during the exam.

    Now many FMGs literally spend years cramming for the USMLEs, and there are test banks (repositories of the questions and multiple choice answers) out there, so the system is in a sense gamed against US med grads because we almost always take the USMLEs during med school (and/or internship in the case of Step 3), ie while we’re really busy with something fairly demanding.

    It’s true that the VA system in some cases makes exceptions for FMGs. But overall, if you want to practice in the US, you must not only pass the USMLEs, but also graduate from an American training program (residency). There might be an exception made for a Nobel level guy coming to be Chairman of Surgery at Major Academic Hospital, but the overwhelming majority have to go the whole process. And that includes persons from places I’d gladly accept as equivalent (I mean like Germany, the Nordic countries).

  3. pyrrhus

    More than 100 doctors were killed by the jab in Canada, and many doctors and nurses were fired for refusing it….in a health care system that was overstressed to begin with…So welcome the Kangs from Kenya…

  4. Mike_C

    Oh yeah, Canada is not the only nominally white country to do this sort of stupidity. A very dear friend of mine is from Spain. (We get along great. Someone once called her “Hispanic”. She replied, “Don’t call me that. I am a White European. I am NOT one of Those People!” Ahahaha! It was glorious.)

    Anyway, this friend got her MD at a very good school in Spain. Came to the US to earn a hard-science PhD, took the USMLEs, got into a prestigious US residency program (where we met), and then a Harvard fellowship followed by faculty appointment. So a top notch pedigree (and a great clinician as well). As I said, we got along great, and it didn’t hurt that she was 5’9” and 130 lbs of long legs, flashing dark eyes, and hilarious barbed sarcasm against the pompous, but I digress. The part we disagreed on was that she spent time doing clinics in sub-Saharan Africa, and despite her non-Hispanicness, was an open borders type.

    So my friend decides to move back to Spain. She applies for a Spanish medical license only to be told there is a queue (wait list) that’s three years long. The queue is full of applicants from MENA and sub-Saharan Africa. She said to me, “Not to be arrogant, but I have my MD from a good place in Spain, US PhD and fellowship, Harvard Medical School faculty, plus I’m a native Spaniard and of course Spanish speaker. And I’m behind Those People?” I didn’t have the heart to rub it in and point out that that was the logical conclusion of her politics.

  5. Nick Nolte's Mugshot

    The USA is already loading up our medical schools with unqualified blacks. In the next few years they are going to start showing up in your town. I can see them assigning them as primary care physicians for White elderly Medicare patients which will likely hasten the demise of 100s of thousands per year. DON’T GET SICK.

    • Arthur Sido

      It isn’t just the blacks but weird White kids as well, sexual degenerates and kids who claim to be “autistic”. I have seen some interviews with medical students that seem like most of the students should be hospitalized.

      • Mike_C

        Oh, the wokeness is through the ceiling. As an example, as part of a mentoring program, three of us (two highly successful academic physicians, and me for some damn reason) were having breakfast with four female med students. One Jewish (I know this because I’m friends with her father, also a very accomplished physician), one East Asian, one South Asian, and one probably heritage American (but maybe Jewish). That’s a good microcosm of the entire student body, BTW. They all agreed that asking a patient for xir pronouns was THE critical step in doing a good interview and exam. “Because as (future) doctors we have to make sure everyone feels safe and valued”.

        The female faculty person agreed completely. The male person looked a bit awkward but agreed. I said, “You do realize that at least 50% of this nation would be offended by being asked for pronouns, right?” They looked at me in a mixture of blank nonunderstanding or disgust. I said, “Take me as an example. I go by ‘Mike’, I dress and present as a man, and I have a beard.”(Then, not now.) “It’s a really safe bet I’m he/him. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to use the pronouns YOU think apply. And if the patient objects then you can apologize and accommodate them, if you are so inclined.” Whereupon people stopped talking to me. Oh well.

        But the scary things are that these four girls are at elite institutions and likely could be future leaders of academics and/or public policy. Also, they looked and acted generally “normal”. Nice clothes and hair, made up, no blue hair or piercings or other signs of trouble. Wokeness is pervasive in academics generally and academic medicine particularly. (Private practice guys tend to be more traditional and conservative, though that’s relative to academic MDs, not on an absolute scale.)

  6. John Wilder

    I still have a distrust of “doctors” from foreign lands who didn’t go through American schools. I guess “doctor” is now a job that heritage Canadians just don’t want to do – or is it that the doctors restrict supply?

  7. Exile1981

    Part of the issue in Canada is spaces in medical schools. The feds years back said that a % of all spaces in a university have to be saved for Canadians but its notby program. So most medical programs onlyexcept 1 to 2% canadian students, the rest being foreign who pay huge $$$ to attend. That means a foreign student can get in with grades that a canadian would be laughed at for having.

  8. Mike in Canada

    I would add that CSIS has now confirmed that Chinese influence, to one degree or other, has been at work on Canadian federal elections since 1982… this means that we have not necessarily elected shit in all that time. We thought we did. It may be that we did not.
    I would suggest that Justin did not fairly win either of the elections held since his initial victory in 2015. There is ample evidence to indicate this.
    This, this part here, is a major dot in the constellation of dots currently comprising our situation in Canada. We are running out of solutions that do not require Rule308.
    Our choices are about to become rather difficult.

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