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Oathbreaking Psychopath POS

Something we always need to remember is that in any profession with a large sample size, you are going to get a wide variety of people. For example, there are millions of public school teachers in America. A not-insignificant number of them are pedophiles who became teachers to have access to kids (also true of many priests and Scout leaders etc), a sizable majority I would estimate are disenchanted but sticking with it to run out the clock until they can draw a pension and quite a few really care about the job and the kids. In short, most are mediocre, some are malevolent and some are praiseworthy.

That is the case everywhere, in any group of people from cops to garbage men, dentists to farmers. This truth is why I am leery of the near-worshipful attitude of many towards those who served in the military. That is not to say that I don’t respect those who served honorably in the armed forces, I certainly do even as my attitude toward America’s war-machine has changed over the years. It just means that people who served as just regular people, some good, some bad, most average. That brings me to this guy….

Jay/Jason Kirell. Combat vet during Operation Enduring Freedom, 101st Airborne, etc. I get that, lots of people on social media tout their veteran status when they served as a chef at the Pentagon for two years*. It is an appeal to authority, we are supposed to defer to him on Army guy stuff because he was an Army guy. Fair enough. On any topic that refers to the use of mortars, I recognize him as an authority as well as general Army guy knowledge.

On any other topic?

His opinions carry no more weight than anyone else and he doesn’t get a pass for saying stupid shit, just like John “Rot in hell” McCain or Dan “Zioclops” Crenshaw, and certainly not Lindsey “Barely closeted faggot” Graham don’t get a pass because of military service. In the stupid shit category we have this:

Granted, Kari Lake is a bimbo and most NRA members are elderly or soon to be elderly Boomers. She is playing to the crowd and engaged in political theater. But ol’ Jay Kirell took umbrage at her statement and fantasized on social media about dropping mortar rounds on American citizens, talking about “taking out your entire compound”. He sort of sounds aroused at the idea of blowing up American civilians.

One would think that an Afghanistan combat veteran would know better. Operation Enduring Freedom lasted for more than a dozen years and the occupation of Afghanistan lasted a full 20 years before ending with the humiliating retreat of U.S. forces, abandoning billions in gear and the Afghan military we spent billions training collapsing like Joe Biden on stage with a sandbag. Our mortars, drones, artillery and highly trained forces couldn’t pacify Afghanistan, a backward nation of less than 40 million goat-humpers armed with Soviet-occupation era weapons.

America? We have a lot more people, in a much bigger country, with half a billion firearms in private hands. I would estimate that the average prepper/gun enthusiast has more firepower than a World War II Army infantry squad. Deer rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor or 30-06 with a decent scope in the right hands are deadly out to hundreds of yards. You don’t need a mortar to kill someone who never sees it coming or even a $2000 AR-15, just a pissed off Bubba with a $500 deer rifle.

Not to mention that for every combat vet like Jay Kirell, there are a lot more who are would be on the other side. There are millions of retired and active duty military veterans and cops in America. Rank and file vets and cops tend to be strongly Republican and I suspect that many of them are just as right-wing as people like me.

He is right about one thing. A potential future conflict won’t be like the last Civil War. The people he gets a chubby about blowing up aren’t going to line up and wait for him and his buddies to splatter them. I am not a tactician but it seems that mortars and artillery are great against fixed positions or columns of tanks but individuals? Not so much.

Drop a mortar round on an Afghan family and what are they going to do about it? Not much.

Drop a mortar round on an American family? Well I assume Jay lives here and so does his family.

The people he wants to kill are all around him when he is getting groceries, or driving his car, picking up his dry cleaning or filling his gas tank and unlike Afghanis, they look like him. I don’t want to stray into Fedpoasting here but you get my drift. All of his combat experience and training won’t mean shit if the uncle of someone he blew up caps his ass standing in line at the Piggly Wiggly.

Sure, in a straight-up fight I am sure Jay is more than a match for most civilians but how can someone talk about serving in Afghanistan and not understand that in a civil war in America, it won’t be a straight-up fight? Did he learn absolutely nothing?

My point here is not to hurf and blurf about Civil War 2.0 so much as it is to remind us all that there are lots of people in this country who are salivating at the thought of killing people that disagree with them politically. Just recently a lunatic named Matthew Lee Comiskey was sentenced to prison for making death threats against Lauren Boebert. A different leftist loon tried to kill a bunch of Republican congressman at baseball practice. One attacked Rand Paul from behind and injured him severely. These people don’t just want you to lose the next election, they want you dead. They cannot be reasoned with and there is no room for compromise.

Prepare accordingly, not just with gear but with physical fitness and just as importantly with mental toughness.

* I have no idea if the chefs at the Pentagon are military


  1. SirLawrence

    One little detail these dotmil puffers always forget: their skin is their uniform.

    When things get sparky these pinkos will be walking targets for every aggrieved identity that has been undergoing psyop training to hate whitey for years. Thats not even counting the opportunistic and straight up jungle monkeybrained that will use the cover of unrest and lawlessness and general open violence as license to apply jungle law.

    I can already hear the cries, much like those soymales watching their bull blacks riot in the streets below their bugman condo only to have a vibrant brick come through the window, “hey bro we are on your side!”, as the crowbar vents his skull. LOL

    I have visceral disgust for White men of service who are leftists or State lackeys or Democrat or all the rest. The sides are drawn. If you ain’t here by now, you are worse than useless.

    I know a guy down in AZ who is a dem/commie and he has been training with a whole bunch of these former mil guys. Now perhaps those guys aren’t aware of his leftist orientation, but I doubt it. There are a lot of former mil who are absolutely on board with globohomo.

    The antifa bois in black jammies have a wider appeal to a lot of young, likely fatherless, boys than most people care to admit. Not all are obvious spiteful mutants flinging poo in portland. Many have real jobs and positions in institutions. Its gonna be messy.

  2. clown car driver

    I mean, how good are his mortar skills? His ass is here, and the Talibans runnin’ the Affy again. lol. Humor. Mock these cocksusckers and make fun of them.

  3. Harbinger

    Anyone can be brave when attacking in superior numbers against unorganized, unsuspecting targets (see: blacks, knockout game). Let’s see how tough this turkey gobbles in a fair fight, let alone against desperate guerilla action. Plenty of ‘combat veterans’ are all full of tall tales reeking of bullshit. And wasn’t this the same happily diverse military that cut ‘n run not very long ago, leaving billions in armament, including his precious mortars, in the hands of the sand people?

    ‘Long Island’. Sheesh. I grew up there, lived there my whole life and only left there a year ago. All of the stereotypes you hear about the place are true – Guidos. Chosens. Children of privilege. Soft, suburban cityboy wanna-be’s who never got dirt under their fingernails, chauffeured to the mall in mommy’s Mercedes SUV. Not gonna lend a lot of credence to this fool’s keyboard bravado.

  4. anon

    As an aside, look at the Irish and their use of mortars/rockets/other tools and tactics. They just didn’t have a handful of snipers.
    Just a bit of history (among the other parts) that might be interesting to read and learn about.

    • anon

      For that matter, there might also be material out there on the Afghanis and Iraqis (and foreign fighters of course) and their use of similar tools and tactics too. That I am a bit unsure of, at least for good material that is easily available.

    • Phil B

      Try looking for a PDF of “The Bear Went Over The Mountain” which is the Soviet report from the Frunze Military Academy on their experiences in Afghanistan and for the Talibans version, “The Other Side of The Mountain”. Both are available as PDF’s and freely available.

      If the Soviets were not constrained by the rules of engagement as the Americans and British were in Afghanistan and could not defeat the Taliban, then unless the US Military is given orders along the lines of “Kill them all, let God sort them out”, they will be in for an “interesting” time.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    When there was a draft, everybody either had served in the military or had a brother/son/husband/cousin who did, so there was not so much mystique about it. The veteran worship in this country didn’t really start until close to 20 years after the draft ended. About one generation. Since by Gulf War I, we had a new generation of Americans who mostly didn’t have such close association with the military.

    Suddenly, it was “thank you for your service” and glorification of vets in media everywhere you looked. Which has probably been a net negative. Subsequently, many younger military/vets came to expect this kind of treatment. Some even developed a sense of entitlement about it.

    Rightly or wrongly, I automatically distrust anyone who wears their military service “on their sleeve.” Or more precisely, on their ball cap/car bumper/rear window/twatter handle. What were you serving for? The recognition? Your ego?

    Children of veterans who themselves did not serve probably have the hardest time letting go of the deification of veterans. It’s tough admitting that your dad served a lie. Tougher than admitting that you yourself did.

    p.s. i was in the military for 5 years myself. That’s part of how I know there’s nothing automatically so special about it, or the people in it.

    • J J

      These days when someone talks about being a veteran, I listen closely to what they have to say afterwards to determine if they are lefties. Seems like just as many are communists as are true patriots.

      Another thing about vets who wear their service all the time, often I discover they were truck drivers or cooks and never saw any combat.

      • Jeffrey Zoar

        There is also a non zero number of people who were never in the military who sport the veteran stickers/hats etc. I knew one guy personally who really went over the top with that, even going so far as to have a uniform, complete with ribbons etc., he got somewhere that I personally witnessed him wear one veteran’s day.

        I doubt he represented all that many of the ones you see with the veteran bumper stickers, but I’ll bet a few bucks he wasn’t the only one.

  6. Historic Meanness Czar

    How many mortars did the Taliban have?
    Worshipping donut molester minions of the state and every person who ever served as if they were Sgt. York is par for the course for the Kwanstain.
    BTW-did they ever find that ammonium nitrate traincar?
    O/T-Indianoplace seeks to overturn Constitutional Carry but will the allowed to have on your person one ounce (28 grams) of weed in Marion county remain? (rhetorical)

      • KDOG

        Art, that reminded me of a recent incident where my wife and I had to go through metal detectors to attend a graduation in a large civic center. What was different this time was everyone had hold their keys/phone/etc abd raise their hands above their heads. The security ‘officer’ in the next lane barked these instructions/orders very loudly at attendees, which startled wife, who stopped, looked at him, and said, “This is America!”, and not a prison camp. The guy was a bit startled, buy didn’t say anything back. He did lower the volume and toned the drill instructor attitude down quite a bit though.

  7. Plague Monk

    I’m an Air Force veteran, as is my wife, but we both consider ourselves “Citizens” rather than veterans(punctuation is not in error). In upstate NY, one of the smaller cities built a war memorial park back around 2009, and my mother funded a lot of it with her inheritance money. She made it a condition that my wife and I be named on one of the columns, as was my father(Army veteran, but not combat). So my wife and I are named, near people who were awarded high level medals, as was Dad.
    The three of us were all mortified, but we put up with it for the guys who fought in the wars, since without Mom’s donation it would not have been built.
    To this day I still wonder whether I should ask that my name and that of my wife be removed, but doing so would cost a bit of money for the local vets, money that they don’t have.

  8. Lord of the Fleas

    FWIW, just remember that “Jay Kirell” could be a bot. (Unless you have definitive proof to the contrary.)

    Just saying’…

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