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No Surgery For You White Guy

The brave new world of medicine being pioneered in New Zealand.

Surgeons in Auckland, New Zealand are ‘disgusted’ over a new policy rolled out in February which requires them to address “historical disparities in healthcare access” for Māori and Pacific Island communities, which will be factored into a new ranking system that determines priority for surgical procedures.

According to leaked documents obtained by the NZ Herald, the new initative, implemented by Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand, uses an “Equity Adjustor Score” algorithm to assign priority based on clinical urgency, waitlist duration, geographic location, ethnicity and level of deprivation.

Patients of Māori and Pasifika backgrounds receive higher rankings, while European New Zealanders and other ethnicities are downranked.

While how this will actually work in practice is yet to be seen, it certainly sounds like Whites can and will be pushed back in the line for surgical procedures in order to address “historical disparities in healthcare access”. Not mentioned, these “indigenous” people wouldn’t have access to modern healthcare of any sort if it were not for White people.

The line of reasoning is one we have heard many times before. Māori and Pacific Islanders in New Zealand have a lower life expectancy than Whites and Kendism tells us that any and every racial disparity is necessarily the result of “racism”, the “philosophy” of anti-White racist and pseudo-intellectual Ibram X. Kendi. Therefore the only way to resolve this “disparity” in health care outcomes is to provide preferential treatment to Māori and Pacific Islanders, even if it means that Whites are pushed back in line to get surgery and therefore likely will experience worse outcomes. You can see how this works, as it is how it always works: rather than lifting up the Māori and Pacific Islanders, instead we push Whites down.

What no one in New Zealand seems to have the courage to ask: are the poor health outcomes for Māori and Pacific Islanders the result of “systemic racism” or are there other, more critical factors in play? From Wikipedia:

They are more obese, smoke more and abuse drugs and alcohol more. These are the primary factors in health problems across all racial groups. I wonder if that has any impact on their life expectancy? Sounds like our own “indigenous” population of Indians….

We see the same thing with blacks in America, being the most obese racial group they also have some of the worst health issues in America but according to Kendism, this disparity can only be explain by “racism” and never by blacks using their food stamps to buy junk food. If black “leaders” like Ibram X. Kendi and others really cared about blacks, they would use the bully pulpit in their community to tell blacks to stop eating like pigs and stop shooting each other. They won’t because people like Kendi know that doing so doesn’t sell books to guilty White liberals, their core customer base. I doubt your average black on the street has any idea who Ibram X. Kendi is but you can be sure that in the lily White neighborhoods of Northern Virginia most homes have a copy of his books conspicuously displayed to signal the virtue of the home owner to other White liberals.

Make no mistake, this is coming to American medicine soon. The people in charge of health care in America, not to be confused with the actual physicians providing that care, are all on board with “inequity”, “systemic racism” and “DEI”. What this means for you is simple: you must take charge of your own health as far as you can. Modify what you eat, get exercise, avoid things like smoking that make it more likely you will end up on a surgeon’s table.

Whites built an unbelievable modern medical system and are being systematically excluded from that system in favor of people that are squandering it and blaming us for being fat and unhealthy.


  1. LGC

    Dr Samzsidat (sic?)/TheGoodDoctor has a substack where he talks about the failing of the healthcare system and his ending line is always “don’t get sick”

    He’s not wrong, the whole sickcare system (just like everything else) is imploding. Lose weight, get off meds and get anything long term done now, cuz it probably won’t be available in a few years.

  2. saoirse

    NZ and Australia LOL. Brave New World meets 1984 – and spreading like mad.
    I am thoroughly convinced that the term “down under” signifies the plethora of cunts and assholes in those two countries!
    Note that the shitlibs making these ‘policies’ will be exempt from them.

  3. anon

    So, if White guys are being removed from the system, why should White guys participate in it, fund it, etc? Oh I forgot they want us to be cattle, to work for them, to be killed as they please.
    Let it collapse.

    • Pains Ghost

      Letting it collapse at the speed they want is the problem and why it is doing so much damage. If it gets going faster then they control will we have a chance. Only true chance we have would be to force it faster and harder.

  4. Big Ruckus D

    It is a bullshit racist policy on it’s face, of course. That said, it won’t be that long before it really doesn’t matter anyway. And unhealthy pieces of shit (by their own doing) will continue to damage themselves through bad habits and poor lifestyle, regardless. Modern “healthcare” meanwhile, is on a race to the bottom as the money to fund it is running out (which has been the impetus for the trend of socializing medicine in all western countries all along).

    The demand continues to grow at a pace that outstrips any hope of meeting it, since western societies are now plagued with scores of unhealthy people. Competency of medical staff is also badly – and maybe already terminally – in decline, due in large part to compulsory DIEversity.

    So yeah, do anything and everything possible to place oneself in a position not to need the more involved services of the healthcare industry, at the very least. Ideally, one could avoid all contact with it. And prepare for a sharp decrease in life expectancy and quality of life, because those are both assured now, due to a multitude of causes, and not all are even related to healthcare.

    This is just one more aspect of the failing/unwinding of the complexities of modern society, now that the competence and money to maintain them are no longer there. Bottom line, those of us above a certain age need to get our expectations in line with reality, because reality is now shit, and getting more so by the day. The younger set has never known or even seen the sort of excellence that once existed, so they only know the present mediocrity evident over the last 20+ years.

      • Big Ruckus D

        On the now fairly rare occasions I go out to eat any more, since covid and inflation have largely ruined both the experience (short staff, poor service) and the cost of doing so – and nothing fancy, maybe a bbq joint or a local quality burger place (I.e., not McDonalds) – the number of people present in the dining room who are huge (easily over 300 lbs.) is still shocking to me, despite it having been commonplace for years now. I’m packing few extra pounds (+/-15) but I can’t imagine how miserable being that obese is. And you can figure these sorts are largely diabetic, and besides multiple daily meds, some portion of them will eventually be needing amputations of their lower extremities, if they don’t have fatal heart attacks first.

        But that is the tip of the iceberg. There are so many obviously unhealthy people, even without weight problems. Drug addicts (to include alcohol especially), those maintaining a fairly normal weight depsite an exceedingly poor diet, those with psych issues who take costly meds on a daily basis and will be either non-functioning or become outright dangerous in the absense of those drugs being available (to include a scenario where the cost cuts off their access for inability to afford them).

        The list goes on and on. I don’t want to tell anyone how to live their life any more than I want them imposing on me, but neither do I want to have any part in paying for this shit. And we are all paying – being extorted, really – by the medical system, to cover the shortcomings of not just ourselves, but the unhealthiest and most self destructive amongst us. And now we also get to subsidize genital mutilations for the transfaggots. It’s all so damned tiresome.

      • LGC

        at very young ages. On my daily walk, i saw some kids shooting hoops, probably 5th or 6th graders (10/12 years old? ish) one kid had to weigh 200lbs. easily. just huge.

  5. pyrrhus

    Ironically , it looks like Maori who live like white people have life expectancies even longer than white people…But I guess noticing that is racist…..

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    I’ll bet you a copy of White Fragility that this has already happened somewhere in AINO, in some city or hospital or hospital system. Perhaps in Ms. DiAngelo’s hometown of Seattle, that wouldn’t be surprising. I’d be surprised if it happened where I live. Part of why I live here. Location, location.

  7. Destroyers Destroy

    Coming soon to the Kwa as part of the Fundamental Transformation into West South Africa.
    Agree with comment number one, stay away from McHealthcarez and if you are carried in, get right with the Creator.

  8. Phil B

    I call it digging their grave with a knife and fork – though the fast food doesn’t even need those implements.

    I first came to NZ in 1998 to see if I liked the place before emigrating. One memorable occasion was watching four Island women (termed Coconuts by the Maori), each one eating their way through a family sized Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket (which I nicknamed a git bucket). You can guess that Lizzo wouldn’t make a decent double chin for any one of them.

    It’s racist not to fund their lifestyle and racist to suggest that they don’t follow that lifestyle. yes, Sireee … it is racism that is shortening their lives.

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