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No Offense Intended

But if you are so hard up that you need to buy your Bear Creek Arsenal AR on payments?

You need to re-evaluate every choice you have made in your life to date.


  1. LGC

    I dunno, you can buy domino’s pizza on 4 month financing (really!) and it seems to me an AR and stuff is a lot better thing to be putting on credit.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    After a debt jubilee, it’s the folks who had no debt who are shown to be the suckers. I wonder if AINO is headed towards a day like that.

  3. Plague Monk

    Unfortunately, they’re not just going for gun purchases; some of the hobby shops are pushing this for R/C stuff and larger plastic models, including Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. Not to mention a few bookstores that carry scholarly history books(Brill, etc.)
    As to the gunshops, several of the ones that I frequent push me to use that service even when my intention is to pay cash. An independent store owner told me that he suspects that Credova pays hefty fees to shops for each purchase made with them, but he can’t prove it. He won’t use them because they want him to stop carrying KKK and N@zi items.

  4. Tactless Wookie

    I was shocked when I saw a “rent-a-tire” shop in a nearby city.

    (((money lenders))) will even monetize pizza financing.

    • T Town

      I saw my first “rent-a-tire” shop several years ago in the DFW area (there were actually several of them). The first thought I had was, how would you know if your tires had been stolen, or just repossessed?

  5. Gryphon

    Putting small purchases like an AR on “Credit” is just aiding and abetting the (((enemy))) and should be avoided.

    As for “running up the credit cards” hoping for the Collapse to make repayment a non-issue, that is, IMO, a Strategy of sorts. (that I don’t do) but for example, my BIL who has big Income and ‘Perfect’ Credit with the moneychangers, has for the past few Years been running up several “Unsecured” Credit lines, until the outstanding balance/interest Math became significant. Then he ‘stabilized’ the situation by paying the Monthly Purchases he makes, and so in the event of “Collapse” he has 70K or so of Supplies, Ammo, Food, etc.
    Property and the good Truck are Paid for, the cars are Leased, and since the “Credit Lines” are Unsecured, Bankruptcy would leave the moneychangers hung out to dry….

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