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Never Apologize He Says…And Then Apologizes

Couple of days ago I wrote a post about the Breitbart hitpiece targeting Pedro Gonzalez: Conservative Inc Are Your Enemies

Now Pedro has come out and written a response….and managed to mangle it and do the worst thing possible: Out From Darkness

In it he doesn’t mention referring to Candace Owen as a negress but he does bend the knee and grovel about saying anything mean about The Jews.

But the truth is that all this is just different parts of the same cave, subterranean chambers that merely feel like freedom from constraints when they are, in fact, limiting and self-destructive. Monomaniacal malding over Jews or any group as the collective source of your frustration is a trap and an acidic mind virus. It is a mind virus, like the 1619 Project is a mind virus, and like any such disease, it will envelope your mind in midnight and consume your life and destroy your relationships if you let it. There is no need to conduct substantive analysis or engage in anything constructive if your enemies are everywhere and nowhere. You do not have to think about things seriously when you can just engage in performative bigotry at collectives. Vulgarity becomes a substitute for actual thinking. You either see that and grow up and move on or stay tilting at a different set of shadows, losing your mind in the seething darkness.

The proper response would have been to say…

Fuck you, I meant every word.

Instead he tries to walk back what he was saying as being part of a political maturing. Again, saying naughty stuff about blacks was OK but daring to mock the Jews? Here comes Pedro Gonzalez abasing himself in shame. His private messages were from just a couple of years ago but now it does “not reflect who I am today”. Maybe that is true but more likely it is just Pedro trying to cover his ass so he can maintain some level of respectability. Speaking against Them means getting thrown into outer darkness, to be damned and have the gates of respectability barred against you by the proverbial angels with flaming swords.

When faced with that prospect, Pedro blinked and his sycophantic “not who I am today” retraction is the height of foolishness. It does nothing to placate Them, he will forever be branded as an antisemite by the ADL and company and it also shows him to be a coward to others. I guess he can still write for shekels for the normiecons except they are mad at him as well for turning on Trump, leaving him with his Chronicles gig I guess.

What a giant fuck-up all around.

Pedro Gonzalez now finds himself in Kanye West territory only without Kanye’s deep pockets. Let’s see how that works out for him.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Meh. Typically normiecuck CYA bullshit. Dude got caught with his nuts showing, and it wasn’t at a pride fest, so it violates “the rules”. We’ve seen this show so many times it’s been rerun more than Gilligan’s Island ever was by Ted Turner.

    Doesn’t even matter any more, these clowns are never really on my radar to start, as I no longer avail myself of the publications and online media channels they operate from to ply their pathetic, diluted brand of normiecuckery, so when they ultimately demonstrate themselves not fit for purpose, their fall from grace doesn’t even register with me.

      • Big Ruckus D

        No doubt. But when they listen to guys like this and follow his example by way of emulation, what else is to be expected? They cannot make the jump to embracing “bad think” as the proper baseline point of view.

        It is truly inconceivable to me how, at this late stage, people cannot/will not see reality and continue to insist on holding to the same tired, unworkable, disproven beliefs and mindsets. But then the way so many people reacted to COVID fuckery, and continue to do so even to this moment (those limited numbers who were finally clued in, and had a break with their previously unenlightened frame of mind notwithstanding) finally disabused me of any lingering notion that most people aren’t complacent morons who don’t even want to know any better.

        And so they happily go on pedestalizing and following figures like apologetic Pedro here, because his mindset is comfortably similar to their own, thereby he serves to reinforce the programming that stunts their understanding of the world around them. That they continue to do so is is a reliable indicator that they will meekly and willingly get on the trains when that moment arrives. I no longer have the time and patience to try and cultivate these sorts as potential allies.

        Anyone else tired of doing the work of trying to bring these hopelessly clueless sorts around? Because I’ve entirely given up on that, post COVID. The return on (time and effort) invested has been far too low to justify continuing that fool’s errand. Attempting to break through the normiecon shell has become just as frustrating as talking to a shitlib. Covidiocy proved that to me, and then the immediate shift to Ukraine – and the predictable normiecon attitudes on that – served to reinforce the lesson. Trying to inculcate, for example, some race realism, or recognition the FBI, DOJ, et al are all 100% riven through with evil and bad intent? Forget it, never gonna happen with these sorts.

        • saoirse

          Absolutely correct! Another poseur bites the dust – or in this case, the jew foreskin.
          Very few white people are worth awakening any more. Everything going on around them is painfully obvious but they choose to remain comfortably numb. Fuck them all. Let them flounder and perish!!

        • Arthur Sido

          That is a common theme here, I still think the message is getting through at a trickle but the Normiecon gatekeepers are working overtime to stop it.

  2. Bobsuruncle

    A friend just shared this with me, it explains a lot. I know, i know where the social theory came from regarding Sigma males, before you dismiss it check it out. I was surprised, matches my personality pretty well. Do your own research, check it out, guaranteed to spark some interesting posts.

  3. LGC

    well, we know for sure he bent the knee and got the death shot. These people who bend the knee for everything that might affect their paycheck, well we know on whose side they serve. Pretty dammed lonely out here having even a few principles.

  4. NA

    I yanked Gonzalez from my NTKYOOTC roundup until he stops apologizing to his enemies. Vox Day may be insufferable on a bunch of topics but he is completely right here: “I repeat: do not apologize. Do not say you are sorry if anyone’s feelings were hurt, do not express regret, remorse, or contrition, do not say anything that can be taken as an apology in any way. Just in case I am not being sufficiently clear, do not apologize!”

    Maybe Gonzalez was required to post that to keep his job at Chronicles. Chronicles is published by the Charlemagne Institute. Not that big and losing money. $700K in revenue in FY2021, with $1.6M in expenses. My guess is whoever bankrolls Charlemagne/Chronicles told Gonzalez what he was required to say.

    • Mike_C

      At my former place of work a usual suspect started a “he’s a racist” whisper/smear campaign against me among the women and nonwhites. I found out only because one of my people (a Muslim woman, as it happens) came to me in a panic. “She’s trying to ruin your career! You need to tell people you’re not a racist. Get ahead of this!”

      “No. First of all, you know I’m a race realist. By today’s stupid definitions that does make me kind of a racist. But that’s no one else’s business. Besides, denying something is the best way to convince other people the rumor is true. My only official response if this comes up is gonna be: I’m sorry she feels that way. But I can’t help what she chooses to feel or say.” My person was unconvinced and wrung her hands for a couple of weeks worrying about me.

      It never came up officially, but via gossip. I gave the response above. And that worked. The usual suspect moved on to another gig after a few months. Nothing happened to me. A couple of years later I left that job for totally separate reasons.

      Anyway, the point of that anecdote was that I completely agree with VD about “never apologize”.

      • Arthur Sido

        My response to accusations is usually to double down, I could never work in corporate America again. Even my old blog which was very tame was enough to keep me out of certain jobs and now? No one would ever hire me.

    • Arthur Sido

      Chronicles is a front of some sort, they don’t make any money as you pointed out so someone is bankrolling them and they gave him the ultimatum. I suspect his benefactors wear small hats, thus the groveling to Jews but no mention of Negress Candace Owens.

      As for Vox, it is a shame because he has some smart things to say but I can’t stomach his endless ego trip self back patting and his squabbles with others, often people who don’t even know him. He is like another blogger who shall remain unnamed that I dubbed the dollar store Vox Day.

  5. george 1

    People forget that Candace Owens was previously a leftist. She saw the light at about the same time she discovered that being black and “conservative’ was good for business.

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