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Moves Within Moves

I saw this referenced on the Forward Observer global sit-rep email this morning….

The guy calling for this is the delightfully named Leonid Slutsky. He is the head of a “right-wing populist” party called the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, described as “ultra-nationalist”.

A senior Russian lawmaker who has been involved in a number of negotiations related to Moscow’s campaign in Ukraine called late on Monday for a professional army seven-million strong to ensure that no mercenary groups are needed for the country’s security.

Russia has been shaken by the weekend’s failed mutiny by Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner mercenary troops who briefly took control of a military command steering Moscow’s campaign in Ukraine, then started a march on Moscow before aborting it.

Lawmaker Leonid Slutsky, who early in the 16-month war took part in peace negotiations with Ukraine, said that Russia needs a contract army of at least seven million military and civilian personnel, on top of the current conscript army.

“The country does not need any PMCs (private military companies) and their likes,” Slutsky, the head of the Liberal Democratic Party, said on the Telegram messaging app. “There are problems in the regular army, but PMCs cannot solve them.”

I don’t see them with an army that large, even our bloated armed forces “only” have around 1.3 million active duty plus another 800k in the reserves. This sounds more like a move to create the narrative for expanding the active duty military to prepare to fend off a potential NATO attack. Adding an additional 500,000 men is certainly plausible and allows Russia to maintain their use of Wagner in various places around the world that the formal Russian military can’t go.

It all certainly seems to be planned out, making me wonder anew just how “spontaneous” and real the couple hour long “insurrection” really was. If Prigozhin is still alive a few months from now, it will help to reinforce the idea that this was all theater and that the Western media and governments (and a few self-proclaimed expert bloggers) were taken in, hook, line and sinker.

Russia and China are modernizing and expanding their armed forces while the U.S. seeks to replace troublesome Whites with blacks and trannies. That ought to end well.


  1. Xzebek

    The military no longer wants those who can and will fight. It wants malleable agenda drivers. This will not end well on the international scene. It might end well domestically if widespread violence breaks out. The cross dressing brigade will strike no fear.

      • mike fink

        Every MRAP, Bradley, Armored Humvee burning on the Donbass is one less to be destroyed over here. Did you see the video of the missile strike on the pizza joint behind the lines near Bakmutt? Lots of Americans mixed in with Ukie military there. Many appear to be in a PT uniform of t-shirts and athletic shorts, which is strange. There is a medic wearing partial combat kit sporting a US flag on his helmet. Another guy tending to wounded has a WW2 throwback 3rd Ranger Battalion patch tattoo on his forearm, and there is a guy in the crown with a 101st Airborne t-shirt. The medics are speaking American English to the wounded. It seems like someone is sneaking US troops into the war zone and some of them are likely getting killed.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Amen to tbat. Between the allocation and subsequent destruction of US ministry hardware and weapons systems to the lost cause that is Ukriane, and the filling of the ranks with rainbow rump rangers, at least when the war machine gets turned inward, it will be a less formidable adversary.

  2. Got Bunker

    Internal commies want AINO to burn to the ground by any means necessary.
    External enemies will not interfere while useless idiots shit in their own nest.
    A massive humiliating loss with heavy KIA numbers might even cause some to look up from their cellphone colostomy bags for a few seconds.
    That will happen if the fake and GAE rainbow rump rangers military shows up in the 51st CPUSA (D) state the ‘Kraine.

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