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Jose The High Sheriff

A follow-up to my prior post, Like Hessians But With Burritos Instead Of Bratwurst, with a tip of the fedora to Big Country, Guess I -Can- See The Future…. From Herschel at The Captain’s Journal: Non-Citizens With Police Powers, there is legislation recently passed in Illinois, that festering boil to the west of our fair state of Hoosierland, that would allow the hiring of non-citizens as police officers and sheriffs. Illinois House Bill 3571 has passed both chambers, it doesn’t appear to have been signed by lard-ass Governor JB “The JB Stands for Jabba” Pritzker.

Synopsis As Introduced

Amends the Illinois Municipal Code. Provides that an individual who is not a citizen but is legally authorized to work in the United States under federal law is authorized to apply for the position of police officer, subject to all requirements and limitations, other than citizenship, to which other applicants are subject. Effective January 1, 2024.

It also gives them the right to carry firearms:

The bipartisan supported HB3751 allows noncitizens who are federally authorized to work in the U.S. to apply for city or county law enforcement jobs under the same specifications as U.S. citizens.

It also allows them to purchase, carry and possess a firearm in the case that they’re hired.

In Illinois they are constantly making it harder for American citizens to buy firearms, but non-citizens are going to be encouraged to purchase and carry firearms. Seeing the picture yet?

Herschel wrote:

People who have no cultural tradition or history with this country may soon hold arrest powers in Illinois. I wouldn’t be surprised if that didn’t also happen in Dearborn, and many other cities across the nation.

Herschel left out that these same people not only don’t share our “cultural tradition or history” but they also have been marinated in a toxic stew of anti-White envy and hatred since they stepped foot in this country. If you leave out the racial element, you miss the big picture.

Dearbornistan and other concentrated Muslim enclaves will likely soon have their own, all non-White, police forces. I wrote about this already taking place in New York City way back in 2019: Encroaching Ethnic Balkanization. New York City permits Muslim community patrols under the name Muslim Community Patrol & Services, with Mohammad and the boys driving cars that look like NYPD patrol cars and wearing uniforms that look like cop uniforms. They are allegedly unarmed and just cruising the streets looking for women showing too much ankle and cat-calling hot lady goats. I wrote back then:

But the real “Handmaid’s Tale” is not going to be initiated by Christians. There is nowhere in the U.S. where Christians are in sufficient numbers and zealotry to do this. Most Christian men are terrified of women getting mad at them and the few that aren’t are not influential enough to impose some sort of patriarchal theocracy. The trajectory of cultural Christianity heavily favors the milquetoast expressions. But Islam is the opposite. The trajectory of cultural Islam looks to be dominated by the most radical, “conservative” elements. Liberal “Christians” constantly pummel the more “conservative” types for being “fundamentalist”, out of touch, on the wrong side of history, etc. but more liberal Muslims are terrified of conservative Muslims. The threat of being beheaded will tend to do that.

For observers of the cultural trends, an officially sanctioned pseudo-law enforcement group run by Muslims is a dangerous first step toward Sharia patrols and “no go zone” ghettos where cops fear to tread and Islamist thugs enforce Sharia law. Perhaps that will prove to be alarmist but then again the pattern seems to suggest otherwise. When these “community patrols” inevitably start to cause conflicts, don’t be surprised to see other groups start to follow suit and having dueling ethnic paramilitary groups in close proximity is going to end badly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Read the whole thing. If Illinois, and apparently other states are in the process of doing this, start to give badges and guns to non-citizens and grant them police powers, we are another step toward this ethnic balkanization. Cops in Mexico are world renowned for their honesty and integrity, I am sure Mexicans playing po-leece in America will carry on that proud tradition.

This is the latest example of the government, both at the Federal and many state levels, favoring non-citizens over heritage Americans. The lesson again should be that you ought to expect nothing approaching justice or equal treatment under the law if you are White, and I for one don’t have any interest in throwing myself on the tender mercy of Jose and Pedro, badges or not.

This new law only extends to “legal” immigrants for now but I can see Them offering citizenship to illegal aliens in return for citizenship as it becomes harder to recruit actual Americans to be cops. Do you think the “defund the police” movement is really about protecting “black lives”?


  1. DeplorableGranny

    If you read international news, this is exactly what they do in Europe. There are now 7 large cities with high ranking government officials that are Muslims running their cities. London, Leeds, Salisbury and 4 other. The crime by Muslims against the local native population is insane. This happened two days ago. Everything we know about suspected France playground attacker after toddlers stabbed. These children were 22 months old, two 2 year olds, one three year old. The mother of the 22 month old and a 70 year old man. The Syrian asylum seeker was stopped by a man using his backpack to slow him down until police arrived. If only the mother or 70 year old, had a gun.

  2. saoirse

    So Sheriff Mud, supposedly here “legally”, will then raise a small army of illegals to back him/her up. Gots to provide gainful employment to all those combat age males streaming over the border. Won’t be doing any actual po-leece work. Just shakedowns, cartel cover and murdering/raping whites that stumble into ‘their’ territory. Hopefully they’re all shitlibs!

  3. Gryphon

    The State and feral ‘governments’ have to fully ‘Back Up’ any attempt to use foreigners to Oppress Americans, in order for this to have any effect at all. Just like the “Chinese/U.N. Troops” meme, without Command, Control, and LOGISTICS from the federal and State levels, this stuff only Raises the Resentment of the normies and fence-sitters, by increasing the level of Crime in smaller, ‘red-state’ locations – exactly where the Pushback will begin.

    Once away form the Blue Hives, with their communist-controlled po-Lice departments, Law Enforcement and Public Safety is done by Elected Sheriffs and Unpaid Volunteers. These people are Highly Unlikely to participate in, much less Support, any programs where foreign nationals are handed a Badge and a Gun. And those “law enforcement” who Do, well, We Know where they Live….

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