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He’s Back

Already over four and a half million views and climbing by the minute:

Less than five minutes after I took that screenshot I refreshed the page….

300,000 views in just a couple of minutes.

Holy crap.


  1. anon

    Meh. The rest of his career kept people from digging too deep, avoiding explicitly saying race and caught on camera about being antiwhite advocacy.
    I don’t care. He’s just there to make watchers feel good that someone is on their side without actually doing anything. Maybe they will even go out and vote harder.

    • Clown car driver

      This guy is a shepherd to keep your ass in the correct pasture. I personally see him as a Judas goat, leading you to the slaughter. He’s in the system. Dude spent his whole life in the system, his dad was on the system. How anyone thinks he’s eto lead them all to freedom is a thought I cannot fathom.

  2. Xzebek

    Off topic but timely; looking forward to your post on the Hugenot High School shooting in Virginia. Don’t jump to conclusions but….it’s chimps again!

  3. saoirse

    Meet the new cuck – same as the old cuck. No longer Murdoch’s bitch. Wonder who’s whoring for now? Regardless, the jews and their lackeys need not worry about Cucker! Hope and cringe for conservative deadheads.

    • Arthur Sido

      Yes I think we all understand that he is not /ourguy/ but he gets tens of millions of views while people like me get a few thousand talking to the same people that already get it.

  4. Milton

    73.2 million now. Not bad for not-main-commie-stream. The things Tucker says IMO turn out to be accurate and true
    . In the battle of ideas he is likely swaying the opinions of main-stream news consumers that also use twitter. God bless him. If he turns out to be a shill, and brings people to our side Heh then let him shill and let us find out!


  5. Tactless Wookie

    Carlson is just another gatekeeper.

    I thought it hugely ironic how in a video announcing his move to Twatter he talks about media gatekeepers yet failing to recognize he’s exactly that.

    He has some interesting points to make. I hope his return on Twatter will free him up some.

    I will not be holding my breath.

    • foot in the forest

      How pure must one be to speak for the revolution? If he awakens more to what is happening in this country great. To me he is just another ex-talking head from a cable I cut years ago.

  6. Gryphon

    “Gatekeeper” or not, Carlson IS saying things contrary to the approved (((narrative))), if even slightly- thus showing Joe Normie that the MSM cannot be trusted. This is exactly what Trump accomplished; even though he is a bought-and-Paid-For ‘shabbos goy’, the way he Revealed (intentionally or Not) the depth and corruption of the ‘Swamp’ has been a Serious Disruption to the plans of the (((satanists))).

    I personally know several people who were chronic watchers of Carlson/Faux Nooze, and with his Firing there, are now seeing the matrix of Censorship in a more obvious way. This is why the Lies and Obfuscation by every part of the ‘system’ become more Desperate by the week; (((they))) know the Control of the ‘Media’ is no longer having the Effect it did, even as recently as two Years ago.

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