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Et tu GOA?

Oh Gun Owners of America. What the fuck were you thinking?

What is wrong with this post? Oh let me count the ways. The article they shared is written by one Ranjit Singh, so you already have someone who comes from a culture that doesn’t share the White, Western traditions that form the basis of our Constitutional form of government. The article closes with this:

Juneteenth is a unique holiday in an exceptional country with a unique history. While celebrating it, let’s also remember the legacy and tradition of African American firearms ownership in the advancement of Liberty.

The “legacy and tradition” of black firearms ownership is on display every weekend in every city in America with any sizable black population. The daily mass shootings, drive-bys, innocent victims, endless cycles of revenge and retaliation, wailing mothers, all are a testament to the “legacy and tradition” of black firearms ownership. Their “legacy and tradition” is the misuse and abuse of a freedom that was won by White people. We are left to pay for the consequences for their inability to behave like civilized human beings despite being coddled and treated like oversized, especially violent children.

Then the Frederick Douglass quote:

“A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box. Let no man be kept from the ballot box because of his color. Let no woman be kept from the ballot box because of her sex”.

Oh how inspiring!

Giving blacks the vote is great, it isn’t like they vote for Democrats, and therefore for gun control, by around 90% every election. It isn’t just the gibs, in surveys they indicate strong support for gun control.

Filindra and Noah Kaplan, UIC clinical assistant professor of political science, analyzed data from a 2015 survey on gun control conducted by, an online international market research firm.

The researchers found support for all forms of gun control is stronger among Latinos and blacks than whites.

For example, 74 percent of blacks and 61 percent of Latinos, but only 55 percent of whites support an assault weapons ban.

Similarly, 86 percent of blacks and 78 percent of Latinos, but only 62 percent of whites support the creation of a federal database that tracks sales of firearms.

What a boon for the 2nd Amendment that blacks have the franchise! Then how about chicks?

Gallup’s annual October Crime surveys have tracked Americans’ preferences for laws covering the sale of firearms since 2001. Over that period, majorities of women have said they prefer that gun laws be made stricter in all readings except one (50% in 2011). At the same time, no more than 51% of men have favored stricter laws, aside from a 56% reading in 2019. In the latest readings, from an Oct. 3-20, 2022, poll, 62% of women and 51% of men think gun laws should be made stricter….

…Men in the U.S. are about twice as likely as women to personally own a gun, and women are significantly more supportive of stricter gun laws than men are, regardless of their own or their household’s gun ownership status.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows anything about politics. Here are exit poll results from 2020.

Women voted for Pedo Joe 56% to 43%. The difference is even more dramatic for black women (and to a lesser extent mestizo women). In short black women are the most intractable opponents of the 2nd Amendment in America.

Gun Owners of America is trying to pander to blacks in the desperate and vain hope that they will suddenly start supporting gun rights, but it isn’t going to happen. All that is happening is that GOA looks like a bunch of foolish normiecon Fudds. They should stick to fighting anti-2A legislation and leave the pandering to others.


  1. Shillelagh Pog

    I think I see the problem here. Women are cancelling the head of household vote and destroying us with feelings.

  2. Colombo Salvage & Arsenal

    Problem solved when they get their way and become chattel again… This world kinda reminds me of the figure 8 track races.

  3. saoirse

    Gun and pro 2A clubs are overwhelmingly red, white and blue cucks. Half will hand their weapons over at the first threat. The other half will piss themselves when it comes time to pull the trigger!

  4. Philo Beddoe

    Red Nog Pajeets love them some communism.
    I celebrate the making of good commies on Juneteenth.
    Maybe GOA could give a shout out to the John Brown Gun Club, just one of the armed irregular forces of the CPUSA (D) Long Marchers.

  5. Hiding_Out

    Yes nauseating, but totally predictable. These normie-con guys kiss almost as much ass as the stereotypical lib-shit white woman. We are screwed.

    • SIze 23 Clown Shoes

      “Stereotypical shit-lib white woman …”

      Hey, I was behind one on the highway yesterday! Of course, she was going slow in the high speed lane. Back of her Prius wallpapered with liberal bumper stickers, including Biden, end racism, and most especially laughable “In Dr. Fauci we trust.”

      Looked over as I passed her, was a typical older, dyke-looking, brain dead zombie behind the wheel.

  6. Bobsuruncle

    Great post. You laid out GOAs mistake in reading the room well. Hopefully, they heed the correction. Theyve been one of the best 2A groups in the past, IMO. Thanks for this post.

  7. Anonymous

    Since there is no way in hell to legislate gun rights for some but not others, perhaps GOA has a master plan that serves two purposes. More guns in the hands of blacks means more gun violence in that community, which has the effect of reducing, somewhat, the volatile black male population. And it encourages more Whites to own guns for their own protection. Planned Parenthood, ghetto style.

    • anon

      Giving them rights wasn’t a mistake.
      Keeping them here instead of shipping them back wasn’t a mistake.
      It was purposeful attacks on Southern Whites (extended to the rest) by malicious actors.
      There is no reason to arm them and hope they kill more of themselves than Whites. That’s cuck logic.

    • Arthur Sido

      Unfortunately they don’t kill each other efficiently enough, for every Da’quan in the morgue there are dozens of LaSeans in the ER eating jello paid for by Medicaid.

  8. Jim Laffrey

    Several years ago, I took a look at several of the pro-gun pro-2A groups, and I could NOT find a single one pro-White. I found them all to be led by crypto-jews or otherwise obviously controlled-opposition against us. Of course, at the top of the list is the NRA run by crypto-jews. That’s why they’re so ineffective. That’s why they limit their idea of “arms” and the 2nd Amendment to knives, handguns, and rifles. That’s why they limit themselves to talking about defensive use of guns. OFFENSE IS REQUIRED.

  9. Big Ruckus D

    The unshakeable tendency of cuckservatives to:

    1. Never violate their principles in a dirty fight with an unprincipled enemy, and

    2. To attempt conciliatory efforts towards the “other” (as with this GOA social media spew) in foolishly trying to work across the aisle and make alliances with those who are not, never were, and never will be allies,

    Is why they never fail to lose their asses and look like idiots in the process. Their enemies want them dead. Thereby, it is neccessary to adopt the mindset that those who are against their very existence must be eliminated, or at the very least marginalized to the point of having no power, control or influence over anything that actually matters.

    I see little chance of the cuckservative types ever finding their balls, presuming they had any to begin with. This has gone on far too long with zero inidcation of them even beginning to learn how to effectively fight against their disenfranchisement and eventual destruction. So, if they are destroyed, then nothing of value was lost, as I see it. The rub, of course, as that those of us who see and understand the reality of it all are comparitively few in number, so we are at extreme risk of being flushed with the rest of these useless shits as the leftists further secure their power.

    A few surviving holdouts of our mindset is a victory only for those who make it to the other side. For those lost in the ensuing battles, they still got screwed even though they knew what needed to be done, because the damnable cucks enabled the enemy to do far more damage than they ever should’ve been in a position to commit.

    • Arthur Sido

      It is another dot indian coming to America because their country is a shithole and then proceeding to tell us how to make America more like the shithole they fled from

  10. SIze 23 Clown Shoes

    Art, can you do a post on Patriots cornerback Jack Jones getting caught last Friday with two handguns in his carry-on bag at Logan Airport? His lawyer says don’t assume he’s a thug just because he’s black.

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