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Like most states, our former home and current neighbor to the North, the Wolverine state aka Michigan, has slowly been losing their White majority and also like many states is a very different place depending on where you live. If you are in East Lansing or Detroit or Ann Arbor, it is a deep blue political area. Detroit for the gibs, East Lansing and Ann Arbor because of the leftist influence of Michigan State and the University of Michigan. The rest of Michigan? Very rural and blue collar but more like 1970s Democrats. Pro-union hunters and gun owners. The Michigan 1st Congressional District, an enormous district covering all of the Upper Peninsula and much of the northern Lower Peninsula, was represented for 18 years by a Democrat named Bart Stupak, one of the few Democrats in recent memory to be endorsed by the NRA.

Michigan typically votes Democrat in Presidential elections, with Trump narrowly winning the state in 2016 despite polls showing Clinton with a 3.4% lead, but Biden “won” Michigan in 2020 and Democrats have won the state in every Presidential election since 1988. In 2008 Obama won the state by almost 17% over warmonger piece of shit John McCain. Democrats win by sweeping the large population centers, in 2020 the state was mostly red except for the population centers of Detroit, Lansing, Flint, Saginaw, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids.

All very interesting but in 2018, the Trump mid-term election year, voters in Michigan elected Governor Giant-Head, or as she is known elsewhere, Gretchen Whitmer. You might remember Whitmer from the FBI foiling a “kidnapping” plot that the FBI had instigated in the first place. Whitmer replaced Rick Snyder, a moderate Republican who served for 8 years, and in taking over was at the vanguard of a leftward lurch in state level government. Most notable is the Attorney General of Michigan, also elected in 2018, one Dana Nessel. From Wikipedia:

A Jewish lesbian? You will see a pattern developing here. I wrote about Dana Nessel a few years ago and her creation of Stalin-esque Enemies List: Paging George Orwell

Michigan has a new attorney general, Dana Nessel, elected in last November’s elections. Ms. Nessel is the rare liberal woman that is not homely, in fact she is almost attractive. But don’t let that fool ya, Ms. Nessel is “married” to another broad. So you can guess what sort of Attorney General she is going to be and it appears she intends to use her office to punish those she thinks have wronged her by holding opinions she doesn’t like.

Ms. Nessel is partnering up with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) to fight “hate”, using the discredited “hate map” provided by the ironically named Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is widely recognized by sane people as a partisan group run by extremely well paid leftist hacks that slanders anyone they don’t like as “hate” groups. The SPLC “hate map” is like a cash printing machine and the organization has over half a billion dollars in assets, including over $100,000,000 in offshore assets. For a glimpse at how a “non-profit” organization dedicated to fighting “hate” manages to have that kind of money sitting around see: Southern Poverty Surpasses Half Billion in Assets; $121 Million Now Offshore. It is a pretty sweet gig. The $PLC doesn’t actually do anything other than create a few reports, maintain a bogus “hate map” and provide recommendations on who to unperson.

RTWT, in looking back at it I found it pretty interesting but also kinda scary. The reason I bring this up is a story out of Not The Bee today: Michigan House passes “hate speech” bill allowing Queen Gretch to throw you in jail for words that cause “mental anguish”

New legislation that just passed the the Michigan House of Representatives would strengthen current hate crime laws in the state and include speech that might cause “mental anguish.”

Hurting people’s feelings could soon be a criminal offense in Michigan.

The proposed legislation, HB 4474, would amend the state’s Ethnic Intimidation Act of 1988 in order to consider it a hate crime if a person is accused of causing “severe mental anguish” to another individual by means of perceived verbal intimidation or harassment.

The amendment defines the words intimidate or harass as a “willful course of conduct, involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable individual to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested…

It can be a hate crime if you are bothering someone or hurting their feelings. Of course this is targeted toward fags and trannies, as we quickly moved past “love is love” to a place where any questioning of degeneracy can be considered a criminal act. If you call a black person a nigger, they won’t be “anguished” or “harassed”, they will simply attack you. Refer to gays as faggots? They will weep like little girls and then call the cops on you in Michigan. That brings me to the sponsor of HB 4474 in Michigan, State Representative Noah Arbit. Here is an entry from his Wikipedia page:

A gay Jew from West Bloomfield? Oy vey! I went to search for a picture of him for you, my faithful readers, and the Gods of Teh Intrawebz blessed me with this search result:

Ol’ Noah Arbit doesn’t seem to have a “spouse” so I suspect he is spending lots of time on Grindr, taking BBC up the chimney, and that makes one susceptible to catching the Monkeypox as well as the HIV and anal fissures. He also seems to have trouble with his weight, lots of pictures of him looking like this:

Yes, same dude. Looks like he is swallowing a lot of pizzas along with other, less savory substances.

So we are about to have a new law in Michigan that restricts free speech in the name of preventing people from getting upset and the sponsor of the bill is a Jewish faggot. Say it with me….

Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

On a more serious note, I travel to and through Michigan regularly. Will I fall afoul of the state’s new law that makes it a “hate crime” to mock fags, dykes and trannies? That certainly is the intent, criminalizing mockery and free expression. These are dark and sketchy times we are living in and we are only seeing the earliest stages of open oppression.


  1. Wayfarer

    I’m rooting for the peaceful religion in the glorious people’s republic of Michigan.
    Let’s see them pushback on the rainbow flag ban by Muslim town councils for popcorn pleasure.
    A fun place to visit but now written off just like Commierado.
    Detoilet is the original Chocolate City with a black power fist downtown.

    • Mike_C

      There will be no pushback (see below), but I’m very curious to see where Muslims slot into the unholy trinity of the post-Christian West. In order of ascending sacredness* it’s negro < homo < Schlomo. Muslims will not be allowed the apex (or nadir depending on how you look at it), so the question is whether Muslim-ness is more sacred than faggotry.

      Neither the AG nor fatboy will push back against the Hamtramck city council in particular nor Muslims in general. Muslims, like Blacks, are used by The Best People as blunt objects for bludgeoning heritage Americans. The worse (and more powerful) the negros or the Muslims are, the better for The Best People. Or so they seem to think (honestly, for people who claim to be so intelligent, they often behave stupidly** seeing as Blacks and Muslims are not their admirers.)

      * victimhood = Sacredness in this stupid world
      ** it’s stupid but it serves a purpose. You’d think, you people have astonishing control of the economy, popular culture, academics, and the legal system. About a third to a half of the white population has the (idiotic) belief that salvation comes from your people (or similar shitheadedness) and are apparently fine with your dominance (and willfully blind to your many faults and crimes), so why try to destroy those productive and mostly docile people by raising up violent idiots and people who openly hate you? Because the identity of The Best People is rooted in victimhood and suffering. It’s what holds their factions together. Contrary to what the unsophisticated among the frens think, The Best People are not united and monolithic. They can barely stand each other. (I don’t understand why this is surprising to some people.) What keeps them vaguely united is the external threat from the rest of the world. Dominating a nation of fat, peaceful, productive and prosperous Protestant grillers would lead to complacency. They NEED to have threats against them. Hence the importation and elevation of Muslims.

      • Anon

        Muslims and little hats have worked together quite a lot in the past. Look at who opened the gates to some of the cities during the muslim conquests, or look at who managed the slave trades in their region; I think they may have wormed their way into tax collecting in some of those regions too but I’m a bit unsure on the whens and wheres of that.

        Whites don’t have allies in this, just multiple fronts (some quieter than others). Would be nice to have nonaggression pacts but at least in White countries all the invaders and betrayers are looking for their pound of flesh from the Whites, often literal with the raping and murdering.

        • Mike_C

          You’re absolutely correct that Muslims and The Best People have worked together, but they aren’t really allies, other than of convenience. In the case of the conquest of Gothic Iberia, TBP were certainly facilitators of the Conquista. But they weren’t traitors (only because they never had ANY loyalty to their host populations, no more than a tapeworm has to its host).

          I recommend the Asha Logos channel on YT. In particular the “Our Subverted History” series, which has several episodes on the Conquista. I’m not saying that OSH is completely factually accurate (though clearly our Academics – add parentheses to taste- have lied to us). I see OSH as the construction of a founding/ancestral mythos that we need to believe in.

          @Arthur: I’ve recommended Asha Logos before, and you noted that the videos are long and it’s difficult to block out that much time to watch. Fair enough (and very true), but simply listening to them imparts most of what he’s trying to convey.

  2. Exile1981

    I wonder if you have to commit the offense while in the state or just someone in the state has to complain. I could see state gestapo grabbing someone at the airport who had a layover to make a point.

  3. MN Steel

    Ol’ Bart Stupak was “the deciding vote” on Obamacare, and then cited death threats as why he was leaving politics.

    Funny that none of these assholes that say they get death threats get offed unless the threats are from a trannie.

    It’s the same everywhere, left Yoopalachia and landed in Californnesota, where at least the snowfall is a couple hundred inches less each year.

    When the power goes out and batteries run dry, that’s the start of the real culling. Hope you all can protect your gardens.

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