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Degenerate Freaks Being Degenerate

From Michigan, in the “Everyone should have seen this coming” category:

The owners of the equestrian center are a “married” couple

A St. Clair County couple who own an equestrian center that hosts children’s birthday parties and summer camps was charged Friday with sexually exploiting children and producing child pornography.

A six-page complaint filed in federal court against Todd Alan Sabb-Visga, 47, and his 29-year-old husband, Austin Ray Sabb-Visga, of Kimball Township, describes an investigation triggered by a report that an individual was sexually assaulting children and sharing videos.

It wasn’t like there were warning signs….

Last year, the center hosted a draq queen bingo event and the couple donated proceeds to an area miniature horse club, according to social media posts.

Yes, what I am saying is that people who expose children to transvestites like “drag queens” are mostly doing so in order to get children used to sexual degeneracy from faggots in the hopes of making it easier to groom them. On the Instagram of one of the faggots, Austin Ray Sabb-Visga, there are tons of pictures of the faggots with young children and posts like this:

The children exploited ran the gamut from 12 years old to 8…

Four of the five files that were shared showed an approximately 8-year-old “engaged in various sex acts” with the couple, the agent wrote.

…and even an infant child that some idiot was allowing these fags to babysit.

My position has always been that if a guy will fuck another guy, he will fuck anything. Homosexual groomers like these faggots find ways to get into positions of trust with vulnerable kids, the same as coaches, teachers, Scout leaders, priests, etc. You have to be cautious of letting anyone have access to your kids but a couple of faggots? That shouldn’t even be a question, no sodomite butt bandits around kids. Not ever.

There might be a few faggots that aren’t after children but none of them should be trusted around kids.


  1. The Bearded Lady Is A Man

    Humpback Mountain where cowboys give each other AIDS and comfort.
    Make circus freaks sideshow again.
    MI on deep boycott until Gretchenfuhrer is gone.

  2. Xzebek

    The fags and other sexual deviants have no sense of self outside of their sexual desires. It is how they define themselves. It is a form of malignant narcissism. Such people operate only on their sex drive and do not care with whom they engage. Hence, the hundreds of partners a year and glory hole crowd. Children are a very easy and convenient target for them. Society has gone too far in accepting deviance and we are not better off.

    • Arthur Sido

      Once we started to mainstream some of it, we found out pretty quickly that they meant to force all of it on us. I take little comfort in being one of the few who said this would happen.

  3. Anonymous White Male

    You can see Lucifer’s handiwork everywhere these days. Sex is now the most important thing in anyone’s life. In the Communist Rules for Revolution, supposedly discovered in 1919, the first point is to:

    “Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial. Destroy their ruggedness.”

    Of course, Snopes, like every other “good” information source, has declared the Rules to be FALSE. But, isn’t this exactly what you see our overlords doing? Focus on sex, not on love, or at least make “love” mean sex. Nothing has changed since Lucifer seduced Eve.

  4. Big Ruckus D

    Indeed, sex has been used to corrupt and damage people emotionally and even physically, on a society wide scale. At the risk of leaving myself wide open to stupid jokes and cheap shots, I’ll put this out there. While many people have made sex the most important thing in their life as our host asserts, as the world has gone to hell, sex has become the least important thing in my life.

    Being single (not that being married assures one of regular nookie by any means, heh) and being a man on a mission, I’ve simply backed away from it because I have better/more important things to do with my limited time and energy. Now, my mission isn’t some grand, sweeping big picture thing that will make me a figure of note in history books. I’m not interested in being legendary anyway, and much prefer to be an off the radar type. But it is important enough to me, that I focus on it to an extent that largely keeps my mind from obsessing over getting laid. My second in command still knows how to salute quite well, and I do still periodically see a random woman around who “catches my attention”. But I do not allow that to dominate my existnece, as many now seem to.

    However, between my work, my mission, and the badly damaged physical and emotional state of so many women now making them downright unacceptable to me (and I’m not implying many men aren’t equally fucked up in clownworld era Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0, for those who will start in with the “yeah, buts”) I have neither the time to invest in trying to charm a chick into bed, nor do I want to compromise myself in any number of ways by lowering my standards just for an opportunity to wear the hide off.

    The reason I put all this out there is to prove that it can be done, and it won’t kill a man to abstain. Is it ideal? No, but look around you: life in 2023 is far from ideal in almost any way one cares to quantify quality of life factors. Aside from which, we all have shit we need to be doing, and probably any number of things we should be doing, but aren’t. Those who allow sex – and the pursuit of it – to dominate their lives and while away the time, are going to be quite literally fucked in the troubles yet to come, and not remotely in the manner they were hoping for.

    There are also benefits to the mind, body and soul for not engaging in casual pump and dumps, at least for those of us without a wife. The most obvious being the avoidance of sexually transmitted disease, which runs rampant now precisely because of all the laissez-faire fuckery. It also prevents a man from contributing to leaving behind him a string of women with a coal black soul from being endlessly banged out. Sure, those types will be getting run through regardless (sloots gonna sloot), as there is always some guy lacking discipline and standards who will hit it. But I don’t need to be that guy, and ultimately bring health problems and unfavorable judgement upon myself for having done so.

    That may be little comfort for making a concession to propriety when the urge hits, but I can legitimately assure myself I’m not personally contributing to the further destruction of humanity by using random women – even if so willing – for casual flings. Maybe that makes me an idealistic fool (and no one who knows me would ever describe me as being idealistic) but I’ve found it a workable state of mind.

    I may well also be an extreme outlier who can make it work without becoming unhinged; I hear so many men speak of sex as something they absolutely can’t live without. Is that just excuse making to avoid the admittedly difficult choice of going without, or is the biological urge really that strong it cannot be managed by self discipline? I can only speak for myself, as I’m not inside the mind of anyone else. In any case, the ceaseless obsession with sex that has utterly consumed our society, will be a major reason for it’s coming destruction.

    I’ve chosen my path and made peace with it. And it isn’t even a specifically religious thing. It’s more of a common sense, I looked around me and decided a hedonistic lifestyle wasn’t worthwhile thing. Especially in light of the risk inherent in dealing with emotionally damaged and outright vindictive women; cluster B types (the proverbial bunny boilers) are everywhere, and they will badly mess your shit up. Past close calls in that regard have been rather instructive towards my present mindset. So there it is. I’m certainly my not pure as the driven snow, but I’m doing what I can to stop mucking around in the mud.

      • Big Ruckus D

        I don’t, but suppose I’ll have to give it a look now. I arrived at the viewpoints above mostly though my own experience and observations. Even as a younger man without the benefit of hindsight I’ve since gained, the state of relationships between men and women, and attitudes towards sex back then struck me as being…not right.

        And that was in the early to mid 90’s, things then weren’t nearly so degenerate and hopelessly screwed up as they are now, even if already well on the way to the decontented state they are in presently. After twenty some odd years of not dialing it in, insofar as finding a suitable wife and starting a family, I decided I just had to focus on stuff I could succeed at, and forego any more wasted time and accumulated baggage by staying in the game any longer.

        It wasn’t even a difficult decision, to be honest. I got burned out, and like the rare smoker or drinker who goes cold turkey one day and never looks back, it just happened. Sort of like throwing a switch. The COVID era, and the behavior exhibited by so many during the height of the panic, served only to reinforce my desire to remain a lone ranger. I can’t respect so many people anymore, nor can I even stand to be around them, after the revelation of their true nature.

        I shudder to think of the epic battle with a (hypothetical) spouse over my (hypothetical) kids getting the shit shots, which I’d never have allowed. My reaction to being challenged on that would probably have landed me a death sentence.

    • Don W Curton

      You’re not alone. I’m married, but if something ever happened to my wife I’d spend the rest of my life single. Some of that out of the sense of loss after a 30 year marriage, but also some of it based on a dread of what I see out there in the over-50 dating world. I know one woman who, in the past 10 years, has burned thru 3 husbands and taken all 3 to the cleaners during the divorce. To the fucking cleaners after less than 2 or 3 years of marriage? I can’t imagine losing half my retirement to some bimbo I’ve only been nailing for 2 years, so damn! And to top it off, she’s right back to being flat broke. And looking for idiot #4. I say no thanks to any of that.

      Oh, and you’re dead on about being married ain’t no guarantee to regular nookie.

  5. MN Steel

    My old man told me he didn’t get into scouting as a kid because the scoutmaster was a fag.

    My brother and I were in scouting because the old man was assistant scoutmaster until he died at 49, when I was 16.

    While going to the local college, news broke that the scoutmaster was a pedo going back to his Ait Force days in Thailand, got caught with hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures that he developed in his own darkroom.

    The only way to be sure of anything is to keep a close eye on everything and burn anyone that has or had a darkroom. There is no recidivism if the perptrator is turned to ash.

  6. None of your business

    Pretty sure the issue isn’t that he was gay. Pretty sure the problem was that he was a fucking pedophile. Pedophiles are not always gay but they can be just like they can be straight or even supposedly celibate priests. Matter of fact, they’re almost always religious figures.

  7. Anonymous

    This is so ignorant of you. A persons poor decisions does not have anything to do with their sexuality. A straight couple could 100% commit the same acts and you would never say this. What they did was terrible and they are not good human beings. But there is no reason to tear down others of the LGBTQ+ community or tear down drag queens. Not all people a part of these communities would ever even think to do such things to anyone let alone children. Don’t let your homophobia blind you from the truth. People are people. Gay, trans, black, white, purple, orange, people are people. People make terrible and inhumane decisions. It does not reflect on an entire community.

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