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Dark Days On The Horizon

You can see the cracks in the foundation, subtle at first but growing wider. The signs that the prosperous and free society that so many of us grew up in it’s last days is on her last legs. We all see them but while seeing the cracks is one thing, understanding what comes next is far more difficult.

What makes it difficult is that there is no precedent for what is coming. Ours is a multi-racial nation of over 330 million people spread out over nearly 3.8 million square miles. Whether the exact numbers agree, in principle the U.S. no longer has a single racial majority. In at least six states, it is “minority-majority”, like Texas where last summer (July 2022) mestizos “officially” became the largest racial group in the state, supplanting Whites. Still, in many parts of the country you rarely see a black, occasionally some sort of mestizo working as a farmhand, and never see Asians or Jews. These are not isolated pockets but millions of square miles of rural America populated almost entirely by Whites.

The other wildcard factor as I repeatedly bring up are the hundreds of millions of firearms in private hands. The media fixates on the relatively small number used mostly by blacks, and most of those firearms are illegally obtained, but in the big picture, a few tens of thousands of handguns owned by gangsters is a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of millions owned by regular people.

What this will be like when the wheels come off is hard to imagine but a few stories from the BBC on the nation of South Africa offer some clues.

There are, of course, millions of South Africans who have lived without having water piped into their homes for years. But the intermittent domestic supply is just one aspect of a multi-pronged problem facing the water industry.

“We are in a state of systemic failure, the water sector is collapsing,” expert Prof Anthony Turton tells the BBC.

The lack of electricity has exacerbated issues created by poorly maintained infrastructure, which has led to vast leaks as well as sewage problems, and a supply of water that cannot meet demand.

Seventy million litres of treated, clean, drinkable water are lost every single day because of leaks that are endemic in the crumbling water system.

Most of the water wastage identified has been linked to badly run municipalities that are not investing in maintenance, partly because of corruption and theft.

This has also meant that sewage plants are not cleaning the water in the way that they should.

“Most of the water wastage identified has been linked to badly run municipalities that are not investing in maintenance, partly because of corruption and theft”. That sounds eerily familiar. The wealthy are able to hire someone to drill a “borehole” at a cost of around $7000 but everyone else has to depend on the utilities to provide it and they often are not. As you can imagine, this is not sitting well in a country where only around 8% of the population is White.

In the Free State province, government investigations found that the majority of wastewater treatment plants are deemed to be “in critical condition”, putting residents at risk of contaminated water.

For Prof Turton, the combination of problems with water and electricity supplies is creating a perfect storm.

“People living all across the country are becoming increasingly concerned and increasingly angry. Part of it is because people are sitting in darkness sometimes.

“With the interrupted water supply… we now have a situation where people are literally dying from disease.”

“Increasingly angry”. We know how well Africans handle being angry. The problems with the water supply are mainly due to problems with the electrical grid….

Blackouts up to 16 hours per day?! Like the U.S., South Africa is run by a criminal regime, only one that is actually dumber and more obvious about it.

The ANC has been the governing party in Mpumulanga and nationwide since the country’s first democratic elections in 1994 after it successfully led the struggle against white-minority rule.

“This is treasonous behaviour. The ANC is involved at every level. The villains are members of the ANC or associates of the ANC. It is involved so deeply that it doesn’t know how to extricate itself. They are tipping us over towards that terrible situation of a ‘failed state,'” said political commentator Justice Malala, noting there was a direct link between the looting and the near-constant power cuts now crippling South Africa.

“It’s very depressing. It’s very concerning. Our country is in a serious, dark place,” said Paul Pretorius, a lawyer who played a key role at a recent public inquiry into the state corruption that flourished under former President Jacob Zuma.

To the surprise of no one, Western nations are pushing South Africa to adopt “renewable” energy, partly via bribery and partly by threatening to cut off South Africans goods from their markets in the name of fighting “climate change”. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that you cannot replace coal fired power plants with solar fields and wind turbines, especially in an African nation where the locals will steal the solar panels as soon as the workers finish installing them. When the push to “renewables” fails, and it will, and the connected people loot the Western “aid” as much as they can, South Africans will long for the days when the power was only off 16 hours a day.

The South African economy is in shambles and something like half of the country is dependent on government payments: South Africa is in deep trouble, warns economist

He said the problem in South Africa is not economics. “It is easy to fix the country’s economy — the answers are out there,” he said.

“The problem is political, but before we resolve the political problems, we have to wait for the next general election.”
Roodt said he is very concerned about South Africa’s economic situation because so many people rely on the state for income.

“32 million people get an income from the state. Ten million will lose this income when the Covid grant falls away,” he said.

“The state cannot afford this anymore. The tax base is simply not strong enough to carry it,” Roodt said.

Again that all sounds very familiar, a shrinking tax based coupled with increasing government spending and entitlements. Too many takers, not enough givers.

There are ominous portents in the U.S. that mirror what is happening in South Africa. I have written about this often and you can see problems in places like Jackson, Mississippi as canaries in coal mine: Looking At Jackson And Memphis Is Like Looking Into A Crystal Ball

What connects Jackson and Memphis is that they are a glimpse into our near-term future as the percentage of the population capable of maintaining and innovating, keeping public order and the basic necessities fulfilled, will diminish to the point that the wheels of civilization come off. Systemic failures will happen more frequently, last longer and be more severe. Adding in new mandates for “green energy” and laws to combat “climate change” will simply make things worse. Soon it won’t be smaller cities not having clean water for a week but larger cities without clean water or the power not working in the midst of a heat wave or severe cold spell. People will die.

When the wheels come off the in the city, those who can will flee outward, some looking for safety and some looking for plunder. Sure you might not, and should not, be in one of those cities but you almost certainly live within a short drive of one. That is why we should be watching those urban centers of decay, violence and degeneracy. When they start to fall in earnest, our lives will become far more precarious. Each day the people that built and maintained this country die off and the ranks of the new “Americans” swells exponentially. The tipping point is getting closer and They are smashing the accelerator to the floor in the hope of speeding up the collapse and the creation of a glorious new order, minus most of humanity.

South Africa is infamous for farm attacks, roving gangs of black Africans attacking solitary and isolated farms run by Whites, looking for plunder, rape, torture and murder. While people in farm country here in America leave the keys in their pick-up trucks and their homes unlocked, in South Africa the White farmers live behind walls, iron gates and razor wire.

Like South Africa, many American cities are run by gangs of blacks, some wearing gang colors and others wearing ties and sporting titles like “Mayor”, “Councilman” and “Chief of Police”. One has to be a fool to expect different results when Africans in America run cities than when Africans in Africa run cities.

More thoughts on this to come but if nothing else, looking at the situation in South Africa should be all the reminder you need: Never, ever, give up your guns.


  1. Mike_C

    I said elsewhere, on the topic of the Titan minisub fiasco:
    “apparently they prioritized “diversity” (and lack of relevant experience) because they “didn’t want the team to all be ex-Navy white guys in their 50s.” Well, this is what you get when you choose diversity over competence and actual skills. Bad enough when a few rich people die a terrible death. But imagine this sort of diversity running nuke plants, water treatment facilities, flying big-ass passenger planes, designing public health policy, etc.”

    Of course we don’t have to imagine that. South Africa is the glaring example. But we already have it in the US too. Join me in a toast with delicious and safe tap water from Flint, Michigan: “to Sacred Diversity, all hail!”

    Also, I don’t appreciate the people who did the most to create this mess.

    • Exile1981

      The bridge in miami is another good example of diversity.

      Here in canada we have a federal program to gove class 1 and 3 licenses (semi and passenger bus) licenses to refugees based on ‘previous experience’. Except we have seen 3 high profile accidents caused by people from this program. They should never have been allowed to drive a car never mind a bus of seniors, but we have to reduce minimum standards for minorities. The deaths of white seniors and teenagers is a feature not a bug to the turdeau liverals.

  2. Glenfilthie

    An interesting development has occurred in South Africa, and for some reason it’s being ignored in the mass media. There is a small but growing whites-only village in Africa where blacks are NOT welcome. They are armed, wholly fixated on prepping for the coming storm, and have told black South Africa where they can shove their vibrance and diversity. They are in a position to repel the backs and ensure their own survival.

    In the absence of Globohomo, race realities will re-assert themselves. Blacks are largely feral animals when they mob up and can be handily defeated by a much smaller number of whites with the self discipline to fight.

    We also need to understand population dynamics. Black populations are exploding because of ready access to food and medicine provided by whites. With out whites, Africans go back to the jungle and that means famine, tribal warfare, disease. Darwin and Murphy can… WILL make very short work of them when they revert to their natural state… and their numbers will tumble.

    I suspect we will ultimately be forced to deal with blacks and jews the way our ancestors did. Black justice has to be simple, fast, and incredibly brutal. Jews were largely avoided and encouraged to settle elsewhere because of their clannish and predatory natures. The idea of “judeo-Christianity” would have made our ancestors laugh.

    This culture war IS going to go hot,at some point…and it won’t go well for the blacks and Jews and on some level…they know it.

    • saoirse

      “The idea of “judeo-Christianity” would have made our ancestors laugh.”
      Correct. A mind virus like no other. The curse of the white man. The largest cultural sink hole ever.
      The ‘whites only’ area in South Africa is called Orania. It’s full of the christ insane that are nigger savvy but in denial regarding the jews. They exist at the good graces of the global elite. Ironically, it will most likely be the israhellis that attack them when the time comes.

    • Arthur Sido

      You could drop 1000 Whites with some basic tools in Africa and in a few generations they would have a thriving society but no matter how much we spend, we can never get blacks to succeed even when we do most of the work for them.

      • rto-jerry

        This is 100% fact that not one liberal mind is able to fathom and yet they try, try and try again. Mo money does not make an imbecile genius and yet liberals will piss it away to the very last dollar. Proof liberalism is absolute insanity!

  3. Scot Irish

    There’s a blog I use to follow regularly called SBPDL. One of the commenters was a former South African. He opened my eyes about that former 1st world country.
    Before the blacks took over the country the White government established a trust for ESKOM. The interest alone would maintain this utility in perpetuity. The blacks just needed to leave it alone.
    Well, they didn’t because of course.
    All the HNIC needed multiple mansions with Olympic size swimming pools, tennis courts, and fleets of Mercedes etc.
    This of course relates to future time orientation which they don’t have.
    So to summarize, the kaffirs sacrificed a 1st world country to become a 3rd world country because of the Gibs. Maybe they also thought they were sticking it to the White man. I can hear them mumbling now… we don’t need this White man’s stuff. “We in charge now ”
    I don’t feel sorry for black run South
    Africa. I feel sorry for the White South Africans that couldn’t get out.
    And that is a different story.

  4. saoirse

    Most whites are also on the extinction list because they have so dramatically devolved racially, culturally and morally. They’ll thankfully perish along with the mud orcs.
    An excellent source of information concerning South Africa is the racialist ‘History Reviewed’ website hosted by Jan Lamprect.

  5. Xzebek

    There is an upside to cracks in the foundation. It can lead to the very necessary sectionalizing (or Balkanization if you prefer) of the U.S. We need to segregate into culturally homogenous areas that are self governing and self defending. The areas that are heritage American and predominantly of western European descent will do well. That is, if the homogenous character is maintained and enforced. This does not need to be a “one drop” situation but ethnicity and culture are related. We must avoid niggerization of any type. Let them self segregate. Let’s us keep it that way and they will go the way of the Neanderthal.

  6. Pingback:So how’s that black-majority rule in S Africa stuff working out for ya, anyway?

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